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[FIXED] What is going on at Kobuleti?


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I am brand new to DCS and have maybe 5 hours total in the F/A-18. I have been flying the "Straight In" landing training module which puts you down in Kobuleti. As I've gotten better at landing, I've found that I can do a touch-n-go and squeeze in another landing before getting the low fuel warning. I had done that scenario last night but decided, for the first time, to park on the ramp and shut down.


I wanted to get out of the airplane so I ejected (is that really the only way to get out?) and started walking around a bit. I wandered down the flight line and came upon the situation you see in the attached screenshot. I went back tonight and saw the same thing. I didn't see any other posts about tanker trucks being jammed into C-130 stabilizers, but it's not an easy thing to search for. What causes that?


I can't tell you how much fun I'm having with this simulator and finding things like this make it even more fun. There is also a crew sitting in the C-130 and two people in the tanker truck. There are no other crewed aircraft or other people around.


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