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34 vs 18 PVP Event


Sunday April 16th, 1900z

Persian Gulf 1992-6 is a 34 vs 18 PVP event. The event takes inspiration from first day of Desert Storm conflict in the early 90's, where Iraqi MiGs faced an overwhelming force of a coalition led by the US. The objective for each side is very different; Iran will try to defend its home land from the invaders while the American forces goes after vital targets in Iran. The mission is set up to be asymmetrical to simulate the non-balanced nature of a real conflict. To balance the odds, Iran fields an impressive integrated air defense in addition to the low tech fighters of the early 90's. 

The event follows the previous PG 1992 and will be largely the same, but with some changes to the balance, to even the odds compared to the last ones.

The coalitions will be

BLUE: 6 x F-15C, 12 x F-16C, 2 x F-14B, 12 x F/A-18C, 2 x M2K

RED: 4 x MiG-29A, 4 x F-14A, 4 x MiG-21bis, 4 x Mirage F1, 2 x F-5E

The aircraft composition isn't 100% true to RL inventories in 1992, but is good enough.

Red's task is to defend the Bandar region using its IADS and fighter-interceptors. Blue is to strike both strategic and tactical targets to make way for further operations in the war. Can the superior US fighters overcome the defenses at Bandar to claim victory??



The event will be flown on Sunday April 16th at 1900z






The event is open for everyone. Sign up for yourself or for your squadron, either way works. You must include the names of the pilots (and RIOs) and of what type of aircraft to fly*. Slots will be assigned on a first-come first-server basis. 

*Hornet pilots, please specify if you can fly from the Super Carrier or not.
**GCI participants, please specify if you want to use LotATC or DCS (Combined Arms)


EDITS to the signup post will not guarantee the additional slots. Always make a NEW post with additional members.




- The event will run for 2 ½ hours.

- Unlimited lives

- Available aircraft: F-14A, F-5, MiG-29A, MiG-21bis, Mirage F1EE, F-15C, F-16C, F/A-18C, F-14B, M2K

- EWR/AWACS will be available for both sides. (AWACS won't feed L16)

- Human GCI (CA and LotATC) will be available for both sides. The teams can have three GCIs each.

- Ping limit 300 ms


Airbases of operation

F-14A: Spawn at Jiroft. Only rearm/refuel at Jiroft.

F-5: Spawn at Jiroft. Refuel/rearm at Jiroft OR Bandar Abbas/Havadarya.

Mirage F1EE: Spawn at Lar. Refuel/rearm at Lar OR Bandar Abbas/Havadarya.

MiG-29A: Spawn at Lar. ONLY rearm/refuel at Lar.

MiG-21bis: Spawn at Lar. Refuel/rearm at Lar OR Bandar Abbas/Havadarya.

F-15C: Spawn at Al Minhad. Refuel/rearm at Al Minhad OR Ras Al Khaimah.

F-16C: Spawn at Al Minhad. Refuel/rearm at Al Minhad OR Ras Al Khaimah.

M2K: Spawn at Al Minhad. Refuel/rearm at Al Minhad OR Ras Al Khaimah.

F-14B: Spawwn at CV. Only rearm/refuel at CVN/CV.

F/A-18C: Spawwn at CVN/CV. Only rearm/refuel at CVN/CV.


The following load out restrictions will be in effect:

No Aim-120B, Aim-120C, Aim-9X, Aim-54 mk60, Aim-54C*, R-73 or R-27ER/ET

*only applies to red side. 

No standoff, GPS or SFW weapons: JDAM, JSOW, SLAM, SLAM-ER, CBU-97

Fixed load outs for certain air frames:

F-14A (Red): 4 x Aim-54A mk47, 2 x Aim-7 (any version), 2 x Aim-9L, NO TANKS
MiG-29A: 2 x R-27R, 4 x R-60M, 1 x Centerline tank

F-15C: 4 x Aim-7 (any version), 4 x Aim-9M, Tanks at pilot discretion 
F-14B (Blue): 4 x Aim-54C, 2 x Aim-7 (any version), 2 x Aim-9M, 2 x Tanks
Mirage 2000: 2 x Super 530D, 2 x Magic II, 1 x Tank

The MiG-21, Mirage F1EE and F-5 will be unrestricted (except for nukes)

F-16 slot will be split into three categories: TGP, SEAD and Standard.
- TGP: Litening Pod available. GBU-10 -12 -24 allowed (4x slots)
- SEAD: HTS pod available. (4x slots)
- Standard: No pods available (4x slots)
Scoring points:

+10 pts for destroyed objective 1-3
+15 pts for destroyed objective 4-5
+1 pts per red loss (Kill,Crash,SAM)
+2 pts additional if the loss is a TK

+10 pts for survived objective 1-3
+15 pts for survived objective 4-5
+10 pts per collateral damage by Blue
+1 pts per blue loss (Kill,Crash,SAM)
+2 pts additional if the loss is a TK





Edited by X-man



64th Aggressor Squadron
Discord: 64th Aggressor Squadron
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Teams and briefing:

I'm providing a discord server for teams to plan: https://discord.gg/XdaPsUJ

Once on there, request a side and I'll add you to the corresponding team.



