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DCS Newsletter discussion 11th August 2023 - Matt Wagner Interview | A-1H Progress | Growling Sidewinder Giveaway


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 DCS Newsletter discussion 11th August 2023 - Matt Wagner Interview | A-1H Progress | Growling Sidewinder Giveaway


Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

In case you missed it, make sure to watch Matt Wagner's interview with C.W Lemoine over on The Ready Room YouTube channel.

Our dedicated third party partners, Crosstail Studios have been hard at work refining the upcoming DCS: A-1H Skyraider module. We are delighted to share some existing progress. This module is designed to captivate veterans and newcomers alike and brings the glory days of the Vietnam War back to life in stunning detail. Read on below and check out the Development Screenshots.

The Growling Sidewinder is a truly excellent multiplayer environment designed to test your limits. After reaching over 500k subscribers, we are delighted to support them with a giveaway! Watch the video.

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,
Eagle Dynamics
Matt Wagner Interview | A-1H Progress | Growling Sidewinder Giveaway

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What can I say, A-1 looks awesome. Navy warthog of the early cold war.

One of these aircrafts which looks just so-so, but in practice they are hell lot of fun. Low level ground attacks with guns, rockets, bombs, dodging AAA. CSAR missions and landings/takeoffs under fire. Early carrier operations with close to no aids.



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Is it possible to get a progress report on the Hornet updates (FM, FCLS, touchdown, …) that Wags mentioned in the interview?

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Yeh some updates on where ED are at with things would be more welcome than the recent news letters, I'm really not interested in what 3rd party's are doing, I want to know about all the stuff ED is bringing to the flight Sim game.

Some information on how far ground AI updates are away (not animations) would be most welcome as the ground game play is starting to become real stale in its current form, we are losing players on our servers who do ground attack due to boredom with the ground AI.

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