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Missing elevation data for Syria map


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On 3/12/2022 at 6:17 PM, gachatar said:

I'm thinking of buying this, does it have basic functionality on Syria? ... can it navigate to a given coordinate?

Short answer is yes.

• It takes it's data from the mission file - so imports the mission flight plan (if there is one).
• It takes the airport and Nav data from the Syria map - so the "nearest airport/direct to" list works
• You can create user waypoints by slewing the map cursor or entering DDM co-ordinates

• The main thing missing graphicly in Syria is any indication of the coast line.


• I'm not sure how well the NS430's MagVar is working in Syria but it seems good enough to get you close to your desired bearing/course

NS430, Syria Test, Screen_220313_154851.jpg

• As the NS430 doesn't load/use Syria's terrain height map, it doesn't seem to suffer from the Persian Gulf's stutters and slow downs.

This Grim Reapers video covers most of the DCS NS430's options

Tested DCS

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