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DCS World TARGET profile for TM Cougar and Warthog + MFDs

Home Fries

DCS World TARGET profile for TM Cougar and Warthog + MFDs  

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  1. 1. DCS World TARGET profile for TM Cougar and Warthog + MFDs

    • Keep DH/DT with Hdg Hold and BA/RA with Alt Hold (keep apples with apples)
    • Map BA/RA with Hdg Hold and DH/DTwith Alt Hold (like actual panel switches)

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UPDATE: Version 2.72 is available. The new installer now points to the new webhost.

Special thanks go out to the Virtual Armed Forces for hosting CTS on their website.  Hosting by the VAF is a significant improvement in uninterrupted service and consistency.  Please check out the Virtual Armed Forces for an outstanding PvE multiplayer experience!  You can also check out the VAF in the Air Combat Sim podcast #42.

If you don't wish to do a fresh install, you can replace the top line of your CTS\DB\version.txt with the following entry:


You may also download the new installer, or simply download and replace the updated version.txt below (note, this does not work for the CTS Legacy version; you'll need the installer for that).


Special thanks to Tercio Sampaio for developing the GUI.

If you wish to donate for this program, please send any donations to Fisher House, a charity that supports wounded veterans and their families. Exception: if you want me to program for a module or hardware I don't have, please PM me and we can discuss it.


DCS World TARGET Script for Thrustmaster Cougar or Warthog and MFDs is now available. Download it from:

This file is an installer which will install and launch the updater, which will then download the latest version of the script. You can also periodically run the updater to keep your script up to date.


This script for the HOTAS Cougar/Warthog and Cougar MFDs includes dedicated profiles for the following aircraft:

  • A-10C Warthog
  • AV-8B N/A Harrier II
  • AH-64D Apache
  • Ka-50 Black Shark
  • P-47D Thunderbolt
  • P-51D Mustang
  • UH-1H Huey
  • Mi-8 Hip
  • Mi-24P Hind
  • F-86 Sabre
  • Fw-190A8/D9
  • Bf-109K-4 Kurfürst
  • MiG-21bis Fishbed
  • MiG-15bis
  • M-2000C
  • SA-342 Gazelle
  • L-39 Albatross
  • F-5E Tiger II
  • Spitfire LF Mk. IX
  • Mosquito FB Mk. VI
  • AJS-37 Viggen
  • C-101
  • F-14 Tomcat
  • F-15E Strike Eagle
  • F-16C Viper
  • JF-17 Thunder
  • F/A-18C Hornet
  • MiG-19 Farmer
  • I-16 Ishak
  • A-4E Skyhawk
  • T-45 Goshawk
  • Combined Arms
  • Flaming Cliffs 3

The script is fully implemented with both code and custom keyboard and joystick LUA files. The included "Standard DirectX" profile can me used to create a versatile profile for anything else.


This script uses TARGET, so you need to install it (though Cougar users can leave Foxy where it is). I also recommend the latest MFD Drivers, as I have found fewer profile crashes with these enabled.


The script offers the following features:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) to save your settings and auto-generate script files.
  • Both HOTAS Cougar and Warthog Compatibility with F/A-18 Grip Support for selected modules.
  • All documentation (except for the Setup Guide) is in HTML with context-sensitive help in the GUI.
  • CommState routine allows for the selection of F1 through F12 keys with Hats 2-4 while the MIC switch is pressed
  • Hot-selectable “TriggerZoom” allows you to zoom into your target or HUD when depressing the first trigger stage
  • LED indications for airbrake, landing gear, TriggerZoom, CommState, and Teamspeak3 PTT
  • Compatible with TouchControl (formerly TouchIR), VAICOM Pro, DCS Simpleradio Standalone, and all major VoIP solutions
  • Optimized for TrackIR, but compatible VR or with Hat1 as POV
  • Individual HOTAS profiles are mapped as closely to their real world counterparts as practical
  • Flaming Cliffs 3 (FC3) HOTAS mappings correlate to the A-10C (attack aircraft) or F-16C (fighters) as closely as practical
  • FC3 Context Sensitive Autopilot routine that reverts to last used mode on toggle
  • A-10C Profile includes direct entry for CDU, CMSP, and UFC
  • Ka-50 Profile allows direct entry for ABRIS (RMFD) and Rubicon Datapad
  • Ability to automatically pause TrackIR while at the Door Gunner Station (UH-1)
  • Context sensitive communications menus based on crew station (framework in place for DCS implementation)
  • TARGET based Central Position Trimmer Mode that greatly improves upon the default trimmers when not using force feedback.
  • Analog and digital differential braking routines, including paddle braking and nosewheel steering.
  • Kneeboard mapping for all aircraft.
  • NVGs for all capable aircraft, including "bonus" mapping for the A-10A, Su-25, Su-25T, and F-86 (H/T Zaelu).
  • AWACS Mode for LotATC and SRS users.
  • Simplified hot-selection of aircraft allows for potentially thousands of aircraft and variants in this script, along with audible feedback of aircraft selected.


