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Zuni Rockets issue with 3D model


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I have noticed that the Zuni Rockets is not sticking out from the pods as per IRL.
Tip of the rockets should be clearly visible and outside of the pod. 

Also referenced here in Object Bugs (posted in 2018):


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Hey @Schmidtfire. I got some precisions from devs and I searched the exact Zuni rocket used in DCS. I found it and... its length is slightly shorter than the LAU-10 pod. This means DCS is correct.

  • LAU-10 C/A and LAU-10 D/A pods are 2,41 m long
  • DCS Zuni is a Mk.24 Mod 0/1 warhead (general purpose) with a Mk.188 Mod 0 fuze and a Mk.71 motor. Total length: 2,40 m
  • Pictures from the other thead show a Mk.32 Mod 0 warhead (anti-tank / anti-personnel), a Mk.188 Mod 0 fuze and a Mk.71 motor. Total length: 2,69 m

DCS Encyclopedia data is wrong. I asked for a fix.





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