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SIMAPP Pro Setup


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I hope this helps others as I spend quite a bit of time reading and watching to learn how to set up the Flight and Combat Panels with the information which is out there. Anyway, since it's fresh in my mind and there is no real manual for installing this software here you go. 

First Go into your DCS custom settings folder under saved games and make a backup of your orig key bindings, just in case you want to go back for what ever reason. 

1. Plug in your Panels. ( Use the USB's which are connected to your MB, not a HUB. ) ( You can likely change this after init setup to a Powered hub if you like ) Windows will then automatically install the drivers. Like any other Joystick. 

2. Next Download the SIMAPP Pro Software for windows here. https://www.wwsimstore.com/home/simapp_pro/

3. Run the Exe like any other, and you will then get a message to likely update the firmware. 

a. Keep in mind you will need to update the firmware on each device. ( Clicking on the device tab at top to select which unit ) then select "Firmware Update". Then use the back arrow at top to go back to device screen and select the other and same process. 

Now you have updated both units. ( Keep in mind while the firmware is updating, the back lighting will go out, do not be alarmed it will come back on )

Make sure you do not loose power or unplug the units during the firmware update. Maybe use a batt backup or something like that. 

4. Next Log into your account at the top right. ( Same Log in as the main Winwing website which you made the account with. ) 

5. CLick the Cog Wheel ( Settings ) At the top right and configure the app to connect to the sim. DCS World Open beta, and choose the path to the root Dir of the game ( not the settings, as the app will find that automatically as you will see. ). Now the app knows where to put setting. 

6. Next Click on the tab "Key Bindings"  It should be default select DCS and the Hornet Module.. At the very top you will see the controllers, Eg. Flight panel, or Battle Panel. Choose one to update at a time. On the right side you will see the option to download some Key binds. You can search varies aircraft from here as well. But to keep it simple select the "Default" Set and click download. 

6a. Now click the "RUN" green Button. This will program the settings for you, even with the game not running yet. 

7. Now do the same process for the other panels. You have to download the key bindings for each controller. 

8. Under the device tab, click on the unit to adjust the back-light. That is controlled by the slider on the right side. It's set at max brightness by default. 

8a. You can also throw switches here and see that they are connected 

9. Now Load up DCS, FA18 Hornet. And everything will be connected. Took me about 30 minutes. If I had read something like this first. Maybe 5 minutes to set up. 

10. You can use the DCS Controls options to change any of the bindings. Like I did with the Fuel Prob. I swapped out the Hook BYpass for the Fuel Prob. You don't need to do anything in the app after the init download. All other settings can be done normally.  

Downloading these default settings for the panels did not mess up any other setting which I had. 

11. If you want to make it where some of the switches work 100% accurately; Like three positions has some issues. But it works good enough for me. But I found this guy's post where he supplies a Lua script to make these settings work better. I will link below, but I have not downloaded it, so I can not say if it works with the current version of DCS or not. 


Hopefully this will save some time for others. 


Happy Holiday's


Dave. Chase1399

Hornet Driver. 



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Don't forget to calibrate your A/B detent as well

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I followed your steps but for example and went to River Run Mission. and had no control of the plan. I assume we can only start missions that are begin C&D.

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MANY THANKS FOR THIS! Saved a a lot of headache! Got the Combat Panel working perfectly. Have the Landing Panel on order. Good stuff.


[edit] I shared this post/link to Reddit r/hotas to help others out. Thanks again for a life saver.



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I haven't gone beyond assigning buttons to actions in DCS, but I assume that you can also assign keystrokes to buttons on the Orion? I looked for some info, but documentation for SimApp Pro is pretty non-existant.  Does anyone have a link to share?

Chris P


Raleigh NC


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On 6/18/2021 at 7:59 AM, Chris P said:

I haven't gone beyond assigning buttons to actions in DCS, but I assume that you can also assign keystrokes to buttons on the Orion?

I'm not sure i understand your question. Keystrokes?. I would assume my instructions would apply to all their products.  Just search for Orion instead of battle panel. Then let it assign the commands. I did this post due to the lack of information on SimAppPro. Not sure what links you are looking for. There is no instruction for this software other than what WW supplies on their download page which is not much.

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29 minutes ago, chase said:

There is no instruction for this software other than what WW supplies on their download page which is not much.

Yeah, that's the unfortunate thing. Since I've taken the time to already program everything thru DCS, I'm not going to switch to a different profile, I was looking for some guidance on assigning, say Ctrl F12 to one of the buttons to re-center my TrackIR.  It’s just not intuitive enough to figure out (at least for me, and I got decent at Foxy programming for my old Cougar).  Someday I'll have time to dig and try to work it out.  Maybe Joy2key is the answer.

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Chris P


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5 minutes ago, Chris P said:

say Ctrl F12 to one of the buttons to re-center my TrackIR. 

I too use TrackIr. I use trackir's software to bind a key to recenter. So i do that outside of DCS. As for switching to a different profile, you can try to save what you have, that way you can swap back if you want. You click on the controller at top then save as a new profile. You could also save all your key bindings which are stored under user/saved games. Then once you have backed everything up, then try to download a profile and see if you like it.

DCS could use better control assignments For sure. 

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