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  1. Because the mod has to use the F/A-18.dll file from the ED F/A-18C in order to use the cockpit and flight model. You can’t copy it because it will disable both modules. It’s also encrypted so it can’t be edited either.
  2. The file for the pylons is located in the Textures folder, named FA-18D_PTB. Regrading the fuel tanks, this mod uses the same fuel tanks as the DCS F/A-18C.
  3. Good point, should have mentioned haha. The standard shadows settings, not terrain shadows
  4. Through my testing, shadows were causing the FPS drop. I stay at 60fps constant under most circumstances. On Supercarrier, I get 38 looking toward the stern. I turned the shadows to Off and FPS was back up to 60 on the deck.
  5. Only at LOD1, the pilot's visor floats and doesn't follow head movement. See pic
  6. Just tested every setting. For my system, shadows are the only thing that causes the big FPS dip. With shadows on High, I read 40 fps. If they are set to Off, I go back up to 60 fps+. I hope this helps a little.
  7. You may have to set your terrain textures to high if they aren't already. Low terrain settings have lower resolution versions of the default textures. Hope this helps :)
  8. Whoever made the skins forgot to include mipmaps when saving the textures.
  9. I have a temporary solution for both issues. Regarding the flickering FCLP Box, I place it as a ground unit were I want it to be. I then take the T-FARP from dimitriov's Ze Dim' New Static Pack and place that as a static object on very centre of the FCLP Box. It has a very low collision model so you won't explode when going over it. Regarding the heading, I set a waypoint for the FCLP Box. It obviously won't move but you will find that it points exactly in the direction of the waypoint, even if it's between two headings. Link to the static pack: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=242793 Hope this helps in some way.
  10. Here's an excellent Flickr album with high quality pics of a real A-10C cockpit. Pretty keen to see what results you get.
  11. By the sounds of it, you haven't enabled mipmaps when saving. For whatever program you are using, there should be the option to include mipmaps when the saving window appears.
  12. Excellent work! I will absolutely adore this thing when it's released, considering Australia just took delivery of its full fleet not too long ago.
  13. Your LOD file is correct. You to edit a texture file named HB_F14_LOD1_3in1 and shrink all edited files down to 512x512. I use an existing one from another texture as it makes it easier to discern the different textures.
  14. No AFAIK. The closest you could get to that is using very bright colours and editing RoughMets. Even that wouldn't give the result you're looking for.
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