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  1. For a quick ruler, just press and hold the mouse scroll wheel button if you have one and move your mouse to a location.
  2. Just wondering why in the trigger you set the Min at 0.56?
  3. Make sure you are using the LAU-117 launcher for your Mavericks. Doesn't work with LAU-88.
  4. Not sure it's a bug or if I'm doing something wrong. Tracking moving ground targets to attack with Mavericks. I enter A/G mode. Mavericks are ON. Switch to WPN page Switch from GM to GMT mode. Reduce the MAP brightness. I see my moving targets. Switch from Mav. VIS mode to PRE mode, and the GMT mode seems to reset and I can no longer see any moving targets. Please see attached track file GMT Bug.trk
  5. I didn't realize the Markpoint DED page was working. I'm only able to make a Markpoint using the A/G radar with FCR
  6. Very jittery in VR for me too...is it necessary?? I haven't seen any difference if I align or not
  7. I've been trying to align the HMCS In VR. Very jittery. I can get through COARSE...at least I can get it to say aligned. AZ/EL and Roll, not too sure. How are you VR guys doing it. Is it even necessary on cold start? -Wraith
  8. This works for mission testing. Just remember when you make your mission available to others, that you need to load the actual lua into the mission. -Wraith
  9. Not sure if this is a map specific bug or and AI bug, but a Third Reich halftrack drives into the harbor when fired upon. Attached is a track. -Wraith Channel_HalfTrack_Bug.trk
  10. Steerpoint altitude is important
  11. I'm flying the Huey with a 2060 and Rift-S with no issues. No stuttering at all.
  12. In Mission editor, check the button on the bottom right isn't pressed..."Historical List of Units"
  13. Good observation, I'm curious to know myself.
  14. Markpoints would certainly help with the delivery of many weapons. Just not sure where that feature sits in the feature queue.
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