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[Official] SimShaker for Aviators

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Ladies and gentlemen,


I'm proud to reveal the secret project I was working on in the last weeks. I spent almost my entire free time and some days off work to push SimShaker to a new level. Thus, Andre and I can proudly announce SimShaker for Aviators.


Web page to download the latest version:




Latest News




The new SSA v2 version is stable and Andre was kind enough to add a link to his site: https://simshaker.com/software/general/









Version released with (experimental) ForceFeel support.



New SSA beta version released



New SSA version with separate SoundModule installation!

I released a new SSA version without the SoundModule. it requires now a separate installation. This should emphasise, that SSA, developed and maintained by me, is freeware and the SoundModule is a payware AddOn developed by Andre...


With this new version I got some bug reports that SSA does not start anymore. Here is a workaround:


There are some reports that there might be an issue with Windows forcing this behaviour...


You could try to start the application from it's install path.

It's usually something like: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\somename\somename\sims..tion_somehash use the date modified field in the explorer to find the correct entry...




The next stable release will remove the SoundModule from SSA. You have to install it separately. This step is necessary to highlight the differences between the free SSA and the payware SoundModule.



Version released: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3236391&postcount=508

Version released -> Missing X-Plane plugin fixed


Future of SimShaker for Aviators


Dear SSA users,


some years ago I bothered Andre to implement certain features into his SimShaker software. As I was very annoyed ;-), Andre and I had been talking a lot and sometime later he asked me to team up and work together on the SimShaker software. I joined and developed for free because I really can not fly without that software anymore and was to impatient to get new features/effects ;).

At the beginning we worked together. After some time, Andre started the SimShaker-Wheels project and I rewrote almost the entire code of SimShaker leading to SimShaker for Aviators supporting today DCS, X-Plane, FSX, P3D. In fact, after that point I was the only developer of SimShaker for Aviators and Andre focused on Wheels and his great E-Shop (https://andres.shop/)!


Today, people are mixing up Andre's shop, Jetseat, SimShaker for Aviators and SimShaker SoundModule. This lead to some confusions. In addition, the request to support new flight sims is increasing. Also giving free support can be very time consuming. I think some clarifications and statements about the future of this project are necessary!


As some of you know, I plan to submit my phd thesis in the next half year and who knows what life brings then. I spent to much time and energy to let SSA simply go ;). Thus, I will focus on SSA as it is today. This mean, SSA will be limited to DCS, X-Plane, FSX and P3D on a free/donation basis. As you all know, I sometimes just bought modules to add support in SSA for them and provided it free to you. Because my main motivation is having a better simulation experience for me and you.


For me it was always challenging to distinguished between the payware/money side and the 'free/donation' side. Thus, Andre and I agreed that all current and future payware extension like BMS will be transferred to SimShaker Wings, a separate application, developed/maintained by Andre. I will continue my work on SSA!


I'm sure, some parts/ideas/effects of Wings and SSA will merge or influence each other :-). We plan as well to share our existing infrastructure such as Slack, FB group, FTP/HTTP servers, Help Desk, etc.


I wish Andre good luck and hope he will have success with his projects!


Olaf (f4l0)

04/17/17 Stable release of SimShaker for Aviators!

01/29/17 Stable release of SimShaker for Aviators!

Improvements on the user interface. Some typos were fixed and disabled effects/modes will be highlighted in the GUI.


11/26/16 Stable release of SimShaker for Aviators!

Today we will release the stable version of the new SimShaker for Aviators which was now in beta for almost two months. There might/will be of course some issues here an there but we thing it's ready for a release.



If SimShaker stopped working on DCS 1.5.5 either remove the export.lua or check if the following is present:


os.setlocale("ISO-8559-1", "numeric")

Remove this line from your export.lua and you should be fine.


SSA reached beta status and is available for the testers and interested people. In particular we are also looking for FSX/P3D tester!


I'm in contact with a former jet pilot to improve the effect. I'm really looking forward to this 🙂


13. Oct 2016:

In the last couple of days I worked with a former jet pilot and now airline pilot on the AoA effects for the M2KC, L39, F5E, Su25 and Su25T. Currently we are searching for pilots how have flown the other models or similar models. Our 'test pilot' also thinks that the G-Feeling effect is a bit to much since it hides some AoA related effects. He said that real pilots can feel if AoA is 15 or not. Thus, he advises to turn of the G-Feeling.


