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[REPORTED]AI Bomb Armed Ships


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AI aircraft refuse to attack SAM-armed ships with bombs, even when under "Reaction to Threat = Evade Fire" and/or with ship's weapons turned off. AI won't even attack static object versions of SAM-armed ships (which are no threat). This precludes bomb attacks on warhsips docked in port.


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Annoyingly it has to be set to no reaction in order for them to bomb it. At leas that might have been the compromised fix until better logic is put in place for the decision to attack.

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I reported the same thing back in Feb 2018. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=201766



I tried setting the ship (LS Samuel Chase) to hold fire and alarm state as well with no success. Thank you Grimes for at least giving me some sort of method to make it happen. I'll have to make the attack action waypoint as close as possible to the target and switch their evade option off and then on again after they've dropped otherwise they'll be sitting ducks for other aircraft. Hope the issue is addressed soon as it really makes WW2 anti shipping missions a pain.



<edit> a quick test for my situation shows that passive defence, horizontal AAA evade as well as no reaction will allow the AI aircraft to attack. So probably horizontal AAA evade is my best choice as hopefully that allows them to respond to air threats correctly still.



<edit2> it appears that you must change the aircraft to horizontal AAA evade etc on waypoint 0 for it to work

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7 hours ago, NineLine said:

This is marked as done in our bug tracker, do you have a track of the AI still having issues here?


Sure, here is a track taken directly from the sample mission provided in the first post of the topic.

The issue remains as initially reported. The aircraft will not attack an armed ship with bombs unless "Reaction to Threat = No Reaction". Change the target to an unarmed ship and the bombing attack is conducted.


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