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2.1 Dead in the water


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Is Nevada correctly installed? I see a lot of errors about failed to load/missing files.


Try to do a repair with commandline or use Skatezilla Utility



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Your log files are similar to mine, with similar clipmap loading errors. Cleaning up and repairing multiple times didn't help, will experiment more tomorrow.

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So I've been dealing with this all day...starting around noon today. So first time it said it did the update and when I ran it, it opened up 1.5.6 screen. Figured since I hadn't flown in a long time because of my foot, I'd do a fresh install.


So wiped DSC 2.0 and saved file for it. Downloaded installer from website...ran it again. About 2 hours later it was finally ready. Opened it up, it was correct version ( according to log). Said I needed to install terrain, figured Normady would be in there since I pre-ordered it. Only Nevada was available....so downloaded it. After installing it I went to modules and didn't see Normandy. So went to forums.


I Found a way to download it using the "dsc_updater install" command. Got Normandy and the asset pack. Fired it up, put in the serial numbers. Got to main screen fine. Went to go into mission editor - it hung (I waited 10 minutes before killing it).


Ran repair...found nothing wrong. Started again, got to main screen. Did instant mission for A-10C, it starts up but hangs. Looking at log file it hangs after his line:

Recompilation process will take some time, please wait
(this situation should not occur on end user PC, if there is no manual shader editing)


So figured it was a graphics issue. Ended task, repaired, started her up again. This time I set all graphics to low. Tried it again - got the same error.


Attaching my log file. Hopefully someone can figure it out.


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Yep I did a fresh install and got missing MSVCP140.dll and VCRuntime140.dll error codes. :(

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I dont know if it helps but I had similar problem, instant action would just crash my game. Then I installed the assets pack and it worked...But every time I use "create mission" it just kicks me back to the main screen, no loading or anything. the only way I could get in was to load up the ME then "created new mission" select "Normandy" hand placed the unit I wanted to fly and launched it and it worked. Im not sure But I think the instant action missions have asset pack units in them, so if they are not installed it causes a problem.

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