Overall he was really impressed/happy how SimShaker works and that most of the effects feel how they should.



SimShaker for Aviators (SSA) is the successor of SimShaker for DCS and FalconBMS - a almost entire new implementation. SSA brings tactile feedback to your simulation experience. It uses data like speed, gear position, engine state and many more directly from the simulation which enables us to create very precise and distinguishable feedback. SSA supports two tactile feedback approaches, namely tactile transducer like Buttkicker (requires SimShaker Sound Module) and Gametrix JetSeat.


Currently we are in the internal testing stage but we hope to release a first preview/beta version soon.


New in SSA

SSA comes with a new user interface and internal aircraft management system. This allows you to control each effect for each aircraft separately. Generic settings can be used to configure all effects of a specific aircraft type, for example, jet or piston plane.

SSA can be used for DCS, FalconBMS and simulations using SimConnect like FSX or P3D. For DCS and FalconBMS, we create separate effects handling for almost all available models. For FSX/P3D, we currently have only a very basic support using a generic approach. This might change in the future.



Old JetSeat thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=134704


SimShaker Sound Module

Old SimShaker Sound Module thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=144060


Support the project

SimShaker for Aviators for DCS and P3D/FSX is free and usually we buy all modules/games SSA supports by our self. However we welcome any kind of support.


More information



Feature requests and bug reports



User comments

(old SimShaker version)

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New Features, Known Issues, Roadmap


Known Issues

  • DCS: No EngineRumble effect for M2KC- Could not find the proper gauge in the config files to extract to RPM or DCS does not export the values
  • P3D/FSX: Afterburner effect for FSX/P3D not working
  • P3D/FSX: There might be issues with 3rd party modules
  • P3D/FSX: We think, that there is much more effect tweaking necessary!
  • ForceFeel: Random strops or stuck effects, sudden restarts/connection losses



  • Combined arms support
  • Enhanced engine rumble effects for all piston/turbo prop planes





Changelog is included in SSA

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Q: All effects work except gun firing. Any idea?

A: Gun firing effect requires that unlimited ammo is disabled.


Q: Do I have to buy a new Sound Module license?

A: The same license for the Sound Module is valid.


Q: Which operating systems are supported?

A: Windows 7, 8, 10


Q: Which games/simulations are supported by SimShaker?

A: Currently SimShaker supports DCS, FSX, P3D amd X-Plane 11.

Q: Are there any plans to support other games/simulations?

A: Maybe CoD/IL2. This depends on availability of required interfaces to extract the necessary data.


Q: I feel no effect; I feel only a subset of effects.

A: Enable logging in the options tab and start the simulation. Check the log for warnings and errors.

If you have multiple DCS installations of the same version e.g. for testing purposes, SimShaker only detects one installation.

If you moved your DCS installation to another location like a SSD, SimShaker can not detect the new location. Here you need to modify your registry an correct the path to point to the correct installation location.

Using SSA for FSX/P3D requires an installed SimConnect.


Q: How can I help?

A: You could join the beta testing program. The author of SSA does not get any revenue from sold JetSeats or SoundModule licenses therefore you can support the project with donations.


Q: Why is model xyz not supported?

A: In most cases, I don't own the module or more unlikely are not interested in this model. Models we personally like will of course see more love during development. If you like to see support for a model we don’t own, help us to get access.


Q: I found a bug, what should I do?

A: Please report the bug to us with a very precise description. If possible add a track.


Q: I have an idea for a new effect, what should I do?

A: Please contact us with a detailed description of the new effect. If possible provide examples.


Q: An effect does not feel right for me, what can I do?

A: Please contact us and we try to find a solution.


Q: Why do I need a separate sound card to get the SoundModule working?

A: SimShaker generates specific sounds/effects sent to the bass shaker. If no separate sound card is used, this sound is then played through your speakers as well.


Q: My main board has a 5.1 surround sound card. Is this sufficient?

A: No, SimShaker's SoundModule requires a dedicated sound card or channel.


Q: Since using a separate sound card I don't get any bass shaking from normal sound. Is there a solution?

A: Yes, you can use Voicemeeter Banana Pro to mix SimShaker SoundModule sounds with normal sounds. Here (https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2469416&postcount=441) you can find a detailed description.


Q: My Rift is flickering when using SimShaker.

A: Please try another USB port. We have reports that if the Rift sensors and a SoundCard or Jetseat are connected to the same internal USB chips, you will get this flickering!


