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  1. Thank You Yurgon...you've given me the strength I needed Hi, my name is AvgWhiteGuy (aka R@ttler), and I'm also a DCS addict. I need help. Can we start with my HOTAS-F/A-18 setup? Thank you.
  2. Happens with age, nothing you can really do about it
  3. My suggestion....pick a subject and go to YouTube, click that off the list and go to the next subject of interest. Don't want to demean the DCS training videos but they're really not as good as what you'll find on YT.
  4. At least the TGP from land base will give us another opportunity to dial in our skill set and make it more enjoyable. I'm not a fighter guy due to eye problems (can't find & engage) but I could at least enjoy the ground attack aspects. Does TGP mean I can't load up/launch from carrier and then just return to airfield....no big deal right now.
  5. Can anyone tell me where I can find the proper procedure for 'Request Repair'; do I just shut down both engines and re-start after repairs? Any ground power requirement to maintain data for the mission?
  6. Whereas there are various TM Warthog HOTAS mappings for the F/A-18 here in the forums (& YT), they all seem to vary in functionality and feature set. I can assume that some were configured as newer features were added by DCS along the way. I realize I can set up my HOTAS for my own personal needs and wishes but that would be useless as I have no friggin idea what I'm doing in the cockpit of this beautiful bird...hence, I'm begging for assistance. I'm sure there are other solo flyers or noobs that share my sentiment; they just haven't come to the point of groveling for mercy and assistance. It's not that I'm a complete moron, it's just that my 4 years of flying have been limited to the A-10C, and ....my caretaker only let's me fly in the back yard. I'm hoping there is a squadron of F/A-18 pilots out that have cooperatively established a TM Warthog-F/A-18 standard config that is updated to the latest DCS version (DCS/ that has the various RADAR and Weapons integrations, Sensor Control Switch, TDC and especially the latest Maverick slew & cage/uncage settings.....that actually work! Not that I'm begging for much..eh? So how 'bout it....can some of you jet jockey meat puppets help out a senior citizen that worries about dirtying his adult diaper every time that f#&king Maverick triangle runs off the HUD like a junkyard dog????!!!!! I'm taking my meds but ....hopefully you can understand
  7. I'm going to have to agree with Dirty Mittens, and others on a easy refueling OPTION. Some people are more adept than others in various aspects of flying these planes; especially when it comes to refueling and formation flying. I personally have yet to hook up successfully with either the A-10C or the F/A-18 and find it very frustrating. We all don't have the time to invest in learning this and it's not necessarily any lack of interest. What is more frustrating to me is the limitations this imposes on flying longer missions and enjoying the overall aspects of flying missions with heavier weapon load-outs. By the time I reach my target(s) I'm BINGO and have to divert immediately after dumping my load, or partially thru it. I know it's not for everyone and I understand the 'realism' argument, but I could get more involved, engaged, and immersed if we could have this one OPTION. Put some rules/parameters in it as suggested by Teriander....close proximity, and maintaining that proximity is a solid qualifier. The ability for editors and servers to restrict this option should satisfy the purist out there....but give us a break...we want to fly!
  8. First and foremost, I appreciate what DCS and the other folks do to keep me entertained...the world doesn't really revolve on this SIM. As a vision impaired (recovering detached retina) 'ground pounder', I'm not in the fight for A2A combat but I'm dying for that SEAD op and then dump shit on the 'bad guys'. So I'll just bounce between my A-10 and my F-18 for the thrill. I sometimes think us folks ask for too much in tiny details and don't appreciate the big picture that really makes the show. A vast majority of 'us' have never flown in this environment so we should be grateful for opportunity to have something this stressfully enjoyable. I don't give a sh#t that the shadow off the canopy rail isn't right...give me a break. Just me give me the stuff that makes my motor run hard and clean up everything as you can. Thanks..I'm done venting...now giv'me a friggin A2G missile that doesn't need a JTAC driver!!!!! BTW...my right cockpit vent seems a little warmer than the left...could you sort that out ASAP!!!
  9. @Skwinty....thanks, this must be the Bible and required reading...
  10. @Fonz 408....everyone is talking about AOA, trim, E-Bracket, etc...but that doesn't seem to address what YOU have said; You're able to do Case III without significant issues but you're having difficulties with Case I. I suspect it has more to do with peripheral issues like....the onslaught of sensory information coming thru your peripheral vision. Flying Case I presents a ton of sensory information that our minds need to compartmentalize whereas Case III has a lot less and allows us to focus more even though it's more difficult and intimidating. In my initial experience in learning the landing technique (AOA, trim..all that stuff above) I found that land-based night approaches and landings actually made it easier because there wasn't all that peripheral sensory clutter providing millisecond distractions from the task at hand. Does this make sense to you?
  11. Can anyone tell me where to find the details of what is on the FCS page and how to use it? I've asked about why it it so important on Carriers landings, or any time after initial takeoff, and can't seem to get an answer.