Screenshots are in the following post.


I look forward to your feedback; any information that will help me improve this profile is greatly appreciated. To this end, there is now a public bugtracker for CTS. See the HTML documentation for instructions on how to submit a bug report or feature request.



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2.72 Released with new installer and version.txt
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Here are some screenshots of the GUI:


Select the modules you have installed. This will help filter the values you see and possibly de-clutter the interface.



Next, you can modify your settings as you see fit. Values are arranged by module and can be filtered by category. Each entry has a help summary at the bottom of the screen, along with a button that will take you to the right place in the HTML references.



Then before you build the script you can assign module presets to each button on your MFDs. Just like having a radio with 40 presets, though you can still cycle through profiles manually via the rocker switches.



Here are some example Warthog and MFD mappings. Now that everything is easily accessible via HTML, I will reduce the amount of images posted to a few examples:

Note: the HOTAS Warthog images here are of comparatively low quality compared to the images in the download.


A-10C Warthog:



Note: the following functionality is in addition to the standard MFD functionality.



Direct Entry mode for the CDU:



AV-8B Harrier II:



Direct Entry mode for the UFC:



UH-1H Huey:





Bf-109K-4 Kurfürst:









M-2000C INS Direct Entry




SA-342 Gazelle





SA342 NADIR Mappings:


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moved screenshots here
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Version 0.36 has been uploaded. Version 0.36 fixes a bug that prevents you from hot-swapping aircraft profiles after using the SnapView function, and also allows the Cougar MFD backlighting to match your MFD settings in-game (A-10C).


Hello Home Fries,

I am working on a Warthog+Cougar+MFDs + Rudder profile for P-51 atm and I would like to take a closer look to your work but I can 't find d/l link!

Thank you!


I've made the link more obvious (I originally had multiple mirrors, but with this mirror I don't need to update the link every time I update). If you have trouble downloading from box.com, please let me know and I'll reinstate the mirrors.


I would be very interested in porting this profile to the Warthog+MFDs, though if you follow through with the port, be sure not to use DX29-DX32. DX30-DX32 are modifiers, and DX29 is not physically assigned to the Cougar or the MFDs, so it makes a great virtual button for the wheel brake routine.

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0.37 is uploaded. Fixes a bug with the MFCD power buttons assigned to the SYM rocker switches on both Cougar MFDs.


If you already have 0.36 and you have tweaked DCS World.tmc to your own ends, then you don't need to replace DCS World.tmc with the one in 0.37. Just update the following line:

int MinorVersion=37;

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Man...I wish you had the Warthog setup so I could use it! :) I guess I could build off of your throttle setup. That would be a good start.




HW Spec in Spoiler



i7-10700K Direct-To-Die/OC'ed to 5.1GHz, MSI Z490 MB, 32GB DDR4 3200MHz, EVGA 2080 Ti FTW3, NVMe+SSD, Win 10 x64 Pro, MFG, Warthog, TM MFDs, Komodo Huey set, Rverbe G1


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Thanks for continuing to work on this, Home Fries.:-)

You're welcome, Ssnake. If you have any suggestions for future implementation please let me know.


Man...I wish you had the Warthog setup so I could use it! :) I guess I could build off of your throttle setup. That would be a good start.

I would like to make a Warthog compatible profile, and now that I have a friend with a Hog who is actually within driving distance, this may become a reality in the future. That said, please provide me with anything you convert to at least give me a heads-up on what kinds of things I'll need to do (I'll credit you in the manual).


