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Badass camo paint's here thread !!!!

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Ok, here we go...


Post pictures of fighters, bombers, helicopters or vehicles that have the weirdest...koolest..and off wall war paint on them. Post only pictures of war proven aircraft.. another words Aircraft that have served on any conflict in mankind's history. Paint skims that defy logic when it comes to camouflage are also great great posts...


Let's have them Gentleman post up..


I'll start..



Can anyone see something peculiar on this Paint skim... I


I hope I'm not mistaken when I call this Helicopter a CH-54...

Check this war paint out..and if anyone knows the true meaning of this camo...




Ya got to love the Marines!





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Speaking of wich, is it possible to add extra camos to flyiable aircraft beyond those already present in the game?


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ch-53 is used as a transport aircraft, the ch-54 "skycrane" look totally different and is used for cargo hauling, u can attach a 18 wheeler like container to it




ch-53 is primarily used by the marines in the us, i believe the navy uses it as well, and the air force,but on a limited basis i believe..


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Ok.. now I know. Those CH-53 Stallions used to land on my carrier the USS Forrestal CV-59 all the time..


Hell, back when I was in the Navy.. April 87/91


Those some gigantic helicopter..

as a matter of fact I saw, on several occasions US Seal Teams repell off one of those suckers back in 88 during the Lybian insident and again days before Desert storm broke out.. Jan 91



I kick myself in the ass for not staying in, I would have been a Master Chief by now.. I'd be in 20 years in April of 2007..


Best times of my life I spent in the Military. Traveling half the world in the 2 Med Cruices I did in 88 and 90/91... Man I loved that boat !!!!

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CH-53 if you look at the landing gear is different from the CH-54. Little tidbit I picked up from an old friend of mine that gave me a WEFT manual from his MOS training in AA gunnery. The pic Instigator displayed is of the CH-53.




ya... they do look alot alike :huh:




CH-53 basics:


The "J" version, flown by the Airforce, is a modified "D", with ECM equip, crew serve mounted mini-guns and a tail mounted 50 cal. It even has kevlar matting throughout the entire cabin.. pretty kewl!


The "E" version, flown by the Corps, has three engines, an extra rotor blade, tail is canted 15 degrees and is the one pictured. Flown by the Wolf Pack (HMH-466) during the first gulf war. (Screw Crew rules!)


The MH-53E is the version flown by the Navy. It is a mine sweeping bird with an extra hydraulics system for towing the mine boom. It also has larger sponsons instead of stub wings and drop tanks. Otherwise it is about the same as an echo.


Here is a paint scheme I posted a while ago



The code is probaly in Russian anyway.
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