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  1. What’s the most advantage of the i9-11900k compared to the 10900k for DCS?
  2. I am also building my new DCS computer : Here is the list of my current choice. Comments are more than welcome CPU : Intel i9-10900K 3.7 Ghz GPU : Nvidia RTX 3090 FE Mother board : Asus Rog Maximus XIII Hero RAM : G.Skill Trident Z 32 Go (2x 16 Go) DDR4 4000 MHz CL19 Cooling : Corsair hydro H150i RGB Pro XT
  3. Check ! Thxxxx I just realised that I have two screens (multi monitor) and that it probably appears in the left-hand corner of my second screen
  4. Not working anymore on OB after the last update (11 Aug 21)
  5. Same map as the F10 view ? This map was apparently used in the very first Mi-24P video shown by Matt (Hind over Latakia) so I guess this solution was studied but I don't know why it was then abandoned...
  6. ED (@Bignewy) please, could you give us some news regarding this topic? Was expected to be implemented for Q3 2021...which means now or in the following weeks so.... Thxxxxxxx
  7. From my side, I am still waiting more news regarding the implementation of Vulkan API. We don't have so much info regarding this but beside the next possible modules it's probably the most important topic linked to the future of DCS ! If I remember well, it was planned for Q4 2021...
  8. Fuel burn rate : input from a Mi-24P flight manual Regarding the rolling TO, you will for sure consume less fuel compared to a vertical and hoovering TO --> So Prio 1 if possible My 2 tests in transit flight was to demonstrate the Max flight time and distance during transit flight. It is certain that for all other types of flights these data will obviously be different and more restrictive.
  9. My Mi-24P weight sheet. Remarks, comments, corrections and additional information are more than welcome... Post updated ! Don't use the Pdf Doc (deleted). Some inputs are from the stable version and are not correct ! Ex : 2 x Shturm = 230 Kg but in fact the value is in Lbs !!
  10. For sure, the Mi-24P Hind is a terrible beast with a lot of possible firepower BUT the beast is heavy and fast so it needs fuel ! It's then quiet important to determine precisely what you can bring with you to engage the target(s) depending of the distance between your take-off, target and landing areas. This weekend I did some tests to determine, depending on the weaponry I wanted to carry, what my flight time was and the distance I could cover. You will find in appendix the details of my first 2 tests which took into account the armament and the weather from a cold start in a parking area. The aim is obviously to get a discussion on it, but here are my main conclusions: If rockets are needed: preferably UB-32 launchers. Smaller rockets but more numerous and above all enormous weight and therefore fuel savings If only against light vehicles and infantry : 2x GUV-8700 pods (12.7 + 2x 7.62mm). That's all! The two 30mm side cannons + two pods give a lot of firepower and ammunition capacity. If the rocket launchers are added, the range of the Hind will be considerably reduced. Anti-tank engagement: Maximum 8 x Shturm. No rockets. Prio 1 : SAM+AAA Prio 2 : Tk Pio 3 : IFV + APC It is also interesting to know that from the first fuel warning there are +/- 13 to 14 minutes of flight time left (cruising speed 250Km/Hr with straight flight and constant altitude). Under the same flight conditions, when the second fuel warning comes on, there will be only 7 minutes of flight time left.
  11. if I am not mistaken, the approach speed during an engagement is between 220 and 250 Km/hr
  12. I have the same problem, currently, only the map is exported, not the cursor...Maybe later when the multi-monitor will be fully implemented within the module...
  13. It's not the same at 100%... You have to delete the two "--" placed in front of the second line of your init.lua + MI24P_MAP (don't forget the underscore between MI24P & MAP)
  14. Currently I am still flying with the Mi-24P module. I have installed the last OB Simshaker for aviators (which take the Mi-24P in account) and I have uninstalled the stable version. But, every time that I am running DCS I have an error message because the stable version of Shimaker was foressen to start with DCS. I don't remember but I am pretty sure that's because a lua file in DCS has a command line linked to the stable version of Sim4aviators. Could you help me by giving the name of the lua.file and the command that I need to modify to start the OB version of simshaker when DCS is started? Many thxxxxx
  15. Thx Hobel for your video. With the help of Horus on Youtube I finally succeed to export the map on my second monitor. It's still a little bit weird because the map was displayed not correctly on my second screen. I changed the height to 1540 (in place of 1080) in order to display the map entirely on my screen (1920x1080)... So, here are my multimonitor and init files :
  16. MP this evening. 04 Shturm fired --> 04 hits ! 100% Hit...it was a first time for me
  17. So Guys, I need some help Horus has released a video on youtube with Mi-24P multimonitor. You fill find in attachements all the necessary files in order to diplay the map on my second screen but it's currently not working...and I don't know why DCS Option Init.lua file Multimonitar.lua So I need some help...Thx in advance!
  18. Same conclusion, much more "first hits" with shturm in SP than in MP... I don't know if it's an issue and if it was already pushed to the Alexander team ?
  19. Hi Bignewy, Any updates regarding this topic ? Thxxxx
  20. Made by a French artist https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqbxZMWixZjZx8VGHSQRoSw A very nice work ! Other livreries will normally follow for our Mi-8, Gazelle and Huey...
  21. Ohhhh that's a great new! Thx for the info and the follow-up... Balerion(Discord)
  22. Some commands are binded like: - F1 to F12 View - Trim and cargo windows - Flashlight - Jump from pilot to Gunner seat - Activation of the weapons system - .... Most of the commands of my other modules are also binded on my streamdeck.
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