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  1. On recherche 02 pilotes Ka-50 pour intégrer nos pilotes existants dans le groupe de Recco/Attaque EAGLE. Aucun niveau spécial exigé, juste une certaine disponibilité pour 02 soir par semaine et de la motivation pour apprendre et faire partie d'un groupe... En plus on a une belle livrée Ne pas hésiter à me contacter en MP ou à venir découvrir notre Discord (voir fil de la discussion plus haut) Qui sait à très vite....
  2. Great patch for the HIND...once again! Good job ED
  3. If we want a real "new helicopter" in DCS it should be a CH-46 or CH 47 (Seaknight/Chinook)... Tandem rotor helicopter capable to transport Hummer, towed artillery, Air Defense guns,... I am convinced that this kind of thing could happen quite easily in DCS and thus also bring graphical new features and capacity (vehicule or weapon systems moved via sling transport as it is currently only available for cargo). I'm not even talking about new 3D models like towed artillery or additionnal cargo charges.
  4. Outstanding! Your mod with "the better trees" from Taz and we have in fact like a new map! Thx a lot for your work!
  5. When possible in DCS ? Not via a Mod or a script but via a normal Menu and with visual effects. The rope already exists for slinging. We would just have to model the infantry sliding along the rope. This would clearly provide a huge additional effect for our UH-1 and Mi-8! FAST-ROPING ALL THE WAY
  6. Dernières nouvelles du 06th MHR...Bonne lecture
  7. Besides the lack of historical interest that this map represents, I am especially worried about the graphic quality of the realisation. And this is a bit the case for all the maps announced lately. We had the Syrian map which is for me the most beautiful map of DCS. This was followed by the Marianas map which is a magnificent achievement and a standard of modelling that is expected for new productions. These two maps are a real pleasure to fly in helicopters. And it is fair to say that in recent years helicopters have been well developed by ED following the arrival of the Hind and Apache. Others like BSIII, BO-105, who knows OH-58 (one can always dream) should follow. But to enjoy flying helicopters, you need good terrain modelling, which is currently only available on the Syria, Marianas and to a lesser extent in the Caucasus map. The recent release of the South Atlantic map by Razbam is clearly inferior in terms of terrain quality. To give you an idea, I fly in a virtual 100% helicopter unit and out of our 20 pilots, only one bought the map (out of curiosity). In view of the quality of the terrain at low altitude, none of us wanted to make this purchase. So if I have a wish to express here towards ED, apart from the discussion on the fact of modelling an X or Y map, it is above all to be able to have a quality product at least equivalent to the standard of the Syria or Marianas map. We are in 2022, very quickly in 2023 and we expect an even better quality compared to the past achievements...but currently when we see the map of Razbam we can have serious doubts. DCS is not only planes flying at 9,000ft, it is also helicopters doing tactical flight (NOE) and the quality of the environment is therefore a primordial thing to have a maximum immersion. Thank you for thinking of us... We are obviously impatient to discover the next screenshots and if the interest for the Australian map is to be relativized, it would obviously be a very nice surprise to see a very high quality ground modeling.
  8. AI Units Ground Units: M1A2, AMX-56 Leclerc, Wespe Sd.Kfz.124, KS-19 100mm ADA, Son-4 “Flap Wheel” radar, C1 Ariete, Pantsir SA-22 “Greyhound”, and S-300/SA-10 “Grumble”. For sure a lot of things to to and/or to update regarding the ground units. But we have to be realistic, probably something that is not feasible considering the resources it requires. It's to bad because we would obviously like most of the vehicles to be as well modelled as the latest products like the T-72B3, BTR-82A,... New M1A2 Abrams, Pantsir SA-22 mmmm
