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  1. We had a SATAC match today where an AIM-120C was fired on a JF-17. JF-17 launches a PL-5. 120C switches from JF-17 to track PL-5. Not sure the RCS of a PL-5 should re-route a 120C.
  2. While I miss my PAL shots chasing down a running target on the deck (which I realize is unrealistic), I do have to admit that my testing today has been very positive!! Great job!
  3. @plasma1945 we are doing a fight night on the Colosseum Public PvP server tonight. It's like GS, but way better...no lag and better players. And AI balancer in case Red/Blue get one-sided. You should come join us there! https://discord.gg/4KYn53WE
  4. Major difference in PAL at low altitude...I realize this is based on NASA data, but its massive solid rocket motor should push through M2 even at 2k ft, right?
  5. I have a mission with both a Red carrier group (Kuznetsov and accompanying Moskvas) and a Blue group (CVN-71 and cruisers/battleships). When the mission starts, they are 113nm apart. The Red group immediately attacks the Blue group with Sandbox's UNLESS I set their Alarm State to GREEN. However, on GREEN, then the Red group won't fire SAMs at Blue aircraft flying within range. I'd like for them to use their SAMs, but NOT attack the Blue carrier group. Any ideas? The "Interception Range" only applies to the carrier's SAMs, not its Sandbox anti-ship missiles. I have also tested ROE as "Return Fire" with Alarm State as Auto/Red, but that still prevents the SAMs from launching unless they are attacked by anti-ship missiles...and when a Harpoon is fired on the Kuz, it immediately attacks the Blue carrier group with Sandbox ASMs. Blue will not fire on Red. So how can I have two carrier groups in the mission without the Kuznetsov attacking the Blue carrier group BUT still firing on Blue aircraft?
  6. I used AI to fire missiles at me...I'm not firing against them.
  7. I have the same findings...notching is almost infallible after this patch. I have a notching practice mission that I've flown after several updates (to use as a control). I was able to notch all 15 AI-fired AIM-120Cs today (100%)...which I've never been able to do in the past. My tests were done with me flying the F-16 (6 shots) and the F-14 (9 shots). I was able to notch all AI fired AIM-120C using simple beam and chaff maneuvers. All AI shots were look down (I was below the launching aircraft).
  8. Squadron Name: SPQR Aircraft Selection: F-16C, F/A-18C, F-14B, JF-17, F-15, Su-27, J-11A Pilot Roster: SPQR | Praetorian (-8 Zulu) F-16C, JF-17, F/A-18C SPQR | AlphaGator (-5 Zulu) F-14B Pilot, F-14B RIO, F-16C [GCI] SPQR | TheGopnikTsar (-7 Zulu) F-16C, F/A-18C, JF-17, F-15C SPQR | TheMooseMarauder (-6 Zulu) F-16C, F/A-18C SPQR | Assassin (-6 Zulu) F/A-18C, J-11A SPQR | Grug (-5 Zulu) F-14B Pilot SPQR | Balalaika (-5 Zulu) F-16C, F/A-18C SPQR | Ubernator (-6 Zulu) F-16C, F/A-18C SPQR | DSplayer (-8 Zulu) F-14B RIO, F-14B Pilot, JF-17, F-16C SPQR | nicktune1219 (-5 Zulu) F-14B RIO, F/A-18C [GCI] SPQR | Huffaluffagus (-7 Zulu) F-14B RIO, F/A-18C [GCI], SPQR | Raptor_Vision (-6 Zulu) F-16C, F/A-18C [GCI]
  9. Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue.
  10. We (SPQR squadron, formerly the competitive division of 141) have launched a new PvP server: SPQR Colosseum PvP Lots of ground objectives, including moving AI tank groups that battle each other, a damaged and retreating submarine on the surface, an outpost with mobile TACAN, and others. The server is on very powerful hardware, so no worry about lag. It is located in Chicago, Illinois and has 1GB internet (both up and down). Our Tacview is done by user, so each player will have a tacview of only their server sessions and it is available on Google Drive within minutes of leaving the server.
  11. The release notes mention Flak as part of the new Fire at Point settings (barrage); however, no matter the setting, the Flak guns will not fire unless there is an enemy aircraft within their range. The point of "barrage" is to flood the skies without requiring an enemy.
  12. Hello @ElementLT, is this still being developed/supported? Does v1.2 have fixes for the issues raised above? Thanks! This looks really interesting.
  13. The Fire at Point works with other AAA, but not with Flak...would be awesome to get this bad boy into the mix.
  14. This is unfortunate...I have a mission with lots of flak and was really hoping to get barrage to work.
  15. Is this related to the memory leak issue? We have just uninstalled LotATC on the Growling Sidewinder server as precaution.
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