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Black Shark for £10.95.


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yea... $15 for it! Great deal.

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Now includes remote server administration tools for kicking, banning, loading missions, etc.

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It is indeed a real bargain. I am finally getting it now.


DAMN!! It always keeps saying "server error" when I try checking out through paypal. Nevermind..I just bought it through my CC. Next up, FC2 ...perhaps next month. :p

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purchasing thru d2d,

does this create any problems with getting more activations when the time comes?

I bought it too and I can tell you...


The search function is your friend. I searched "activations" and voila. Please use it next time as this forum gets so many threads now that BS is released. ;)


Quoted from EvilBivol-1

"Say you are on activation 1 (original activation). You deactivate. You upgrade/re-install OS. You activate #1 again. You can do this up to 10 times. You should only need to use activation #2 if you performed the upgrade without having deactivated #1 prior. In that case, you will be using up a second activation. In effect, the tree activations allow you to install Black Shark on three different computers. Those three computers can then keep their activations by using deactivations whenever they are upgraded."


Note, however, that the above quote is in reference to the Russian release, which included 3 activations and 10 de-activations. The English release currently on sale includes 8 activations and 10 de-activations.


The biggest myth is that activations limit your installs. This is not the case. There is no limitation on installs to the same machine. You will be asked for an activation if StarForce detects hardware/OS parameters have changed. Even then, if you had de-activated the product prior to the upgrade, you will not lose an activation, but merely re-activate your previous activation.

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