F-15C (6/6)
[Alamo] dundun92

[Alamo] Sizzle - F-15C

[Alamo] PatatOorlog (R)



Callsign E-TF[101] Breeze


F-16C (12/12)
<64>Comie (Standard) 
<64>Gambler (Standard) 

Skywalker22 (TGP) 

CTFRaven (Standard) 



< 404 > ALPHA-WHISKEY : F-16C

< 404 > Hawk.7 : F-16C

< 404 > Falcon : F-16C

< 404 > Leon : F-16C

< 404 > Fanboy : F-16C


F-14B (2/2)

ETF Riker / Patrix
ETF Doormouse / WhiteRabbit


F/A-18C (10/12)





< 404 > D1CE : F/A-18C

< 404 > Honeybadger : F/A-18C

< 404 > Fooji : F/A-18C

[E-TF 103] n8d0g 


M2K (2/2)

Whimsey 1-2 | Scrat 


GCI (1/3)


MiG-21bis (4/4)
REAPER 53 | Yink



[51☭] Teknetinium

MiG-29A (4/4)


[51☭] Yambo

[100☭] BlackPixxel


F-14A (4/4)
SPQR | Wolfdog


[51☭] Frostie/ [51☭] Rich

81 | Banana


Mirage F1EE (4/4)

vertex 1-1 | default

SPQR | TheGopnikTsar

SPQR | DSplayer 



F-5E (1/2)
RS|Plazma1945 (stream) 



GCI (1/3)





Weather PG:

DCS clouds: "Broken 6"

METAR: BKN/OVC LYR 13/15 25/29 38/41

Ground: 4 kts @ 147 deg
1600 ft: 8 kts @ 147 deg
6600 ft: 12 kts @ 138 deg
26k ft: 20 kts @ 140 deg

QNH: 29.92, Temp: 29C

Starting time: 05:30 Local time

August 1992. The United States are preparing to attack Iran. The assault is already late by 8 hours, but the leadership insist that the attack must go ahead. USAF have set up operations on air bases in the entire gulf region and the massive first strike is primarily focused on Teheran. Several carriers have also been dispatched to the Red sea and Indian ocean, but USN not yet entered the Persian gulf. A smaller strike force has been assigned targets around Bandar Abbas in the Straight of Hormuz. The strike will be launched from the forward air base of Al Minhad, south of Dubai, and the Carrier Battle Group that just arrived to Gulf of Oman. Weakening Irans capabilities in the Bandar region will allow the US Navy to enter the Persian Gulf and conduct operations deeper into Iran.

Iran has a significant IADS network in the area as well as plenty of early warning installations.




Defend Bandar Abbas at all cost. Don't let the US forces destroy their primary objectives.


There are 5 targets for the first strike. All are equally important. 

1) Bandar Abbas Intl - Destroy the runways with at least three craters, on each. 

2) Havadarya - Destroy the runway with at least three craters.

3) Bandar Abbas Intl - Destroy the air base command building.

4) Bandar Abbas, City* - Destroy the small building, believed to be the entrance to a command and control bunker.

5) Bandar Abbas, City* - Destroy the communication node in the city. A significant amount of military communications in the region are  routed via the comms node.

* The two objectives (4-5) are located in close proximity to civilians. Make sure to not harm the innocent, as it will affect the scoring.

Each team will receive a reduced version of the mission file to check assets and targets. The full mission will only be available on the event.








Skin suggestions 🙂

Most airframes have appropriate default skins for the battle, but I highly recommend these tomcat skins for IRIAF (make sure to add them to F-14A)

F-14A: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3304408/
F-14A: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3304485/


Edited by X-man



64th Aggressor Squadron
Discord: 64th Aggressor Squadron
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[Alamo] dundun92 - F-15C

Eagle Enthusiast, Fresco Fan. Patiently waiting for the F-15E. Clicky F-15C when?

HP Z400 Workstation

Intel Xeon W3680 (i7-980X) OC'd to 4.0 GHz, EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SSC Gaming, 24 GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB Crucial MX500 SSD. Thrustmaster T16000M FCS HOTAS, DIY opentrack head-tracking. I upload DCS videos here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0-7L3Z5nJ-QUX5M7Dh1pGg


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SPQR | DSplayer

Red Mirage F1EE

-Tinkerer, Certified F-14 and AIM-54 Nut | Discord: @dsplayer

Setup: i7-8700k, GTX 1080 Ti, 32GB 3066Mhz, Lots of Storage, Saitek/Logitech X56 HOTAS, TrackIR + TrackClipPro
Modules: F-14, F/A-18, JF-17, F-16C, Mirage 2000C, FC3, F-5E, Mi-24P, AJS-37, AV-8B, A-10C II, AH-64D, MiG-21bis, F-86F, MiG-19P, P-51D, Mirage F1, L-39, C-101, SA342M, Ka-50 III, Supercarrier, F-15E
Maps: Caucasus, Marianas, South Atlantic, Persian Gulf, Syria, Nevada

Mods I've Made: F-14 Factory Clean Cockpit Mod | Modern F-14 Weapons Mod | Iranian F-14 Weapons Pack | F-14B Nozzle Percentage Mod + Label Fix | AIM-23 Hawk Mod for F-14 

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