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  1. Oops was using this as well. It is updated in the mean time and all is working as expected now after updating to the latest version. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi, A bit counter intuitive that it should work like his to say the least (but that can also be said about VIP/VRP only working in CCRP mode ). But is it then a bug that if I'm in CCRP mode and use the HMCS to for setting the markpoint I can move the markpoint cursor moving my head but only within the constraints of the HUD itself? Best, Marcel
  3. Hi, For me since last update the CMS bypass mode is not working anymore. If I select bypass mode on the panel and then press CMS up it will not release the bypass program (1 flare/1 chaff). It used to work before. Am I missing something, did the procedure change? (did not see it reported in the bugs section and I guess somebody else would have noticed already if it was a bug). Best, Marcel
  4. Tried that but for me that makes no difference. Tested some more: DCS crashes when I say something after "start dictate" and give it some time to process. If I just say "end dictate" after "start dictate" (so no dictation text ) there is no crash.
  5. Hi, DCS crashes the moment I start Dictate mode and actually try to dictate something with the Kneeboard extension (open beta Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? Regards, Marcel
  6. Hi Christophe, Did you managed to solve this? I changed joysticks and now I have the exact same issue (only stops progressing at a different unit). Best, Marcel
  7. Hi, Guess you are running VoiceAttack on your 2nd monitor? There is indeed a very irritating issue that it the does not open secondary windows like the one from VAICOM PRO correctly in that case. Ways to workaround it: * Open/move VoiceAttack to your primary monitor and then press the lctrl-lalt-c combination (and if you want it on another monitor move it after it is opened) (note this does not work if config window was opened on 2ndery monitor before, than that location was stored) * If you opened the config window but it does not show: - click the VoiceCommand icon in your Windows task bar - notice there is now also a "VAICOMPRO for DCS world" line - right click that line a menu appears - in that menu left click "move" - now press the left arrow key on your keyboard - config window can now be moved while moving your mouse and left click will drop it there - note: if dropped on the 2ndary monitor next time you have to go through this again, if you move it to the 1st monitor the location will be remebered and next time it will open there and show (but that is perhaps not what you want ) Best, Marcel
  8. Hi, If I may ask what is the ground crew regroup option for? I cannot find any info on it. Best, Marcel
  9. In the mean time I found the issue, I used the play/stop toggle instead of the separate play assignment. The first one does not work but the latter one does...
  10. If I may ask is the walkman working in the latest beta? At least it does not crash DCS I if activate play but I get no sound. Copied a few SongX.ogg files into the VigWalkman folder and tried with and without "hear like in helmet" and used the "volume up" to increase volume. Best, Marcel
  11. I had the same issue. What helped for me was to cancel the hanging update then without doing some repair or cleanup start it again from the UI and then it completed. Best, Marcel
  12. Ok, thanks. Hope as well, hard to play like this.
  13. Hi, Is there a way to set the gamma relatively? What I mean is for me the parts in bright sun are too bright but the parts in the shadow are unrealistically dark, making it impossible to read parts of the cockpit that are in the shadow. So I want to make the bright parts a little less bright while at the same time making the darker parts a little brighter. Is there a way to do this? Best, Marcel
  14. I just tested on the latest OB and for me it just worked. Fuel dump stopped correclyl at bingo and dump switch jumped automatically into the off position.
  15. Hi, Perhaps this is a dumb question but what does exactly the following part from the release notes mean? Best, Marcel
  16. Thanks, it helps indeed, does not make it go away totally but improves. Did not even try that as I did not expect that lowering the quality would actually improve the situation :)
  17. Hi, I really can't stand the water reflection shimmering. It makes the view very unrealistic and constantly draws your attention to it. Is there a way to turn off the water reflections? I tried all kind of settings but nothing seems to help. Best, Marcel
  18. Hi, First played lasts beta without this mod when it was not available, then realized how much I need it, the shimmering shadows drive me nuts. ;) If only there was a way to get rid of the shimmering water reflections... But thanks for this great mod, could not play DCS without it! Best
  19. Indeed I tested and a rearm command will close it
  20. +1 Either automatic (random?) or perhaps even better configurable in the mission editor
  21. Is it possible to setup a mission with an offset radial or is it automatically chosen in DCS (and always a straight in)? And if not will this option be added later?
  22. Thanks for our answers! Indeed I expected something like this.
  23. Hi, I searched the forums already and found indeed that the UHF radio's are not supposed to work before the engines are running (at least one of them or use external power). I was a bit surprised that loss of both engines in air (running out of fuel, indeed not smart but it does happen ;) ) means you also lose the radio's. I did a bit of reading and aren't the radio's supposed to be fed by the essential bus in that case (on battery)? UFC is then not working but the channel selectors icw the radio's could be fed by the essential bus. Or is this indeed incorrect and is no generator -> not radio at all? Best, Huppel
  24. Thanks, did some tests and it works now! Did not know I could (should) skip the "checking in" part (used to work in the past, I always followed what is (currently) on page 41 of the manual where it is included, perhaps better to remove it there). One more question: just using " 'recipient', options" to get the menu and then use "take x" to select an item from the list indeed does not work. Is this on purpose? I always thought it is a nice workaround if I did not know what to say and I thought it worked in the past. Best Marcel
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