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  1. I don't like it but if those are out options, I agree, that most certainly is the best one. Our AF and Marine squads wouldn't be looking to land on it anyway.
  2. Does that mean you won't have to own it to join a server running it?
  3. Very few people I talk to don't want an implementation of some kind to fix this issue. It did exist at one time but was removed. I thought it less than ideal but good enough at the time. There always will be those that believe their way is the only way everyone should do it but it is my recommendation that the system previously used be re implemented or a new one brought in. This is a game and we need to enjoy it as much as it needs to be realistic.
  4. Thats easy to say if you have 5 guys. We have around 100.
  5. I had that issue when I didnt have the lights on in my room. The O needs light
  6. I always have them joined. Never an issue. I do have some curves setup though.
  7. Can we get this thread renamed? I get excited every time I see it thinking its an actual news update.
  8. Hawk 100. Neat little CAS jet that would be fun for escort missions.
  9. Didn't work. Removed everything including going into the individual folders. I guess I'll need to do a fresh install. It'll be a boring 3 days.
  10. All mods are disabled by ovgme. I'll remove the folders and give it a go
  11. Rar rather than zip but same thing. Attached. Logs.rar
  12. See if this works for the log https://www.dropbox.com/home/Dale%20Ivey?preview=dcs.log
  13. Only mod is our CSG-1 pack. There's probably 80 other running it without issue. It hasn't updated in a few weeks and this only started yesterday after I changed some PiTools and SteamVR settings. I get an "invalid file" error when trying to upload the dcs.log.
  14. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the module, rebooted. etc etc. Every other plane works just fine. Any suggestions?
  15. Voight I gave your settings a try. Got to 1.6 on the DCS PD before I dialed it back. Settled on 1.4. The aliasing is there but the frames, no doubt, are much higher. Thanks for the info.
  16. Well that's great news. Once again, I really appreciate your time on this.
  17. Blue73 that would be awesome. Thanks very much in advance.
  18. Holy. Thanks gents. I'll take a look at all the options. Very excited to get this working.
  19. Ouch!!! Ah I'll probably do it anyway. Who am I kidding. thanks very much for the link
  20. Well I do appreciate you looking into it. If there's anything I can do to help, jet let me know.
  21. A buddy of mine with a 4k monitor has the same issue as we do in VR. So pick your poison, 1080p isn't too bad on a monitor. If only we had a scaling option that... ... oh wait, we had that and they removed it.
  22. Just a shot in the dark. Does anybody have a line on a company selling the 5 position rotary jettison stores switch with push button (Hornet specific)? I can find rotary switches everywhere and have a working one but to get one with a button seems to be quite the task.
  23. Gave it a try. Didn't work. Here's couple crappy video's so you can see what I'm seeing.
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