  12. macedk says: "hold down master caution for 10 seconds, that should clear it" So now I've just 'cleared' the warning but that doesn't mean I've really addressed or corrected it. Is there an action response to be performed address it? Does reset to T/O trim 'fix' the issue? What does the warning REALLY mean? Maybe this an other warnings could be documented and explained or a table available with Warning > Description/Explanation > Remedy
  13. Can anyone please explain why the FCS page is so important to have displayed during Carrier landings on left (or either) DDI? I see this in various YT tutorials during the cockpit setup phase. What info is being displayed during this critical and stressful procedure that I need to focus on as opposed to the HSI and HUD. I've never seen any documentation or somewhat detailed explanation on the FCS so if you're aware of it's existence please point me in that direction. Thanks,
  14. I'm getting some weird responses from my TM Warthog HOTAS and would appreciate any suggestions. Note ...TM HOTAS works perfectly with A-10C. 1) This is not consistent which is more puzzling...Shortly after takeoff (after gear & flaps up) I select A/P > ATTH and climb at about 7°, no problem. But when I reach altitude and and disengage A/P with HOTAS stick pinkylever, the A/P > ATTH 'colon' signal goes off but I'm still 'stuck' climbing. I have to break that lock by yanking the stick but it's still 'stuck' at various attitudes. THis only occurs with A/P > ATTH 2) I have COM 1 (RAlt+\) assigned to HOTAS Throttle BTN4 (Forward) but it results in some external view at the airport, even though I have no 'Views' assign to either HOTAS device. Can anyone advise, appreciate the help
  15. I'm a little confused about the CAGE/UNCAGE issue here, are you talking about HUD or AGM or other weapons? I've have not used any A/A weapons yet but I'm trying to sort out the new AGM and updated 11/12 to V2.5.3.23954 Are there 2 separate CAGE/UNCAGE buttons for weapons systems vs HUD and what do you folks recommend for TM Warthog? Appreciate the help,
  16. @Shagrat..........straight in, any airfield with no wind....always drifts to the left.
  17. When on approach and flying the AOA on the flight path the plane always has a slight tendency to drift to the left so I always have to keep pressure on the stick to counteract this. This in turn leads me to use the stick too much adjusting the pitch instead of using the throttle (my bad). The loadout is evenly distributed and, in normal flight (level, descending, ascending) the aircraft tracks just fine. Note this does not happen flying the A-10C at any time. I'm wondering whether this is a calibration problem with my Warthog HOTAS, or a normal flight characteristic for this AOA and speed. Is anyone else experiencing this? What's the best way to calibrate the TM Warthog HOTAS?
  18. TGP, Mavericks, HARMs, Smartbombs....I don't know the order of how these were really implemented in the F/A-18 but I'd prefer to go that way for realism.
  19. Bankler, this is brilliant; I never tried a carrier landing before tonight and landed 3 of 4 times (sloppy but on the deck). Between this exercise and Jabbers’ Case I recovery video I've got a much clearer understanding of the process. Only suggestion for us noobs; **give us a another 3-5 miles to get our TACAN and other shit together...display these details earlier and longer. **set the DDIs up for landing; I can't imagine any reason to prepare for a landing with the radar and store mgmt page being displayed Thank you so much for your efforts, this is greatly appreciated and a supreme example of how good this DCS community is at helping others by sharing their experience and talents.
  20. I'll leave the younger guys with better eyes to do the fleet defense and A/A work. I bought the F/A-18 for the 'A' part and want to pound ground targets. My vote is for: ATFLIR > SEAD Capability > Smart Bombs At least then I can launch from shore or boat, refuel, attack and return home ....rinse & repeat. Another thought might be basing some development criteria/priority on the evolution of the platform itself.
  21. Regarding Mark Points and Flightplans for knocking off multiple targets in 1 pass. See YT link below from 'ExcessiveHeadspace' This is now my favorite method of 'plinking' on a single pass. Great for wasting SAMs at higher altitudes. I orbit a target area creating Markpoints, then prioritize and create a new Flightplan. Much more fun as opposed to messing with GBU-12s, especially if you have a Warhog HOTAS. Equally effective when you want to attack multiple groups of tank and/or artillery with CBU-105's on single pass :) Enjoy.
  22. AS EMMY said, try a basic maneuver; I just roll the plane 360 or a quick bank left-bank right back on course. Anytime you're flying straight and level for a period of time while on approach this can happen....not just this version but for several years/versions.
  23. To clarify the above....I'm flying solo I set NO enemy or blue aircraft (Attack, Fighters, Helos) Medium or higher for AAA, SAM & vehicles on both sides. Difficulty - Hard It's like somebody called for a truce!!! That's no fun
  24. In the past when I created a Fast Mission the enemy was active and moved toward their objectives. Now they just seem to sit there making it quite boring. What am I doing wrong here? Also, although there are JTACs in the area they always release me with no targeting info or instructions. "Thanks, have a nice day..." Any suggestions?
  25. @tom_19d....I'm getting the concept but still a little confused about how to set my altimeter to 0. I'm at the apron Nalchik (Alt:1410) with my altimeter reading 2500ft and Kollsman window reading 29.92 after startup. ATC gives me a QFE 27.33. Doing the rule of thumb calc (1410/1000) + 27.33 =28.74 which dial into Kollsman. Now my Altimeter reads +/-1400....the alt at Nalchik. So if I take off....fly around and then attempt to land on instraments alone, I run into the ground because I'm 'chasing' 0 on my Altimeter. Where am I getting this wrong? @Yurgon....I did watch this last night after reading the whole thread and that bottle of wine. Somehow this did make a lot of sense and plan on watching again during the weekend. This is a classic :) I'm thinking of grasping this and produce a more modern video targeted for DCS guys like me. It just seemed strange to be on the deck at the Nalchik apron and not being able to dial the correct setting to show me at Alt:0 being given by ATC. I've noticed this a lot on NTTR as well. Time to hit the books again...and thanks to both of you for the explanations
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