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  1. Here is my file... No engagements from my SA-12 and SA-10 SAM sites....and I really don't know why.... If someone could help me....Many Thxxxxx TESTS.miz
  2. Same issue as Anduriel. Tested with S-300PS and SA-12 sites. They don't engage any ennemi aircrafts. Last version of 2.7 OB is installed (not via OVGME) screenshot in Ann
  3. Alexander as clearly announced that the NS430 will be not modeled in the Hind.
  4. Compatible OVGME ? If not, What's the correct name folder in the Tech file ?
  5. Ohhhhhhh Waouwww that's a nice update! I am very glad to seen that your project is not dead and is still going forward. I am currently only flying with helicopter in DCS but it's definitely a module I would install ! I really like the design of this aircraft and its air-to-ground capabilities... Thank you for keeping us informed. Many of us will undoubtedly appreciate the progress made.
  6. I have the same assessment and I would be happy with a release mid-July(just after my holidays). End June, Mid-July seems to be the most realistic agenda...
  7. If you want to have further information on the Mi-24P module, You can check on the russian forum. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/834-dcs-mi-24p-hind/ Alexander (PilotMi8) is in charge of the module and is posting a lot of interesting information... You can easily translate it via Google or Deepl.
  8. Александр упоминал, что системой прицеливания Raduga можно управлять с помощью мыши или клавиатуры, а также с помощью джойстика. В настоящее время я изучаю возможность управления системой прицеливания с помощью джойстика, полностью предназначенного для этого. Было бы неплохо получить подтверждение, что система Raduga может быть отображена (в опциях DCS - управление) с джойстика... Извините за мой плохой русский, google - мой друг!
  9. 11 May 21 and I have still the same issue. Troops don't embark when on stable. Same mission played on the 2.7 OB and all goes well !
  10. Oups, sorry, I didn't saw that... Thx for your work Taz !
  11. Just installed the last version on the OB 2.7. The dark smoke when the vehicles are on fire is simply beautiful, but the visual effect of the flames is greatly accelerated. Am I the only one who has this strange effect?
  12. What would a Mi-24 simpit be without its fan? So...done !
  13. I think that we don't have to expect anything before Jun 21. if it is available earlier it will only be a bonus. We waited a while for the 2.7 and in the end I think most people are very happy with the result. The same goes for the Mi-24, we still have to wait but I am sure that we will have a result that will live up to the expectations...
  14. The right panel is now connected...I just wait for the release of the module...
  15. The "vehicles on fire" effect was nicely improved by ED with the 2.7 but for sure the smoke column are too small and still unrealistic. Waiting for the update of your mod Taz...It's a "must have" Thx for your time and your involvment in improving the visual appearance of DCS !
  16. Well, I just tested the 2.7 for an hour. Result: I'm really happy with the result. Bravo ED for the work, it was worth the wait! For the clouds it's clear that it gives a nice environment without massive fps loss, which everyone was a bit afraid of. Some improved unit models, I think of the SA-6 and the BTR-80. Error seen from the Reco instructor, the SA-6 radar. ED calls this the "Long Track". The "Long Track" is a completely different radar (not modelled in DCS). The correct NATO name for the SA-6 radar is "Straight Flush". Effects on destroyed vehicles are indeed improved, it's now a beautiful blaze...too bad the smoke column is still far too limited. This will undoubtedly be reworked by the community with a future mod. It feels like rediscovering DCS... Advances like this are just what we need!
  17. Wirring the cockpit is still an ongoing process... Arduino + leo Bodnar BU0836X + LB BBI-64 + Home made boards made by a French friend. Kilometers of wires have been already connected to the countless buttons and switches... The SPU-8 is fully functionnal (currently used when flying with the Mi-8MTV2), as well as the fire-fighting panel which is now equipped with real 2KNR buttons The left side of the pit is nearly finished, I am currently working on the right front and right panels (AC+DC power + Defroster panel + Air conditioning panel). To be continued...
  18. As usual, great job Mole ! I like the sound of the 3D printer on your video...sounds familiar to me ! Héhéhéhé
  19. New clouds = Update DCS 2.7 foreseen on 07 Apr 21...but still subject to change...
  20. Already a huge thank you to Alexander and his team who have been working for months on this project. What we have seen today in the video is already very interesting. Finally, after many months and years of waiting for this module to evolve, we can see how much has already been achieved. And what we can already see is that this module will be simply magnificent, especially when we have an unlimited admiration for this helicopter. I have already watched the video 6 times, I never get tired of it. I'm always the first one to be impatient and sometimes lack patience, but I have no problem waiting several more weeks for the early access (I have still plenty of works to do in my Mi-24 Simpit...like wiring all the switches and buttons) Thxxx ED, Thxxx Alexander
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