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  1. What's development timeline for DCS: F-16C Viper? What's the approximate date for some of the large milestones? When might we expect it to leave early access? I'm not looking to hold Eagle Dynamics to a firm date, but I'd just like to set expectations for how long this module will be in development.
  2. Just got mine and installed it today. Thank you Deltaalphalima1! Your replacement is so much more usable and nice than the slew nub that the warthog shipped with. Really this is what the warthog should have had to being with. It was a little difficult getting it lined up and working around all the other wires in the throttle, I was being very careful to not put any undue force on the other wires; another set of hands would have made it easier. It all came together though and works perfectly.
  3. You could offer it as a kit for those of us that can solder, if that would mean you could offer more stock. BTW I just found this thread, and I'm super interested it getting one of these. The slew control is one of my major gripes with the warthog throttle, so I'd love to get your replacement.
  4. Ah ok I got it working. I was following the readme that had me putting witchcraft.lua in the scripts directory and editing MissionScripting.lua I had to undo all that and just use the WitchcraftExport.lua like in your video; once I did that I was able to get it to work. Thanks!
  5. OK what am I doing wrong? I don't seem to have the list_indication() function. I did a clean install of DCS and all the modules that I have, and following the witchcraft readme. Is there anything else I need to do? Here's the top level of _G that I'm getting:
  6. Speaking of Malwarebyes. I'm using Malwarebytes Pro, and it blocks dcs_updater.exe because it is trying to connect to (update3.eagle.ru). I'm guessing because of this: http://www.projecthoneypot.org/ip_195.2.252.49
  7. For the future, can we get a different delivery method other than the web installer. I get horrible download rates from the update servers (50KB/s or less).
  8. To any of the ED guys: Are there any solid plans to ever update ECM? Or is this the final implementation barring some change of plans? To be frank, while I like authenticity, I'd rather see a best guess of systems implemented than something that is completely or nearly ineffective. I mean I really don't know how any of this stuff works, so if you do a good enough job of faking it, it's good enough for me.
  9. Are you arguing for inaction because any change would be inaccurate to a damage model that is already inaccurate? My opinion is that rockets are next to useless in the game; I'd be happy for an update to the damage model for the rockets that makes them more useful.
  10. When in the DCS configuration -> axis assignment -> axis tune do the throttles behave correctly? In windows under the "game controllers", does the throttle work correctly? Do the buttons 29 & 30 light up when the throttle is moved the cutoff detent? Do 29 and 30 turn off when move out of the cutoff detent? In the game, if he uses the keyboard to move the in-game throttle off of the cutoff detent does the HOTAS throttle still not work? Or does only work if he uses the auto-start-up?
  11. yeah, can't say I'm fond of this texture change. Is there a way to revert the texture back? I don't have an old copy of the game, so I can't just pull it from there.
  12. Modulus


    Any chance of these ever being added? I'd love to see them on the A-10C
  13. I just picked up this book http://www.amazon.com/Thunderbolt-Operation-Enduring-Freedom-Aircraft/dp/1780963041 and saw a few pictures with station 6 loaded. That's why I was asking about it. I guess it would make sense to load station six if you wanted something like a single MK 84 or some other 2000lb ordinance without throwing the load balance off. Is there a script or a config file that control what's allowable on each station? I might want to look into modding it just for fun.
  14. On the A-10C in the sim, why can't you mount anything other than a fuel tank on station 6? I've seen photos of the A-10C with a Mk-82 mounted on station 6. Also on the A-10A you can mount ordinance on station 6.
  15. Would it be possible to have the option for a torrent version for future updates? I'm getting about 10-20KB/s off the updater right now.
  16. Ah, I've seen the F-15 one being reported, I didn't know that the Su-33 had the same issue.
  17. I have found the super hidden watercraft simulator in Flaming Cliffs 3! I've attached the tracks. Forgive the poor flying. I was goofing around flying with the keyboard. su-33 failed carrier landing.trk f15-failed landing.trk
  18. Wow that's amazing news. I'm glad that they decided to do this, I think it's the best decision for the unity of the DCS world environment.
  19. Settings: TSSAA OFF, Tree Shadows OFF, HDR OFF, Cockpit res 1024 Screen res: 1650x1050 Clean install with default LOW, MED, and HIGH configs. CPU : Core i7 4770k @ 4.4GHZ (overclocked) MAIN MEMORY SIZE : 32 GB GPU: Geforce GTX 680 GPU Mem: 4096 Low: AVG FPS : 44 MEMORY USED : 3548 MB GPU MEM used: 600 MB MED: AVG FPS : 34 MEMORY USED : 3321 MB GPU MEM used: 770 MB HIGH AVG FPS : 33 MEMORY USED : 2812 MB GPU MEM used: 1360 MB I also tried with MSAA 4x, and it had only an impact of 1 or 2 FPS. I also ran lowering the CPU clock: @3.5 GHZ HIGH Setting FPS: 31-32 (about 1 FPS than at 4.4GHZ). @ 1.6GHZ HIGH Setting FPS: 19 I then fiddled with the task affinity, and recorded the following (@4.4GHZ ) 4+ cores: 32-33 FPS 3 cores: 31-32 FPS 2 cores: 25-26 FPS 1 core: 18 FPS (with stuttering) More data (GPU usage at clock rates) CPU: 2.7Ghz, GPU% 86 FPS: 29-30 CPU: 2.9Ghz, GPU% 90 FPS: 30-31 CPU: 3.5Ghz, GPU% 92 FPS: 31-32 CPU: 4.4Ghz, GPU% 93 FPS: 31-33 These results are a little odd. It show that there is a relation to CPU clock speed, framerate, and GPU usage, but the relationship is not linear. Maybe there is something else mixed in here, perhaps some bus is maxing out?
  20. Yes to all the above. We really need proper multi-monitor support.
  21. Wags, I really liked the more verbose and frequent posts you have been doing about development/release information. It's much better than being kept in the dark.
  22. Is it possible to use the scripting engine to dynamically add triggers to the mission and then fire them off?
  23. Is there a way to activate units using the scripting engine? Basically I want to place a bunch of units on the map with "late activation" enabled, then have a script that activates them one by one after the previous active unit was destroyed (without manually setting up a bunch of triggers). Also I'm having some trouble figuring out the SSE and how to use it. I've read through the documentation, but it wasn't enough to really give me the big picture. What's the best way to pick this up? It's hard to "poke the box" with the limited visibility into the scripting engine, and when each time I want to try something it takes minutes to load up the game to run the script. Thanks!
  24. Huh, didn't know that. Are there any plans to change the behavior?
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