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  1. no. I did get an email from you on May 26th saying I would get one shortly, but never saw it. Checked my spam and other folders as well.
  2. yeah it CAN work. I am just making the point that it just doesnt work in the way that is intuitive or obvious. The "hold Track" on your TID is kind of complete nonsense. Behind the scenes its doing a magical hidden "am I still tracking yes/no" calculation that you have no way to tell. The game CANNOT track anything except a real physical object.... Behind the scenes a successful hold track is actually just a regular old track. The logic to determine if it magically continues to track or not is a mystery to me, but it does not work even when it should.
  3. Thanks! Ill take a look, but be aware, in DCS the missile will NOT guide to a track hold. What happens behind the scenes is that to the USER It throws up a track hold icon but to the SIMULATION it is still actually factually tracking the missile IF conditions are met- and I don't know exactly, I've heard it's 3 miles but I've seen Hold Tracks on top of the target never pitbull consistently. So if the report is that missiles don't follow the hold track, that is working as expected and has been so since day one. The problem is the missiles simulation isn't sophisticated enough to Track or guide to an INS point. The code just doesn't exist. It either IS or ISNT tracking an OBJECT. I believe the new missile API has this feature but it has been in development for years and well.... Look how awful the 120 Is (which is on the new code). So careful what you ask for.
  4. I rarely ever see extrapolated tracks ever go active. There is a major limitation in the game engine, and the way its implemented is extremely hit or miss. Basically the actual target needs to be very close to the extrapolated track, and even then I rarely see it work. Could you provide some tracks/recordings/descriptions of the other two items. I don't understand.
  5. @MilesD Hey Miles not sure where the best place to post this is - I've put in 3 requests on May 2021, December 2021, and just today via the website and got 3 emails stating: I think something has gone wrong because I have not had a reply back. Appreciate the help!
  6. Yes, when you tell Jester to STT he will PSTT and then your missile is hopelessly searching with its seeker on. The seeker can only detect at ~10 miles. TWS you should be getting them to guide. There is a loft error but its relatively uncommon. My suspicion is that you are not holding the track and need to read the symbiology. Could be wrong, but never hurts to review the manual : https://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/general.html#tid-symbology In any case, I promise that it does and can work just fine in single and multiplayer. The loft and or guidance issues are not a 100% of the time bug
  7. Ok well you are definitely doing something wrong. It does work appropriately Are you holding the TWS track till pitbull? IE you let it create a track number and hold it till it times out and blinks?
  8. 120 isn't bad. But if you are having lots of packet loss or network issues then that could definitely be causing a whole host of issues. When you fire in TWS, is your ACM switch covered, your missile mode is NORM, and you have a confirmed GOOD TWS Track? Do you hold a good track all the way until the PITBULL indication? Actually, you are saying "LOCKED" which makes me think you are STT. If you lock a target and fire a Phoenix at more than say 10-15 miles you can expect it to miss UNLESS you are in Pulse Doppler. The Phoenix can only get guidance from the AWG9 from Pulse Doppler modes... TWS and PDSTT. If you are in PULSE STT then the Phoenix acts like a torpedo- it gets a direction, turns on it's seeker, and kills the first thing it sees friend or foe. I suspect you are using the incorrect mode for the job
  9. That's incorrect, all phoenixes can have loft issues, especially if you nose up and manually loft them.
  10. So with many hours in the tomcat I can tell you it does work. But I'd be happy to help figure out what's going on. To be clear, they changed nothing with the radar, only the thrust and drag coefficients of the missile. So you can't fix, what isn't a problem. If it's STT, you need to really be within 10 miles, it's highly dependent on the target and your altitude. If it's TWS, are you holding it until the TID icon blinks, and it is pitbull? Was this single player or multiplayer? (Edit- it might be possible Jester is defaulting to the FOX1 PULSE DOPPLER mode and that's why it's not hitting, unless you retain lock)
  11. Are you firing STT or TWS for those long range shots. If you are firing STT, they won't hit at that range. Pulse STT is firing the missile directly at the target at the correct Azimuth and Elevation for a direct shot, at 36 miles it wont reach, and the seeker can't see the target. If you are firing in TWS it works just fine if you are able to keep the TWS track until pitbull (sometimes the loft is an issue but usually at much longer ranges) (or fire in Pulse Doppler STT, but thats a whole other method and discussion)
  12. That's a known guidance issue with loft. Anything related to guidance logic is Eagle Dynamics. Heatblur can adjust thrust, drag, weight, etc...
  13. A giant radar return less than a mile directly off the nose of the missile doesn't raise any red flags for you? Its going to be hard to have a discussion If the starting point is that far apart, quite frankly. Only because stating something as 100% certain is foolish- I find it HIGHLY UNLIKELY that an Aim120's seeker and couldn't tell the difference between terrain very far away, and a f14 very close (we don't even need to consider that DCS does not simulate geometry of the aircraft to compute RCS either). Under no reaonable circumstances besides a major failure of equipment or software should that missile have missed. Please, I think we would all like to hear the rationale for how that missile, with look down capabilities, Medium PRF signal processing, and a host of other modern features, could lose track of a Tomcat at 1000 feet from impact against clear blue sky or a ground which is miles away.
  14. It's unfortunate but true that all of the missiles in dcs are (for the lack of a more subjective statement) - Bad. There are really two issues: 1) Guidance which is 100% ED 2) the third party missile API for missile features, kinematics, radar interaction, etc. Guidance is a whole other can of worms... Missiles pull turns which lose their targets and have to be G-limited to not bleed All their speed... it's not ideal. All that being said, this is serviceable if the API is implemented. Without seeing everything in the API, I can guess as to what it might contain... It would be a massive quality of life improvement for DCS is to complete the missile API and expose it to third parties. Once there is a working and well documented API then third party developers can finally start building weapons for their aircraft within the same physics framework AND finally get access to features which only some missiles have (like INS guidance). Please, prioritize effort into providing a working API and offload this to 3rd parties. This would be the #1 thing you can do to drastically improve multiplayer. If you took another pass at missile guidance and removed it's Bang-Bang control surface logic that would be a huge improvement too.
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