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  1. Same here! DCS crashes on startup after yesterdays update. Edit: Ok, got it. I had still the MB-339 mod installed. Worked in prior version. Now it crashes DCS. Maybe this helps anybody.
  2. Wow, thank you! Cheap 4 port passive USB hub between any of my USB boards makes the throttle work. It only works on one of the ports of the USB hub. But it works consistent. Unfortunately I ordered already a new board. But this gives me the possibility to debug this issue. Maybe I find something useful.
  3. Please update the initial post. Everyone new to this topic starts with 1.5 instead of the more sophisticated 2.0 version. Thx
  4. How do you want to manage the interactive planing part? DCS does not support such interface. Or is a simple system which selects different missions files depending on the outcome of the previous mission?
  5. If you have no real pressure... Wait till fall/begin 2021 when Ryzen 4000 is available. Now is the worst time to upgrade. Intel 10th Gen. is still stupid expensive and next Gen. AMD is not out. Otherwise a decent X570 board and a 3700X with 3600MHz RAM. Best bang for the buck option at the moment. Intel 10th Gen. makes no sense if you dont want to upgrade your GPU to something like at least a 2080 Super. And buying 2000 NVidia at the moment is not a good idea. Nvidia 3000 cards are comming soon. So like I said. At the moment I would not upgrade anything. Your system is still decent.
  6. [Rant on] Sorry, but fanboying is no help in this situation. Criticizing a company which happily takes my money is the right of customers. ED constantly under delivers, delays releases and features and extends EA periods. While in the same time basically every month a new module in development is announced. Existing modules are not finished and stay in EA. [i was really surprised that FW190A got finished.] Hornet is in EA since two years. Basic functions are still not finished and what we hear are excuses. We pay for these modules full prize. And what we get is the possibility to buy the next EA module with a bunch of missing features? ED development cycle: F/A-18 Hornet in EA for two years. Lets do the F-16 and release it in EA. Hey! F-16 EA still misses most of its features. Lets prepare the Super Carrier EA release. Super Carrier not finished. Lets release [insert random EA module]... And in the mean time Heatblur delivers on the first shot a feature complete module. :music_whistling: And Deka delivers also a feature complete module. :dontgetit: Do you now understand why a lot of people here are really sick of this BS excuses? We payed hundreds of dollars/euros and still our favorite planes are incomplete. You would never tolerate this behavior with other products. Like a car or a mobile phone. But in case of DCS and ED its OK? [Rant off]
  7. Thank you for your dedication! Community does AGAIN the job of ED. But I am not interested in fiddling around with several mods to get what is an absolute base feature for DCS. Its the job of ED to provide this basic game features as a core functionality.
  8. +1 In combination with a note functionality to write down coordinates end other stuff.
  9. Hi, I did recently a reinstall. Kept the DCS folder and user files from the old install. Everything works without any flaws. Only issue I have is that DCS does not switch automatically to the Rift S output anymore. I can change this ingame by hand. But the auto switch would be more convenient. Any thought why this happens? Thank you!
  10. Hi, I am thinking about to upgrade from an 1080p display to a 1440p display. Both 34" ultarwide. So I am asking myself if the increased resolution will be an advantage or disadvantage in DCS? Obviously the increased resolution will result in a higher GPU load. This I can handle by adjusting visual effects. But is there anything else what will be affected? Any positive or negative impact on spotting planes or ground units? Thank you!
  11. So this is a known bug that DCS does not switch to Rift S audio automaticaly?
  12. You are fully entitled to your opinion Betty. And so am I.
  13. Good idea. Shut down all critics. Worked great in the past. :S Blind fanboying never helped anyone.
  14. If 9x is restricted R73 is usually too.
  15. lol The TE owns a 2600k and this CPU is obviously not enough for a decent framerate on a Pimax. So recommending a 2500k is really strange. Especially in VR you want a constant and decent framerate. Otherwise you will get sick as f...
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