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  1. Totally agree, I could never accept BN settings for a daily use, and I am running a G2+3090 as well + 9900k@5.2 ghz etc etc etc, With 2.5.6. and latest nvidia drivers I noticed a huge improve in fps , basically running almost all on ultra , msaa 4x, and it was buttey smooth. Tried 2.7 yesterday and what I really notice is not fps reduction but rather timeframe increase (been momitoring with fpsVR) to about 20-22 ms which results in a jittery and stuttering while observing the terrain whilst flying.
  2. before 2.7 and latet drivers I had perfect peformance out of the box usig @speed-of-heat combined shaders . With 2.7 I am having a lot of stutters caused by high timeframes (20-24 ms) , honestly didnt meausre the timeframe on 2.5.6 but DCS was super smooth, now its causing me a tremendous headache. Using a G2 here + 3090
  3. Dear @speed-of-heatgood morning Sir I already thanked you here in the past for the great quality content you brought to DCS community but we/I need again your support to nail the VR 2.7 performance again I do have same specs as you ( G2 , 9900K, 32 gb ram , NVME etc ) , using same settings as per your 1st post etc etc ....now now now....with the ne2 2.7 I am having a lost of stutters caused by an increase in timeframes which is now at abut 20-24 ms causing stuttering wheh observing the terrain from the above. What are your findings with the 2.7? p.s. : do you use discord?
  4. I am also having a major stutter increases and higher timframes when looking at the therrain , Mt specs : HP REVERB G2 : motion smoontness on 9900K@5.2 GHZ 3090 asus strix OC 2 NVME ( 1 dedicated for OS and 1 for DCS only) nvidia drivers : lates available Before 2.7 with the latest nvidia driers and my settings IT was all butter smooth , with 2.7 now my timeframe in fpsVR shows an average of 20-22ms which is causing a lot of stutters expacially when looking down on the ground from the plane . I cannot attached a dc.log as I am in the office.
  5. https://www.roadtovr.com/latest-windows-update-includes-visual-improvements-hp-reverb-g2-wmr-headsets/
  6. the OS versions you're referring to are DEAD. The only version working with last VR generation is 20H2 , you can't even use the G2 with older windows version. Best regards.
  7. start your computer : - open WMR by using g2 traytool -open steam -cick on steamvr -start dcs and wear the G2 enjoy DCS in VR there's no need for handcontrolers etc
  9. does the .zip file containe a OVGME ready structure or does the content of the zip need to be manually modified in order I can install this mod via OVGME?
  10. As per topic I am selling my TM Warthdog Thrrottle with already installed Slew Mod by Delta Simulation + Virpil Dust Cover (brand new never used) Shipping from Italy to all European Community PRICE : 240 + SHIPPING (cost subject to delivery adress) 20-25 euro DHL/FEDEX/UPS (all options available and as per buyer's choice) PAYMENT : Paypal
  11. are both eyes supposed to have the sime figueres? On my G2 apparently left and rigt eyes do not have exactly the same values, shouldn' be both symetric??or is it normal that they have diffferet values?
  12. what tool are u guys talking about? I have sometimes this issue when staring at clouds but it doenst occur on a regular basis.
  13. guys, which one of this mod listed in the 1st post is the best in terms of quality amd good fps? I have a 2080ti+8700k+32gbram+nvme etc etc. Also : can this mod(s) be used with @Taz1004 tree mod + smoke ? Thanks for your advice.
  14. Hi all I was strgugglin to get a decent perofmance with my G2 + other issues like error 7-14 after each reboot or shut down . 1st of all my specs RTX 2080TI asus strix OC (matrix bios 360w power limit) + 8700K@5.0 ghz + 2 dedicated NVME's (1 for OS and 1 for DCS ony) + 32 GB ram@3200 mhz. 1st thing first, I had to completely reinstall DCS from scratch (despite having a brand new WIN10 20H2 installation as I had to resintalll it as the windows updated failed last week and was going into a loop without updating it) , and despite having reinstalled WIN10 I was getting really bad performance with all settings to LOW my CPU was barely used (5% maximum) and frametimes and fps were completely unacceptable : 15-20 FPS with stutters all over the places. Keep in mind before reinstalling DCS I tried all the settings in various guide here and on the web ( https://vr4dcs.com/ ) , nontheless again I couldnt use my G2 at all , in other games like HL-ALYX for istance I had 90fps with steamVR supersampling at 150%. So yesterday I decided to reinstall DCS and today morning all the stutters were gone. Now to put some order in my tips this is the guide : 1) Reinstall DCS if you havent managed in anyway to eliminate stutters and got a very low performance @low settings 2) open WMR settings and apply settings as per below screenshot 3) SteamVr settiings : GENERAL 4. SteamVR settings VIDEO : (Launch DCS 1st) and then click on PER APPLICATION VIDEO SETTINGS , then on dropmenu CHOOSE DCS and set is like following : This is all about SteamVR and WMR settings in order to get a solid 45 FPS with reprojection ON. Now about other problems like error 7-14 which occure at each reboot or after a shutdown I write a guide which fixed my problelms without having to unplug and replug the G2 power adapter or USB port , guide as follows : https://www.reddit.com/r/HPReverb/comments/kwsnm4/tips_to_fix_714_error_after_reboot_or_shutdown/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share After you've solved this problem and if you are paranoid like me and dont want the G2 to automatically POWER ON at reach reboot or after a shutdown and you basically want the G2 HP LOGO to be OFF (meaning is completely POWERED OFF) you can install WRM TRAYTOOL which is an excellent tool which allows you to turn the G2 on or OFF and the settings are saved in windows also after a reboot : https://www.reddit.com/r/WindowsMR/comments/kmpegw/wmr_tray_tool_v03_beta_official_thread/ Regarding other Windows settings the ony thing I've changed is the GAME MODE which I turned off from settings HPET or anything else is at WINDOWS default excpet the trick to solve the 7-14 error . Greetings.
