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  1. Viper Pilot is a fantastic book that tells you about the actual lifestyle of an F-16 pilot through the eyes of one. While it is filled with some technical information about operating the F-16, it is mostly "seen" through the lens of someone who already understands the systems and is just employing them (the Pilot). If you want to understand the most important part of any aircraft (the pilot), and the cultural and lifestyle of fighter pilots of the time period (late 80s-2000's), then Viper Pilot is a must-have. If you want a technical book, and you don't care about the above information then get the Modern Viper Guide 2nd Edition. Viper Pilot is a great book, people who think it's "trash" must not just care about the story of what it's actually like to be a fighter pilot. Of course, that's fine, but the book is definitely not bad at all because it's not what certain people are looking for.
  2. Not anytime soon lol. The F-15E will be the most complex DCS module to date
  3. I believe it was said somewhere that they wouldn't do a late B model because they might as well just go do a D model at the point. The upgraded B's saw a lot of action in a very short amount of time, but for scenario wise it makes much more sense to come out with the D. Also be better for sales.
  4. frixon28


    Because they want the E model, that simple. The E model has more export success, and therefore most likely to have more sales there. What has the A & C done since 1999....??? Certainly nothing involved in combat! Which is the total opposite of the E model!
  5. The Iranian Tomcats of the 1980s are the original Tomcats from the 1970s. I personally see no point of having a 90s Tomcat with our current B model.
  6. They also claimed over 80 Tomcats destroyed during the Iran-Iraq War, even though Iran only had 79...
  7. The F-14A is the Tomcat to me! It's engine problems is what makes the Tomcat unique!
  8. Mostly 14th Fighter Squadron Block 50s
  9. Just get to the merge to employ AIM 9X and its gg
  10. +1 million By far the highest quality module ever released for DCS, and I would argue for any flightsim.
  11. I know Wags already answered, but also think of how many more scenarios that you can use legacy hornets for. Much more operators as well
  12. Umn yes they are, read it in another article. Why would they ever buy just 8? What about the rest of the C model fleet???? Which is the whole point of this jet
  13. Okay so ED won't ever publish a full fidelity Mikoyan/Suhkoi module, got it. But 3rd Partys alrighty and is looking into it!
  14. https://www.military.com/dodbuzz/2019/03/12/air-force-asks-4400-more-airmen-new-f-15ex-fighter-budget-request.html Well, its actually happening, new F-15EX are coming along to replace the C models. Planned total of 144. First F-15 for USAF since what 2003?
  15. Not to beat the dead horse but the MiG-29A has to be around the corner somewhere... Has it been officially ruled out that the SU-27S or P will not be allowed in the game? Not a rumor, but a hard no from ED or someone of authority
  16. Ok dug through my folder and only found the first Export.lua folder. Could not find the rest. Still crashes :helpsmilie:
  17. Short cruise video, but still good!
  18. Lol I should have used clickbait and more than 1 person would have replied to a thread I made about the same video
  19. Love how the cycle repeats @Canadians
  20. frixon28

    F15E When?

    As a Mirage module owner, I did not feel any emptiness when the Harrier was announced. This whole paragraph is just....ugh
  21. Awesome, saw those pics on another forum that talks about F-16s lol. Great pics
  22. Understand the version is unsupported. Been trying to revert back to the last version of 1.2 so I can be able to play the game without crashing every 10 minutes. Used the guide, downloaded the files and reverted to last 1.2 version. Using two different start up methods I get to the loading screen before the game closes at 10% loading, or I get the more common blue screen of nothingness. Dug around across google, found very little solid answers. Seems to be a problem that just I am having, even though this is my third time trying to revert to 1.2 to get the game to work Really frustrated as I just want to be able to play the game I love so much! :helpsmilie: Sorry if this wasn't the proper place to post this, couldn't find any where else.
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