  9. Waouawwww Good luck for your project !!!
  10. @NineLineMid-March 2022 : "its close enough now that it very well could be the next major update after this weeks." It could be nice to have some news because we are more than 04 months later since this annoucement, many updates but still no voice for Petrovitch. Soon, very soon, delayed after other or new priorities ??? Many Thxxxx
  11. Salut à tous, Non nous ne sommes pas totalement en vacances et entrain de nous dorer la pilule sous le soleil des Caraïbes...héhéhé Durant ces 2 mois de vacances nous sommes en mode "veille active", c'est à dire : - Formations diverses - Training et missions comme chaque lundi et jeudi (en fait une mission remappée et déjà jouée précédemment) pour ceux qui ont envie d'être présents. - De nouveaux contacts pour élaborer de prochaines Inters durant le second semestre 2022. - Réalisation "en cours de construction" d'une nouvelle chaine Youtube. Etc... Bref pas de quoi s'ennuyer! Début septembre cela sera la rentrée et on reprendra les choses sérieuses. Si des intéressés, nous recrutons toujours mais vu nos effectifs importants (21 pilotes actifs) c'est actuellement uniquement ouvert dans la catégorie FENNEC (Mi-24), RAVEN (Apache et/ou Ka-50) et EAGLE (Gazelle)... Si vous désirez en savoir plus n'hésitez pas à me contacter en message privé. Qui sait @+ pour de prochaines aventures aéronautiques virtuelles....
  12. Regarding the choice of the location, the Kola Peninsula fully corresponds to nice "cold war" scenarios. I don't know Orbx at all and as this will be their first map in DCS we hope to see a quality result. The finalization of this map is probably not for immediately but for my part I have only one wish: to have a realization of quality at low altitude with at least the same quality as the Syrian map. The South Athlantic map is currently very disappointing on this aspect... We are waiting and looking for more screenshots, good luck to the Orbx team!
  13. I don't have this issue. I tested the Kord with Gunner AI against vehicles and the gunner opened fire with "free fire" and "short burst". 02 days ago my AI gunner opened fire against 04 technicals without any issues. I know that before, it was a problem when you placed some static objects not far from your targets. I don't know if this issue was fixed or not.
  14. Et voilà que notre Apache vient de recevoir sa toute nouvelle livrée perso.... Merci à Sphimx pour le boulot réalisé ! Plus de photos ici : https://www.facebook.com/groups/930736214533111/permalink/1072979416975456/
  15. The brand new skin of our Apache. All the helicopters of the french 06th MHR (Multirole Helicopter Regiment) have now their own liveries !
  16. Et bien voilà, XANDER vient de toquer à notre porte et nous allons pouvoir voir ensemble comment l'intégrer avec son Mi-8 dans notre groupe Buffalo! Au niveau KA-50 : Comme vous le voyez dans notre organigramme (voir message plus haut) nous avons actuellement 2 pilotes 100% dédiés sur cette machine, on voudrait former un trio permanent. On recherche donc 01 pilote Ka-50 pour clôturer la formation de ce groupe! N'hésitez pas à nous contacter via notre Discord si vous êtes intéressés. https://discord.gg/kmJXHbhgxH Niveau minimum : savoir maitriser sa machine et pouvoir l'utiliser en condition de combat (utilisation de l'armement)
  17. Dernières petits infos sur le 06th Multirole Helicopter Regiment Nous avons encore pas mal recruté dernièrement suite à certains départs (principalement suite à un manque de disponibilité). A l'heure actuelle nous recrutons toujours et ce pour pratiquement tous les appareils sur DCS. Le recrutement sur Mi-24P est pour l'instant fermé mais il est toujours possible de se mettre sur une liste de "réserve de recrutement" Voici notre organigramme, n'hésitez pas à passer sur notre Discord pour en savoir + https://discord.gg/kmJXHbhgxH
  18. Salut Xander, je t'ai envoyé un MP pour te répondre. Mi-8...magnifique machine...même dans DCS! On sera donc ravis de te donner plus d'infos sur nous... A très vite j'espère, Balerion PS : une fois que tu auras goutté au plaisir de voler en groupe dans une escadrille tu ne voleras plus jamais solo
  19. Clear, you are absolutely right. Complicated was a little bit ironic in the sense of my sentence. Not a question of complexity but rather of priority...
  20. ED will inform us when there is something to share...as usual We have already received the R-60M, the Kord is going to be available very soon, so when we know how things are going, we'll probably have to wait a few more months to hear from Petrovitch...since it seems that his voice is more complicated to integrate than Georges'...
  21. So, here are some pictures of my Mi-24P desk Link youtube :
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