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The T-50 (PAK-FA) Thread


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Flounder! :D


My PC specs below:

Case: Corsair 400C

PSU: SEASONIC SS-760XP2 760W Platinum

CPU: AMD RYZEN 3900X (12C/24T)

RAM: 32 GB 4266Mhz (two 2x8 kits) of trident Z RGB @3600Mhz CL 14 CR=1T


GFX: GTX 1080Ti MSI Gaming X

Cooler: NXZT Kraken X62 280mm AIO

Storage: Samsung 960 EVO 1TB M.2+6GB WD 6Gb red

HOTAS: Thrustmaster Warthog + CH pro pedals

Monitor: Gigabyte AORUS AD27QD Freesync HDR400 1440P


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Vesti claims the Su-57 can perform a "midair corkscrew flat spin" ... apparently not a one where you lose control but I'm not sure if it's special or not, I've seen Grim Reapers do it with F-14, but it's said to allow it to change direction instantly, giving it an advantage, I guess I need to look more into flatspin stuff to understand this one properly.



Modules: A-10C I/II, F/A-18C, Mig-21Bis, M-2000C, AJS-37, Spitfire LF Mk. IX, P-47, FC3, SC, CA, WW2AP, CE2. Terrains: NTTR, Normandy, Persian Gulf, Syria


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That is not a flat spin that maneuver it is instead a departure that results in a sycamore seed yaw rotation. A flat spin is different in that it is uncontrollable throughout the rotation and is tighter than a sycamore seed yaw rotation. The sycamore seed is easier to recover than a flat spin. SU57, PAK FA and SU35S are awesome aircraft.:thumbup:



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