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Viggen documentation (flight manuals, etc)


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In this thread, post real-life Viggen documentation such as flight manuals, maintenance manuals, instruction booklets, other military documentation such as reports, memos etc etc. I'll keep the OP updated with a list of documents.


To get us started:



Flight manuals and other official documentation

AJ and AJS 37: SFI AJS 37 del 1 kap 1 (open, unclassified)


SFI AJ 37 del 2 kap 1 (formerly classified secret)

SFI AJ 37 del 3 (formerly classified secret)


SFI AJ 37 del 2 kap 1 ändring 90 (pack of updated pages for SFI AJ 37 del 2 kap 1, formerly classified secret)


Minnelista för ff i fpl AJS37 (memory items/checklists for AJS 37 pilots)

Minneslista för ff i fpl 37 NÖD (emergency memory items/checklists for all Viggen variants except JA 37)



JA 37:

Aircraft JA 37 flight manual, volume 1 chapter 1 (English version of SFI JA 37C, unclassified part)


SFI JA 37 del 4 (formerly classified secret)





Aerodynamik fpl 37: kompendium (pilot's introduction to the Viggen's aerodynamics and its aerodynamical development history, formerly classified secret)

Fpl 37 aerodynamik III: Manöverprestandabegränsningar, halvroll: kompendium (pilot's textbook on control surface performance limitations and split S performance, formerly classified secret)


Anvisningar för typinflygning fpl 37, 1985 års utgåva (lesson plan for getting your type rating on the Viggen, ~45 flight hours total)


Beskrivning bombkapsel M90 (technical description of the bk 90; open, unclassified)



Technical reports, assessments etc

NASA technical memorandum: aerodynamics of the 37 Viggen aircraft, part 1, characteristics at low speed


Saab JA 37 Viggen Performance Assessment (made by an engineer but with limited resources and without access to the original documentation)


Spinning the Viggen (article in a FlightGlobal issue from 1974)



Doctrine, tactics, service history etc

Med invasionen i sikte: en beskrivning och analys av flygvapnets luftoperativa doktrin 1958-1966 (Masters thesis in history; the doctrine analyzed predates the Viggen but it persisted largely unchanged when the Viggen entered service.)


Taktiska anvisningar för attackförband, 1961 års utgåva (Tactical manual for A 32 Lansen squadrons; predates the Viggen but as mentioned the doctrine was similar.)


Taktiska anvisningar för jaktförband, 1965 års utgåva (Fighter tactics manual for all kinds of fighter squadrons; again this predates the Viggen but tactics and doctrine remained similar for most of the cold war.)



Tangentially related reading

JA 37: Pilot och system


Lärobok i telekrigföring för luftvärnet - radar och radartaktik (Telekri Rr Tak Lv, M7741-850101)


Motmedel inom svenska flygvapnet 1950-2005


Anvisningar för telefonitrafik vid flygning


Ammunitionskatalog, data och bilder: flygvapnet (1984) (catalog of all munitions used in the air force, from .22 training rounds to missiles and rockets; handy to have around as a reference)

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Some additional documents that I've found about the Viggen.



Aerodynamics of the Viggen 37 aircraft.





Performance Assessment JA37.





Spinning the Viggen.



Viggen is love. Viggen is life.




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"Med invasionen i sikte"


Not specifically about the Viggen, but about swedish air force operational doctrine and strategy during the cold war. It goes through how the AJ 37 would be used in the attack role as part of E1, etc.


The essay is in swedish, but there's a presentation in english on page 3.



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Isn't it time already for Viggen subforum :music_whistling:




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It's good that you ask that right now because I finally got done with PDF-ifying the English version of the JA 37C flight manual (the unclassified part only). It's the wrong version of the aircraft - air superiority, not the strike version we're getting - but many subsystems are similar or even identical in some cases.


You people better appreciate this one because for some dumb reason I got it into my head that previous PDF's weren't pretty enough, so I went through the entire thing and manually perspective-corrected almost every single one of the five hundred pages. :|


Seriously, it's a pain. You start with this:




It's not straight at all and I didn't hold the camera right above the paper so there's keystoning (top of the paper appears narrower than the bottom) and stuff.


So out comes the geometric distortions tool and you fit this blue rectangle to the edges of the paper (or to the text, just make sure stuff lines up straight):




You end up with this, which of course isn't entirely straight anyway but urrrgh I can't be bothered to get it pixel perfect and it's better than it was.




Now repeat this for five hundred pages and yeah, it takes a while.

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Great work mate. Really appreciate it.


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Can't give you any more rep, so you get it here:


Super job! :thumbup: :thumbup: :)

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petition to move this thread to the shiny new subforum


System specs:


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Are they not using a later version of it now though?.


Based on the RBS 15 MK II or MK III?


No the Navy moved on to MkII's but the air force to my knowledge still use those same missiles. Because of Budget cuts we haven't bought the Mk3 even though we produce it.

It will still be years before the missiles will get upgraded, it's only thanks to Thailand buying the Gripen and wanting the RBS15 on the C/D version that it can even be carried !

YAY politicians !

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