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Mystery helo update?


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AH-1G Cobra!


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So Has anyone got any news on the ? Heli, Been a bit quiet about this module lately. Or is it Fragger's  Bo105? I have, after reading the hint interpolating/thinking/ hoping it is  SA 330/SA 332 Puma/SPuma (really would like some more Blufor transport heli's) or AS 565 Panther.

On 5/27/2022 at 4:18 PM, YoYo said:

AH-1G Cobra!

Would dearly love to see a FF Cobra Module/s,

"In darkest days, in blackest nights…… ha, and you guys thought I’d give you a Little hint."

Doesn't seem to fit the hint though...

Anyway got to love me some AH-1 Cobra though, 3 modules/dlc please G,S ( want TOW plz) and Marine twins.

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Personally I don't think mystery helo is a thing anymore. Razbam's helicopter team's first product was supposed to be Bo-105, together with Miltech-5.

Since then intended helo FM programmer has been absent for a long time, and Miltech-5 moved on again to find programmers and continue doing the 105 themselves.

My impression is, we shouldn't expect helicopters from Razbam for the foreseeable future.

Of course with the amount of information we have (or rather lack thereof), we may be missing things, but unless Razbam says otherwise, with no updates on hinted helicopter modules for years, their already quite full pipeline, and above situation with Bo-105, I'm inclined to think this way.

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