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  1. You can put an ammo truck near it. A circle on map will tell you witch units ares supported. Try this mission : with Skynet IADS : https://github.com/walder/Skynet-IADS You can always try to find a tactic that use air defense weakness. If you don’t put AAA and manpad 15nm around the main site, it’s easy for helos and low flying wings.Try this mission with adding waves of F18 HARMs, ship’s tomahawk or B52 AGM-86C (invisible for S300) SEAD can be achieve with HARM and Skynet script as they turn radar of when they detect HARMs. With 4 HARM, you can force them to stay blind helping a second raid to get on target. DEAD need SAM coordinates for targeting, this is the job of the new F-16 pod. They are so many other way IRL to get those coordinate (pods, satellite, ground observer…) that I don’t feel cheating when using it.
  2. My Monitorsetup folder is not under /saved games but in installation folder : \DCS World OpenBeta\Config\MonitorSetup\ Hope this help 2_monitors-FA18C_R3.lua Mine attached is for dual screen with Left/Right DDI, AMPCD, RWR, IFEI and UFC
  3. I use it also, but not with velocity vector : too mutch stress for me to dive on a SAM threat. JHMCS designation is better for me. When i'm enlightened : ECM on, right turn to notch and have the TPOD on the threat side. Then JHMCS designation
  4. No specific radar mode is simulated, just operating band (I) and max range. Here the Hornet has AN/APG-65 with 80nm max range and the Harrier an AN/APG-65(V)2 given with 60nm max range. I supose this is due to max power consuption.
  5. I play mostly my own missions and trying to keep the most accurate tactical situation. Using trigger for ROE, MOOSE and Skynet IADS scripts are fun and ED make nice updates on the editor. But a coalition posture editor in the way of Command Modern Operation would be useful especially for me on 2 maps: Syria : Red and blue fight insurgents but don’t share information; Israel don’t share L16 with NATO… Ormuz : Make missions with ship policy / zone interdiction. I will try to finish one and publish it, to make it better with community
  6. I like to have the most realistic environment for my missions. I love the way DCS deliver us maps with a strong geopolitical actuality : Crimea, Georgia, Gulf (Las Vegas cause I went there :smilewink:) With the great Syria map, I have problems to set-up coalitions : 1. pre-2011, or without ISIS crisis scenario Where the S-300 can shoot everything over meditarean sea. We need to set-up a third coalition for Israel that have his own enemies and ROE. The main issue for mission editing is to add non-sharing data between allies likes Nato/Blue - Israel This just an example that can apply to Russia, Turkey, Syria, France... 2. With 2011 crisis scenario, where S-300 shoot civilian and Russian EW planes Both don't represent Israel while they are active in the region. The complexity involve more coalition than 2, with specific ROE, sharing information (F10 map, L16) and IFF behavior. With the additional neutral coalition DCS add :thumbup:, it's simpler to add civilians. 3 coalitions are not Boolean, it should be feasible to have n coalitions. Units country should not be a part of coalition, to allow mission with different insurgee groups or different configurations ( S-300 sold to Turkey, sent to Lybia for ex.) Another problem is the lack of actual targets : infantry and armored pickup. US, Georgia, Insurgent, Russia, Serbia and eastern europe country have infantry; While Syria, west europe has none.
  7. How do you do this ? You just create a mark and name it with a number in 30-39 ?
  8. We cannot add keyboard key for MFCDs OSB but only joystick button, And UFCP buttons and Fast Select Rocker Switch need binding also. Great job on this plane !!!
  9. I've also been killed in MP by my own AIM120C in Hornet. Tacview show me that the IR missille inbound (aim9) from a F14 hit the aim120 I've just launched.
  10. Try this Capt_Zeen Helios profiles
  11. This help a lot, thank you Is there any way to know if the targeting pod is in mode designated or not ?
  12. TOO Mode Switches to PP After Firing a JSOW After the last patch The switch to TOO mode is still present. Track - I store target 1 coodinates to PP1 and PP2 on station 2 - I store target 2 coodinates to PP3 on station 2 - I store target 3 coodinates to PP1 and PP2 on station 8 - I store target 4 coodinates to PP3 on station 8 - go back to PP1 on station 8 - fire the bomb - station 2 is selected with TOO mode - switch back to PP mode, old PP1 coordinates are now erased - use PP2 to fire on target 1 ... Same behavior if I use the step button
  13. Here is one track : TOO mode switch When you switch back to PP mode, the last TGP position erase PP1 preset. TOO mode is set when fire or use the step funcrion
  14. I'm using the Rippling by Grim Reapers. Since last update, when i use the step function to switch from station or release a bomb, it automaticaly switch to TOO mode. By the way, it erase PP1 stored coodinates with last coordinates from TGP Track: Tracks To avoid, I find I can use PP2, PP3 and other to not lost PP coordinates. But each drop, it switch to TOO mode, then I switch to PP mode, select PP2 or other.
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