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B-2: "wtf is that? omg! omg! wtf!"

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idiot ! :D ... lol! stupid moron..! :D lol! lmao!

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LMAO my side hurts :laugh: that was a good one. I need to watch it again!


reminds me of a member in these forums that keeps posting idiotic stuff R.H.

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And the caption reads:


"UFO video taped while I was paintballing. By UFO I mean B-2 Stealth Bomber"


He obviously knows what it is unless the guy going off his brain is a different person to who posted it. Either way da guy is an idiot. Nice clip though.



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Errm, please look at the second reply from the author, it was meant as a joke right from the beginning, and it seems he knows some basic info on the B-2, so he's no n00b. But a very funny video nontheless, with great responses.

Lol, now we need an airshow video of the mig-29OVT. in that case 'WTF' is justified all the way.


Talking about UFOs, remember how we all thought the Bird of Prey looked like (Switchblade, high maneuvrability, forward swept wings, very fast looking), and how the real thing turned out to be (even more impressive IMHO, but that's me)? I somehow doubt the Aurora looks anything they say it does on the internet. Oh well, lets wait.

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This is old, but very funny.

The guy is just being totally sarcastic, you can even hear his folks laughing in the background, but it seems some are too limited or ignorant (aka "I'm the only one that knows what B-2 is attitude") to actually hear it. You can even smell this sarcasm from few kilometers.


Funny thing is that few comments says something kinda like: "What and idiot, it is F-117"

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Whenever I look at the comments on youtube... I don't know whether I should laugh or cry..


for example:


"bagzie (4 months ago)

You guys are all wrong. It's a weather balloon. Thats all it is. A weather balloon."


"MatthewVengence (3 months ago)

HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A WEATHER BALLOON? ROFL!!!!! YOU SOUND LIKE THE GOVERMENT. THATS NOT A UFO ITS A WEATHER BALLOON! omg how dumb can u be? a wether balloon. you think a plane shaped like that, sounds like that, and goes that fast is a ballon. dude are you above the infulence? are you on crack? are you a heavy drinker or have problems with drugs. i feel sad for you"


"bagzie (3 months ago)

Man, I was being sarcastic...making fun of the Government and the bullshit they come up with. THEY must think we are all ****ing stupid, and lets face it, half of the people in this country are ****ing stupid."


"MatthewVengence (3 months ago)

oh sorry man. i thought you were one of those skeptics. sorry."



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