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  1. Hi Similar here too, as far as the warning level remaining with warning expired
  2. Not too sure where to put this post, so apologies, if in the wrong section... Running update for Alpha and this warning splashes up -
  3. What is your Operating System? also, by the side... the Z77 is an unstable chipset (something to consider)
  4. I remember there was some argument a while back regarding this scenario... the argy bargy seemed to have been between repeater and Flight Director function. The distinction was between the "repeater" indicating where the pilot was, in relation to the beam, and the "Flight Director" indicating where the pilot should steer toward to be on beam ( 30° bank, I believe ).... is this what you're referring to?
  5. Okay... it appears to may have go into the sim Options/ Control A10C SIM section and pull down thew HOTAS Options... in there, clear out the flight command pitch, Roll, yaw etc and reassign them. Basically the warthog stick is already set up in game, external software not actually required for it to run as intended, but on occasion there are some settings which do need to be checked.... on stick Trim does need to be reassigned away from default view settings though
  6. [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN1N6cANNco[/ame] [ame] [/ame]
  7. That is the question, my friend, and okay, a fair enough point you've made in the latter part of your post (not quoted) But the point of the question is; if that post (in original form) no longer exists in the Forum front end, it no longer exists in the thread which any of the general Forum membership can view, that being the thread the general member views. Sure, it may have come through on 'subscription to the thread' (which is what I think is meant there in the above quoted post), IF they have chosen to do so... but, if they (who may have subscribed) choose to follow that link(?) back to the thread... and that post (in its original form) no longer exists; Does not that say something? The 'unsubscribed' general member, that being The General Audience, would not be aware of what was was, or isn't, so to speak The terms listed, seem to have been set by a very high level (referring back to the Opening Post of this thread) and in a question relating to the OP, its a situation which could have an unintended consequence... this is the question. Lets be very clear on this, this is the question. So, I would be asking the level which has set this thread, to consider my question and premise - if you like, it can be done over the PM system
  8. Its all good Sithspawn don't worry I wasn't having a go or bored either Pitot :P :) , I was just wondering
  9. I'm asking an honest question on something entirely different, Sithspawn, and on topic :)
  10. A question to ask (of the higher ups) at this point is; How can a User Edited/ Deleted post ( ie a general member, who only has access to the frontend of the forum), who has chosen to edit their post (for whatever reason), or just plain out deleted their post (again, for whatever reason); have that same User pre edited/ deleted post used in the above situation of the rules as set? Once a General Member has deleted, or, edited a post, that general member considers the post as No Longer In Existence, for the purposes of this or any other forum? sorry, but this is the way its seen by front end users (different in the Real World, for sure, but that's the legalities of the real world and Emails). How does that play with the rules as set in the OP?
  11. thing is though mate... if the engines is dead, at flight time, surely the pilot wouldn't be banging their stick against the seat... oh, and is that a trumpet I hear blowing? On the ground, during pre flight check, the banging thing could well be a possibility though - who knows just how rough some pilots may be with their stick - jus' sayin'
  12. For our friends up over...
  13. [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame]
  14. Rip Bill Ham Ave atque Vale 'Eliminator" (late 80's), was one of the best R'n'R tours I ever did and kudos for what you did for the good ol' boys mate [ame] [/ame]
  15. fair enough mate another gave similar regarding 4k monitor... not much help I can give ya there, except to start with a fresh vanilla (no addon/ no DLC) install and take it step by step, trying all graphics options first before bringing in the 'mods' ( Starway boasts high res textures - something to consider ) Hope you get it sorted
  16. Please, would it be possible to look at the time out settings, with the 'remember me' tick box unchecked? atm, its barely enough time to get one post off, and is far too short and also, with the 'remember me' tick box checked... 24 hours also seems way too short ( I'm sure vBulletin would not have put the 'remember me' option in, if it was a server issue ) Thanking you for your consideration
  17. Dial your Traffic down to low... there's one of the bugbears of another FPS killer and I don't know what 'SW texture pack" is... so, if you're using mods, you are at their mercy Plus you don't delineate between all settings... only some 16x Anisotropic, is way too high :) Also... judging by your Resolution, you seem to be using more than one monitor? If you are, unfortunately, the sim is still CPU bound and there isn't much hope for that on the horizon ( my settings are based on a single 1920x 1080 monitor ) cheers
  18. Found it mate :) Okay, from my limited lingual skills... Turn Anticrenelage Gamma Correction: to OFF negative (this one is a frame rate killer) Anticrenelage - Transparence: to 4x filrtage de texture - quality: to High Quality Distortion LOD negative, to the other option(clamp) Optimisation Threadee to Off (negative) because the sim is an old enterprise (no offense) and doesn't take advantage of multicore processing as such Syncronistaion vertical: to ON (if you're running DCS 2.0 you will have to run the sim in fullscreen (ALT+ENTER ) mode, edit the applicable LUA file or set an Auotexecute file) And I don't seem to see it, but turn the Frame Buffer (for OPENGL only function to OFF)
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