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Coming from Il2, DCS VR is... horrible? (not performance)


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Been playing a lot of Il2 and I love it in VR. Only thing is, that I am more into the realism of DCS.

After hardware update and some software tweaking I managed to get decent fps now and everything is great but... (speaking mainly about Normandy):


1. Even though I like DCS on monitor way more than IL2, especially because of the better textures and more details. But the lighting seems very off to me. Either it is too bright or it is too dark. And/or it feels too saturated.


2. The sun shines through the front of the cockpit and lights the gauges on their upper rims, and, in the FW190s and Bf109 even behind the front panel (where you can see between the cockpit frame and the actual panel). It looks quite weird and is clearly not intentional.

In Il2 I have a pretty sharp and overall clear and lit image, I can read most of the labels etc.

In DCS, there is a blurryness and flickering of edges that makes my eyes get tired after a while... Even with the same pixel density and sharpening and what not – the DCS image always seems kind of "unsteady" because of the lighting and the flickering and jagged edges.


Is this just me and my rig or do you guys have a similar experience coming from Il2 into DCS?


Are there any known fixes for nr. 1? I read that they are working on the world lighting, so maybe it is a known issue? Or is this something completely different?


Have you guys some tips that I could try to make the sim look more calm and clear overall?


Thanks for sharing your opinions,



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I also fly VR in both IL2 and DCS. I wouldn’t say one of the two has a clearly better VR implementation.

The Normandy map is problematic for me because of the bad performance and weird lighting / texture colours. I wouldn’t compare using that map, use Caucasus instead.

What do you mean with blurriness? Inside the cockpit or outside? Out if the box, IL2 is more blurry to me and so I use a sharpening filter. The DCS cockpits look very good for me in DCS. I do have more flickering of distant buildings in DCS because of the lower resolution.

Rift-S with 1.2 pd and 2x anti aliasing.

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Yeah I noticed that Caucasus and Nevada looks better than Normandy. However, since I almost only fly ww2 I have to compare that map with Il2.

Has this map its own lighting engine or what...?


With bluriness I mean that the label texts are way more blurry than in Il2. Also the cockpits of say the Spit looks more "washed" than in Il2. Due to the jagged edges but also in general.

Il2 looks made of "one piece" and DCS looks like "stitched together" kinda where you see the seams better.


For fps, a new GPU and this video helped me, maybe it helps you too:




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IL2 def looks much better in VR compared to DCS. I mean, it IS a newer engine after all.


However, please do NOT talk about IL2's sun. I HATE that thing. Its so bright and always in your face. I actually tried wearing sun-glasses under my headset once. :matrix:

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IL2 def looks much better in VR compared to DCS. I mean, it IS a newer engine after all.


However, please do NOT talk about IL2's sun. I HATE that thing. Its so bright and always in your face. I actually tried wearing sun-glasses under my headset once. :matrix:


exactly, newer engine and different engine, it's not apples to apples here so... ?


Plus IL2 is garbage compared to DCS :)

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I don't think this thread will live on for long (forum rules) :music_whistling:



But to add my $0.02


I play Il-2 every so now and then, and although indeed it runs more smooth overall than DCS, I think its scenery is worse than what we have in DCS. Can't really put my finger on it, but it just feels more empty than DCS imho.


That said, I must say I can only hope that in DCS we'll, at some point, see something close to the fabulous "flying though clouds" rain/water effect that Il-2 has. Can't get enough of that stuff! It looks stunning in VR.

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Hi all reference our forum rule here I have closed this thread.


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Please feel free to make a new thread without the IL2 comparison, maybe we can help you with your issues, it maybe or setting tweak, but it could also be your own personal preference.




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