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New EECH Mi-24 engine start-up video


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After DCS: Blackshark is released, Eagle Dynamics is offering the tools for airplane/helo development (with opportunity for 3rd parties to sell them if they wish). have you considered doing that?


I am considering it.


Guess it depends on how DSC turns out, and how much the tools let me do.


EECH has the advantage that since the source code is available, I can do absolutely anything. Limited time to do it all is the only limitation.


And also, ED seems to already be modelling the Mi-24 and most other fun aircraft themselves :)

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Hi there arneh,


Just passing by to say that you do an amazing work! I flown a lot the AH-64 cockpit and the start up is just great considering the age of the simulation engine. With guys like you EECH is still one of the best modern helicopter simulations now day. Thank you very much for you work!


Best regards.


PS: Are you considering to make any more helicopter for EECH? If yes, can you tell me which one?

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Any update whit your work arneh :huh:

simhq is closed for maintenance and there is no news for your hard work :cry:


Quite a bit since the video was posted. But not much since last update at SimHQ last week. At that time it was the door and some other details at the sides like the mirrors which were done:




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