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Units on Map kill my FPS??


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I haven't started DCS (A-10) for maybe one or two patches and now got back as I purchased UH-1.


On an empty map (no units) I get between 25-30fps even in dense environments (e.g. cities, airports, ...).


Now when I have a couple of units, such as at the end of UH-1 first campaign mission or in the UH-1 weapons training my fps drop to 5-10fps. If I look away from the units the fps jumps back to 25-30fps.


Any idea what I could tweak??


My system:

2,30 gigahertz AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core, 4 GB RAM

ATI Radeon HD 6850 1 GB DDR RAM


My settings:

Textures: Medium

Scenes: Medium

Civ Traffic: Off

Water: Low

Visib Range: High

Heat Blur: Off

Shadows: Low

Resolution: 1920x1200

Aspect Ratio: 16:10

Monitors: 1 Screen

Res. of Cockpit: 512

MSAA: 2x

HDR: Off

Clutter/Bushes: 0m

Tree Visibility: 2223

Preload Radius: 80876

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Dropping the visibility range will net you a few more frames but yes, your cpu does seem rather slow for DCS (and it makes no difference that it's quad core I'm afraid).

Windows 10 Home, Intel Core i7-9700K @ 4.6GHz, Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming (8GB VRAM) on 34" LG curved monitor @ 3440x1440, 32GB RAM, TrackIR 3 (with Vector Expansion), Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, Saitek Combat Pedals, Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs.

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The AMD CPU is part of the problem and needs replacement. Go Haswell, Intel® Core i7-4770K Processor ;)


AMD isnt the problem.. (edit: i misread that as an ForgetAMD Go Intel statement, completely forgot his original specs.. )


However... In Light of his current specs.


A First Generation Phenom X4 at 2.30 Ghz is incredibly weak for a DCS Engine that has everything but sound crammed into one thread.


On that note.

Drop Scenes to Low, and try turning MSAA off.

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Windows 10 Pro, Ryzen 2700X @ 4.6Ghz, 32GB DDR4-3200 GSkill,

X470 Taichi Ultimate, R7970 Lightning @ 1.2 / 6 GHz Memory

3x ASUS VS248HP + Oculus HMD, Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS + MFDs

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I played around with the settings in the UH-1 weapons training mission. None of them delivered a performance gain.


I understand that my CPU seems to be a bottleneck (noticed that in A-10 context earlier).


However, I don't get the CPU issue in this particular case. Looking at units is a performance drop. Looking away from units doubles the FPS.


I also noticed that when 1 unit is in view FPS is ok - if there are multiple in view FPS drops more than half.


That must have something to do with rendering objects which in turn should be done over the graphics card and not the CPU!?!?

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follow this guide and it will help you identify your bottlenecks... http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=107551


if you have any questions lemme know.

my gut feeling is based on your specs that your cpu and vram may be the limiting factors here. i have a 6970 and with 1920x1840 i burn up most(all) of my 2GB vram

if you dont have enough Vram your system will have to transfer stuff from system ram to the video card more often which can affect performance,

EDIT: I just noticed that you only have 4GB of system ram as well...on my system i use about 3.8-6GB of commit for the sim...so you should also check if you are swapping and how badly.

i use radeon pro to check out my GPU Vram values while flying


EDIT: another great tool is process explorer from sysinternals...it will show everything including GPU metrics

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