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  1. Wow... its been a long time away from DCS and these forums. But, Im sort of back. not a lot of room to work on projects, but it is what it is. I have tried to follow instructions using DCS bios posted in a video by DutchWarthog: Its basically the same steps that Arjan the OP posted. I tried all the steps but come up with a white screen. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. I am using an arduino uno and I did change the constructor to be UTFT myGLCD(ILI9486,A2,A1,A3,A4,A0); and even tried it without declaring A0. I replaced the font file as Arjan originally described. Is there something esle in the code that I am over looking that would have to be modified to work with the UNO?
  2. I hope you find them useful. I made these quite a long time ago at this point. ED included them as part of the base game and as such, I have not kept up with their maintenance. As for the multiple monitor thing, I'm sorry I wont be much use to you there. I know there were old forum posts regarding exports and stuff to monitors in the home cockpit threads. Could check there for an answer.
  3. You are correct. My missions were integrated into the game. I hope you have enjoyed them :)
  4. Game mode will give you bad habbits and make learning to actually fly in sim mode later even more difficult. As for the input file not working. Its possible that its a game mode thing. However, you can you try deleting the input file from your settings folder and then relaunch the game. It will delete any key bindings you have, but could restore that red item.
  5. Thank you Yurgon, I do have quite a nice machine :thumbup:. I have upgraded to two screens now though hahaha. I was not aware that when creating the missions my settings file would have been included.. That is interesting. But, I am also not really sure how to go about fixing it since the training mission have been included into the game itself. They did just release a fix for the easy comms issues, but I am not sure if this fixes this issue or not. Can somebody check it out?
  6. Thanks, I will have to fix it and submit a revision. Thanks for pointing that out... Not sure how i missed it.
  7. Could you tell me which cold start training you tried? Was it a video?
  8. When you create a new tanker in the ME, the tanker already has the activate tacan advanced waypoint set for you. Just select it, press edit and change the tacan frequency.
  9. I apologize for the way late response.... I don't seem to be getting the emails telling me there is a reply to this thread... F3ver, are you pressing and holding the fire button? Just tapping it doesn't work. bkrull, See the first post for the download link to the interactive missions. The training that comes with the game by default are vids.
  10. Im not exactly sure there snow tiger... My profiles are saved under C:\Users\Your Computer Name Here\Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input In that folder, I have a profile for each separate module/aircraft. So I would assume that if you wanted a back up of your profiles, that you would need to just copy that input folder. I remember switching aircraft before without clicking the save button and it did not keep my changes for that aircraft. I have not checked to see if that has changed. I would assume not. I would just save your profile and changes before moving on to the next aircraft.
  11. Apart from the trackclip pro feeling fragile... I believe its still a great product. There a ton of games that support it not just the ones that the OP presented.
  12. You could actually fly the a-10 at the same time as the BS, there is not much you can apply to the hog and vice versa as far as its flight characteristics. They are completely air frames and handling.
  13. he is refering to a head tracking device such as this http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/ Its a device that follows your head movements in real time thus giving you freedom to "look around" with your head than by pressing buttons.
  14. Thats like an hour, hour and half north of me. :P But I have to work all weekend.
  15. I would hope that just like in a real aircraft, you better trust your co pilot with your life... litteraly. Granted, its a game, but I would maybe hope one could have the option to at least lock their craft from a random person joining whom you may not know or trust.
  16. I am not. I dont have the electronics know how to even convert a real one to something that would work for this application. I do enjoy following your build though. :thumbsup:
  17. I should also point out that we did forward the 10380 or whatever that port is to his comp as well.
  18. Forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere. Other responses have not quite been the same... I purchased an A-10 module a while ago via steam. Today my friend downloaded DCSW and I sent him the A-10 module as a gift through steam. When he logs in, it tells him the standard invalid serial number on multiplayer and it wont let him log in. We went to the DCS website under personal section and checked the key to bind it his account, but it says it "Eagle Dynamics serial number parameters, Entered serial number was not found." It DOES say under star force that it is activated and gives his IP. It does not give the option to bind it to his account to log in. Also, his steam version does not have a module manager to check. He can get into the cockpit and fly via single player, but not mulitplayer. Any advise would be appreciated.
  19. Im not a .lua programmer, but I do program in C#. Your suggestion is a good idea and a simple one at that. Granted I dont know how the code is in the game, but I can imagine to implement a change like that would require significant code changes to the game, and even the patching system.
  20. The only thing trees do in this game at this point is hinder the players line of sight and ability to find the enemey. apart from a translucent decoration, they do nothing. To the AI and other things including bullets, collisions, AI line of sight, the list goes on, the trees are completely ignored as if they were not there.
  21. I looked through the ABRIS settings, there is no way to actually remove it, like an airport or other map object. I did manage to erase the lines that had already been laid down, but then it started laying out black lines again. So, to my knowledge, there is no way to actually remove it.
  22. That's how I started with the sim LOL. You should have seen me in the black shark at first. My friend asks, "How do I start this thing?". I told him "I dunno, just flip all the switches". LOL Then I created my tutorial missions with an audience like him in mind.
  23. Sorry for the super late reply to the above issue regarding the Barometric vs Radar altitude setting in the en-route navigation mission. So, From the flight manual on page 8-5: 17.Radar Altitude Numeric. When aircraft altitude is at or below 300 meters, the radar altimeter indication will be displayed. This appears as a “p” next to the digital readout. 18. Barometric Altitude Numeric. When the aircraft is 300 meters above ground level, barometric altitude will be displayed in relation to altitude above sea level. I will need to update the mission accordingly, but the procedure explained in the mission is the same. As for the problem with the mission not continuing, you need to fly close to the waypoint area as there is an area trigger there that detects when the aircraft has got within the zone and you need to fly the waypoints in order. For the most part, once the aircraft is airborn and stable, you can pretty much fly it hands off the stick.
  24. I could use a left console set.
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