  15. Hi @Taz1004 : first of all thanks for your reply and for your amazin job with your mods and stuff , I'am using them since months as these are absolutely mandatory for DCS. Regarding your question : I've kept Supersmpling at 100% under Global, then under Video Settings I've canged it per application from dropdownenu (note there is no need to have DCS running as you can add the .exe for STANDLONE DCS directly in your steam library ) and set it to 150% and 200% , for me it all looks the same in outside view I always have this horrible exernal view looking ( as a test I always use F16 instat action free flight in Caucasus map) , The ground, the external textures of other planes (includig mine) and above all the buildins and objects have a sort of flickering as if there is no antialising applied , basically to sumarize the external view of objects is like PLAYSTATION 1 . The only way I've managed to get a CRISP image is by setting the DCS Pixel density under DCS option to above 1.0 , a good visual result is a DCS PD of 1.4 but at a cost of very low fps .
  16. HI all These are my specs : OS : WIN 10 20HS ( brand new install after format) CPU : intel 8700k@5.0 ghz RAM : DDR4 32GB @3200 MHZ GPU : ASUS ROG STRIX OC 2080TI (matrix version bios @360w power limit) HD : 1TB DEDICATED NVME FOR DCS + 500GB NVME for OS PSU : 750W Sesonic I've followed all the guides and tweaks on this forum and elsewhere , including VR4DCS ( https://vr4dcs.com/2020/12/24/how-to-nail-reverb-setup/) . These are my finding with DCS pixel density by default at 1.0 , texture high , water medium, SSA off, cockpit global illumination off , cocpit shadow low , terrain shadow FLAT, etc etc Steamvr detect by default a 100% resolution at about 3170x3170 ( dont rembmer exact values now as I am not @home ) , I enabled projection motion as per all availble online guides and tweaks (see link above) and kept DCS pixel density by default at 1.0 : the result is smooth 45fps but the outside view looks awful despite having MSAA at 2x and AF at 16x and I have a lot of ghosting when watching other planes flying close to me, plus the texture quality also looks very bad and flickering , basically it seems like the antialising is not working as if it was set to ZERO, , the cockpit looks superb and I can read almost everything. Changing STEAM SS from 100% to 200% HAS No quality difference or impatc in DCS for me......(with motion reprojection ON) With the above settings I did not change anything in NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL , except for maximum prefered power performance and low latency to ultra , all the rest is as per default .I also did not chose dcs.exe profile game but used the General profile. Now as I said with these settings I get 45fps with motion reprojection ON but the terrain texture buildings and overall external view is HORRIBLE, I tested the above with same settings (both DCS graphics setinbs , WMR + STEAMVR etc ) BUT ,BUT BUT DCS Pixel density at 1.3/1.4 and VOILA: ALL LOOKS EXTREMELY CRISP AND CLEAR both inside and external view , but the FPS are somhow closed to 20-25. To me the steamvr supersampling seems to have to effect from 100% or 200% , the only thing that really changes the image CLARITY is DCS PIXEL DENSITY. I Any help or suggestion is apprecaited.
  17. Personally I can't get the tpod to slew whilst on the ground, was trying to follow grim reapers procedure, how Do I move the tpod when on ground?
  18. EXACTLY For perfect smooth experience vsync on and fps capped @60fps is perfect combination for trackir.
  19. hi , could you pls let me know how to change the fov?
  20. I am using these 2 files serverllua + Snapsview.lua as provided and all is perfect , except for the F18 which at default zoom on my axis it pushes my head too close to the HUD, so I have to zoom out completely in order to get a "normal" FOV view. How can I correct it ?
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