Q: SimShaker can not save settings in the user documents!

A: Please check the folder permissions and the newly added folder protection from Windows 10: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-10s-controlled-folder-access-anti-ransomware-feature-is-now-live/


Q: My ForceFeel behaves strange!

A: Please connect the seat directly to an USB2 port on your mainboard. We got some reports that USB3 or USB hubs may interfere with the seat.


Q: SSA does not update automatically!

A: I think in such a case ClickOnce part of your Windows system may be not quite sane. SimShaker will not be automatically updated.

If you rename C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0 folder to 2.0_backup for example and restart Windows it will clear so called ClickOnce cache. You will be prompted to re-download all your ClickOnce applications once more, including SimShaker, once you double click the shortcut and it will probably will work in the normal fashion.

You can remove 2.0_backup folder afterwards.


Some more details you can find here https://www.kb.blackbaud.com/articles/Article/50811

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Is this a new purchase for current users or just an upgrade?


Whatever it does sound great, loving having my simseat work for more and more sims. :)







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Yes! I too would like to get in on the beta, just picked up sim shaker about a week ago, so happy to see these features coming! Thanks for pushing this further.

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How do I join the beta? Do I have to donate, or is that phrasing coincidental? Thanks for your work!

It's a facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1750405591911776/

Donation is not a must but helps a lot I guess ;)

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As a current customer I am excited by this news and would like to say congratulations and wish you good luck. I very much hope to be using your improved systems soon. To be able to use my jetseat and simshaker with DCS and CloD as well would be brilliant :thumbup:

I think you are likely to attract many new customers with this project and offer a great opportunity for improved flight simulation immersion for flight sim enthusiasts across the board :)

I wholeheartedly recommend the jetseat and simshaker to anyone who has not yet taken advantage of this great product. Moreover, the after sales service is excellent!


Happy landings,



Bell_UH-1 side.png

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I agree, keep up the good work. I bought it and the jetseat early on and it's a great immersion to have it. I can't wait till I have the Oculus as well :D


_____________Semper paratus, In hoc signo vinces________________


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Thanks for the kind words.


It's a facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1750405591911776/

Donation is not a must but helps a lot I guess ;)


Join the group and you will get latest news and beta versions...


I will fly/train with my squadron today and if everything works well Andre and I will prepare a beta release.

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I guess it will cost nothing :pilotfly:


Really :O


Wow that's fantastic news. Thank you guys, you really are changing the way we experience home simming. :)







Fighter pilots make movies, Attack pilots make history, Helicopter pilots make heros.


:pilotfly: Corsair 570x Crystal Case, Intel 8700K O/clocked to 4.8ghz, 32GB Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4 3200 MHZ Ram, 2 x 1TB M2 drives, 2 x 4TB Hard Drives, Nvidia EVGA GTX 1080ti FTW, Maximus x Hero MB, H150i Cooler, 6 x Corsair LL120 RGB Fans And a bloody awful Pilot :doh:

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I found a few show stopping bugs in combination of SimShaker and DCS and the new user interface. I think they can be solved easily but before the weekend, my free time is very limited.


Edit: Bugs are fixed but I still need some time for testing... I'll post a screenshot of the new user interface tonight.

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Used it for several hours today, works great!

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I am the very happy owner of the "GAMETRIX KW-908 JETSEAT" I just received it few days ago.

It was installed and working correctly until I install the beta version of "SimShaker for Aviators ".

Since then, I cannot use it and the following message is displayed each time I try to use it : see the joined image captures.

I tried to uninstall all what concern Jetseat device and softwares, rebooted many times, removed simshaker for DCS/Falcon, installed only Simshaker for aviators, nothing can do !

The only thing that is still working is "JetSeat Control Panel" and "JetSeat Massage" applications.

Could you please help ! :thumbup:




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Hey Dora,


this error occurs if multiple instances of SimShaker are launched at the same time , or in very rare cases, another application occupies the UDP port SimShaker uses to talk to DCS.


Please check that no other previous SimShaker installation is running. This can be done with the Windows TaskManager.




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Thanks for your answer. I knew already that but there is noting in windows Taskmanager concerning simshaker. If that was the case, it shouldn't happen

the first time I launch it after a reboot since I didn't activate the "start with windows" option. There is something else I cannot explain surely. I have no other application that I know of to occupies the UDP port Simshaker uses. How can I be sure and detect which application can do that ?

best regards

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