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Static objects linked to ship get duplicated onto map


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In the ME place any ship (only tested with blue).

Place static object on ship and link to ship.

Load mission and the static unit will show up on the map, one on the ship and the duplicate at another location (On Persian Gulf for example the unit will show at Khasab right next to the runway).



It would not be that big of a deal since the actual unit cannot be seen, just shows on the map, BUT enemy units will try to engage them. It happens on Caucus map as well (unit shows on the big empty island), have not tested Normandy. Seems only static "linked" units do this.



Edit: Just tested the 'Instant Action' F/A-18 Carrier Cold and Dark, same issue. Maybe this should be under 'General'

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I'm curious how does one add static planes to ship in ME, without having to touch the .Lau file....I can't seem to see them in mission. I see them on the boat but no joy in mission ... it would be nice to have a small tutorial on this

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Sorry for the late response. Been out of town for work.




Here are some screenshots of the issue;


The plane is static and linked to the unit.




Launch the mission and the plane is still on the ship but, it adds another icon of it to the map. Not that big of a deal but enemy AI still engage it like its there.

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I have it to but I have mods

in the ME


in game map


in game 3d



Same thing with out mods

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