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  1. This is also what I would like to see configured! So in concrete terms, the Yaw Autopilot can now be activated from the start and you just need to bind a button on your stick which you will press constantly when you want manual yaw control. When you release this button, it keeps the yaw in the last position and you can remove your feet from your rudder pedals. If the button is pushed again, you have full manual control again with your rudder pedals. Is all this correct? And in order to do so what I have to choose in my options ? null
  2. 04 Feb...Door gunner is coming on the Mi-24 19 May...still waiting for it No more news on that topic during the last 3 months
  3. There is still a long list of bugs and needed improvments... These are since so long not yet fixed. For sure the Apache is money for ED but I spent also my money nearly one years ago for the Hind. I am waiting to see significant progress over the next few months because it is getting really frustrating! Especially when you are flying almost 100% with the beast in a virtual squadron and that you see that Apaches are more developed than an aircraft released 12 months ago. I no longer expect announcements but facts
  4. Next OB update planned for 18 May 22. I really hope to see some improvements concerning the HIND!
  5. If you press match during the flight in order to keep the accuracy, the Greben selector stay on GYRO ?
  6. SA-22 was announced by ED end of 2020 if I am correct...Nearly mid-2022...and there's still nothing. SA-5 : Just also remember how long it took before the first annoucement and the release... C-RAM : During most of the Apache teasing videos , C-RAM system were observed as well...But none communication on a possible release soon. The last new ground/AAA asset was the ZSU-57/2.
  7. Hi, Since the last OB, we have some issues with the Kord. First, it's impossible to jump to the gunner position Second : The gunner is firing time to time to the targets. It engages targets randomly. Sometimes he shoots and sometimes the machine gun remains silent. Third, even if you can go to the gunner position, When you occupy the pilot position and engage the fire, the Kord fires. As it is impossible to direct the machine gun, the fire is totally ineffective. We know that with the Open Beta version there is always a risk of new bugs appearing but this is really annoying. Knowing that the team that can fix this on the Mi-8 has its priorities currently on the Apache (and maybe also a little bit on the Hind)
  8. Hi, I don't know if this has already been reported but since the last update during our multiplayer games, it is impossible for the CPG to slave the TADS on a WP entered via the TSD. Problems encountered by others? Thxxxx
  9. Mmmm today we received some news on the R-60 missile (more to come in the next weeks). I hope to see some news linked to the Kord machinegun as well. Only one screenshot a few weeks ago and nothing more afterwards...
  10. So, I made some test today and here are my conclusion regarding the gun with automatic Range: I am on the last OB version. When I create a mission hot start from Runway --> Airborne -> Master Arm On --> Gun --> Distance = A (with the KU) All is working without issue. The sight in my IHADSS show me A and the distance in the bottom left is changing as intended. When I create a mission with a Cold and Dark startup --> BORESIGHT done --> Airborne --> MasterArm On --> Gun --> Distance = A (with the KU) The distance in my IHADSS remains on 1500, there is no A and of course the distance isn't changing when I am looking on different locations. Is it a bug or am I forgetting to do something to make it work? FYI Doppler ON, I am in VR and Boresight isalways done. Thx for your help!
  11. Apache Template is available https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/downloads/texture_templates/ah-64d_template/ More than 5Gb!!!!!! Really ? The hind template is 4x less!
  12. Just to add that I have the same issue with my Reverb G2. The Georges AI command Menu is placed above my IHADSS, it's readable but it's not very natural. Wouldn't it be possible to place it on the left or right side of the helmet sight? The same goes for the list of different targets. It is placed very low and not always well visible. Could it be possible to place it left or right? For the rest the module is just beautiful, with my virtual squadron we are constantly flying to discover the machine. A huge thank you for the work done... For a first release in open Beta the module is as good as we expected.
  13. Do you know if the the template of the Apache is already available ? This beast has just joined our virtual Helicopter Regiment and a lot of us are already waiting our unit livrery (06th MHR)
  14. New update today of the OB and only 04 lines for the Mi-24P...what a deception ! I hope to see real improvements in the next one... If I am right, Matt announced weeks ago that the Alexander team was re-focused on the Hind. Georges seems to be more developed on the release of the Apache compared to Petrovitch and the Hind released 10 months ago...
  15. Quelques nouvelles de la 06! Nous venons juste de recruter notre 16ème pilotes ! Dans le même temps la livrée pour le Ka-50 est également disponible. Il reste 4 places ouvertes donc avis aux amateurs si vous avez la disponibilité et la motivation pour venir nous rejoindre...tout cela avant la sortie de l'Apache! Notre Discord : https://discord.gg/kmJXHbhgxH
  16. Finally some very good news for the Hind. Thx ED for sharing some new screenshots and to give us the reason of the last low improvements regarding the Hind. I think this kind of news was expected by many of us.
  17. Because important things have been missing for months now ! When I look on the last update I am really disappointed! It seems that the Hind in really put on a a side and they can say what they want, the last updates were really limited to a module that is still in EA. The "to do list" is hudge and we have currently only limited updates. For sure, the Hind and the Apache are clearly my last two early access purchases. You want to release a module in EA, fine for me but please afterwards give us what we are entitled to expect, i.e. serious and continuous updates. Anti-icing system that still doesn't work 7 months after the release, really? Can we imagine having a proper manual one day? Maybe after the new pilot and watch modelling is finalised. Yes this is irony! I really enjoy playing DCS and I know frustrated people will always exist. The covid situation is probably not an enabling factor but it does not explain everything either. Is it really too much to ask to know the current status of Alexander's team? Are they working on another project? Would it be possible to have a simple timeline with just what is planned for the next few months?
  18. Being on the Mi-24 since its first day of release I must say that I am looking forward to this update with great interest. I fly in a virtual squadron, I'm connected on many servers on Discord and many FB sites related to air simulation, DCS, and the Hind in particular. From the many discussions I've seen in the last few weeks (since November 2021) it appears that many people have the impression that the improvement of the module is quite slow, while there are still many very important things to develop. One thinks for example of a functional anti-icing system and the improvement of Petrovitch... And these are only two examples. So fingers crossed for today's possible update...
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