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  1. Is it possible to create different profiles? I fly the Huey, Hip and Blackshark and use different controllers for each.
  2. Yes, I still don't have pedals unfortunately, so I'm stuck using a twist axis of the Sidewinder FFB 2. Will try the solution you have provided, though I trialed the Hind. Will most likely wait until it's out of early access.
  3. Same issue here with an FFB stick 5 months after the creation of this post.
  4. Awesome response, was curious about why I should choose one over the other, and you provided everything. Thank you.
  5. Now that it is available, what's the range of these compared to the AT6?
  6. Thank you. The way I'm setting it up is just in the options I choose 3 monitors and apply the resolution of 5760x1080, which is what this tutorial instructs to do so:
  7. Has anybody ever found a way to get rid of it? I got a 3 monitors setup and spent all this money in 3 screens mainly for DCS and it is disappointing to see it doesn't have proper multi monitor setup.
  8. This still happens in 2021 lol especially with the KA-50
  9. Hey there, does anybody know when the campaign Persian Freedom for the A-10C II is going to be available on Steam?
  10. 2021 aaaaaand, ILS is still broken on the Caucaus map. Even after the Tank Killer update, it still doesn't work on different airports.
  11. Doesn't seem likely that somebody will answer. Decided to just delete the standalone and went back to Steam. Wanted to give my money directly to ED but no resolution was given, went and bought the modules I wanted to buy through Steam.
  12. I'm sorry if this topic doesn't belong here, mods can let me know and I'll remove it if it doesn't. I just switched from the Steam version to the Standalone version and transferred my modules through the User Profile section just like the following URL shows: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/223750/view/2873815732584411725 But when I open the DCS Standalone launcher and go to the modules manager, I don't see my modules to install. Do they take time to propagate or is there any additional step I need to do? The modules already show as transferred:
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