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Release for beta access ?


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Der FeuerSpucker Kommt!

My gaming system is pure DCS. Nothing but DCS, every bit of software that does not belong there is not there.... I hope!

HP G2 Reverb, Windows VR setting: IPD is 64.5mm, High image quality, 90Hz refresh rate. Steam: VR SS set to 100%, motionReprojectionMode set to "motionreproduction" and Locked in at 45 Hz display,

DCS: Pixel Density 1.0, Forced IPD at 55 (perceived world size), 0 X MSAA, 0 X SSAA. My real IPD is 64.5mm. Prescription VROptition lenses installed. VR Driver system: I9-9900KS 5Ghz CPU. XI Hero motherboard and RTX 3090 graphics card, 64 gigs Ram, No OC at the mo.

Vaicom user. Thrustmeter warthog user. MFG pedals with damper upgrade.... and what an upgrade!

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  • ED Team
I think I had the Spit in kickstart, forgot about that, until this jogged my memory, and have paid for pre-release too. Oops


Login to your backer page you may be able to choose a different aircraft




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Windows 11, NVIDIA MSI RTX 3090, Intel® i9-10900K 3.70GHz, 5.30GHz Turbo, Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro, 64GB DDR @3200, ASUS ROG Strix Z490-F Gaming, HP Reverb G2

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I also had the Spit in kickstart, forgot about that,and have paid for pre-release too. I already have the other aircraft. How can I get a credit or my money back.


Use support form (email) from main DCS website?

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Win 10 64, i9 9900k, RTX  3090 24Gb OC, RAM 32Gb Corsair Vengeance LED OC@3200MHz,, 3xSSD+2xSSD M.2 NVMe, Predator XB271HU res.2560x1440 27'' G-sync, Sound Blaster Z + 5.1, TiR5, [MSFS, P3Dv5, DCS, RoF, Condor2, IL-2 CoD/BoX] VR fly only: HP Reverb G2

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