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  1. For clarification when starting form a cold start, how do you turn the lights on? Maybe I am doing it correct but can not tell the difference in the day time, but according to the manual you must turn the rheostats to full for 3-5 second to charge the bulbs, and then turn them back down to prevent burning them out. Is this correct?
  2. Any news here? Would love to see the guns getting a little attention. Also would love to hear if the new damage model was ever going to make it to the Korean ear birds.
  3. Crosswinds!!! Just buy em! The best peripheral I have ever purchased!
  4. Has anyone been able to get the multi crew working?? I want to run these with a buddy. We both have the campaign, so is it possible whatsoever?
  5. Is the connector used in the Winwing stick the same as the Trustmaster. Meaning would I be able to use the same extension cords for my TM extensions with the Winwing base and stick. I have an 8in TM extension.
  6. I am super excited about this! I think it'll a lovely edition to the cold War lineup which is already the strongest planeset in DCS and my favorite. Hope to get some more info on this too, and I hope this is a good sign for the team doing the MiG-17.
  7. You can get most of those fights on Enigma's right now! As far as just an air quake type dogfight server I dunno.
  8. Those guys are doing a great job, and Korea deserves much more attention than it currently gets! The MiG vs Sabre is a fun fight!
  9. I'd argue it's a nice placeholder for an A-1 Skyraider in a Vietnam/Cold War scenario.
  10. Quick clip from the Cold War server last night!
  11. This is a true shame, but I understand why the team felt the need to do this. I hope to see a new project in the future, and I hope this wakes ED up that there are plenty of folks who are very interested in seeing Warbirds get some regular love. I am very saddened by this news this cold morning. Cheers to the air team for running such a great server for many years in this game and the last. I hope you boys find a new passion to pursue in flight sims soon.
  12. Was there any follow up on this?
  13. The Phantom we are getting is the best possible variant we could be getting in my opinion! As a follow up, I would most like to see a wild weasel G variant, and I hope we get the J for the Navy version. With the updated E version being mentioned already I think the only other one I would want to see is an F-4D to do some more early Vietnam scenarios.
  14. Trying something a bit new here. Trying to say my thoughts on this dogfight while I am doing it so I can review what my thought process was. I think it might be helpful to those less familiar with energy states, and hopefully interesting for those who are. Let me know what you think.
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