EDIT: One last thing: if you do tweak the profile for the Warthog, be sure not to use DX29-DX32 for the button assignments. DX29 is reserved for my differential braking routine, and DX30-32 are modifiers that allow the profile to get past the 32 button limit of an integrated controller.

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You got it Home Fries. It may be a while before I can get to it though. Playing with Oculus Rift at the moment.


HW Spec in Spoiler



i7-10700K Direct-To-Die/OC'ed to 5.1GHz, MSI Z490 MB, 32GB DDR4 3200MHz, EVGA 2080 Ti FTW3, NVMe+SSD, Win 10 x64 Pro, MFG, Warthog, TM MFDs, Komodo Huey set, Rverbe G1


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what an amazing work :thumbup:

Windows 10 | i7-8700K@5GHz | 2080 Ti | Intel Z370 Chipset | 32GB RAM@1866 MHz | SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 1TB| Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS w. FSSB R3 Mod | Saitek Switch Panel + Radio Panel + Multi Panel + FIP + Flightpanels Software | MFG_Crosswind | TrackIR5 | TM Cougar MFD Pack | Obutto R3volution | 1 x LG38 | GAMETRIX KW-908 JETSEAT

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I just downloaded your profile today which look impressive to me. You must be a very clever guy to sort this stuff out....:thumbup:


I just want to use it for the SU-25 at this moment. (Student Pilot in DCS :) )


I have read the manual carefully and after running the DCSworld tmc script everything looks good so far. (I don't get any error messages during compiling the script in the Target Software)


(I made some small changes in the script like editing the rudder to a USB styled one)




The problems begin at page 17 of the installation manual. I have loaded the SU-25 keyboard en Joystickfile but when I try to edit the modifiers I don't see the "thrustmaster Virtual Game Controller (root)" :(


What did I wrong? :book:


(Running W7 Ult. and the latest 1.2.7. DCS World with the latest updates)


Thanks in advance for any help.



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Have you loaded the TARGET profile before going into DCS? You need to do that, because TARGET creates a separate virtual controller, and that needs to be running for it to be seen in DCS.


Along a similar note, if you ever go into the DCS options menu and see a lot of red lines, you likely forgot to start your TARGET profile. Exit the options menu without saving, or else you will have to redo your modifiers.


Hope this helps, and good luck. I paid special attention to the Su-25 when redoing the FC3 HOTAS mappings.

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Hi Home Fries,


Thank you for your help. What I did was just running the script en keep the Target Script editor open. But I think right now I have to use the Target Profile program as well...... and load the profile...


Yes I did get several red lines.... I think it is becoming clear now. I paid only attention to the Target script editor..... (I'm such a fool....)


Then I have a small remark about the other manual. You forgot in that one the page numbers as far as I can see. Maybe to look after that with the next version? I thought just mention it.


I will check it out and drop a message here.


I'm very exited to test your profile with the Su-25.



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Thanks, ArtMan. I'll look at that for the next release. Funny; the installation guide at one point didn't really need page numbers, but now with all of the modules and 4 appendices it exceeds 40 pages.:(


Don't worry; you only really need the first 20 or so.

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Still no joy :(


This is the outcome when I run the script with Target GUI:


*** Allocated ProcInstances found from the previous run: use FreeProcInstance() *** 
Mapped plugin module "C:\Program Files (x86)\Thrustmaster\TARGET\Plugins\sys.dll"
Physical USB HID devices managed by script!
Currently plugged USB HID devices[3]:
1: "Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar" - "USB\VID_044F&PID_0400&REV_0110&MI_00"
2: "F16 MFD 1" - "USB\VID_044F&PID_B351&REV_0100"
3: "F16 MFD 2" - "USB\VID_044F&PID_B352&REV_0100"
USB HID device with hardware id "VID_044F&PID_0404" cannot be found
USB HID device with hardware id "VID_044F&PID_0402" cannot be found
USB HID device "F16 MFD 1"(USB\VID_044F&PID_B351\5&15D9C317&0&1) selected
USB HID device "F16 MFD 2"(USB\VID_044F&PID_B352\5&15D9C317&0&2) selected
USB HID device "Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar"(USB\VID_044F&PID_0400&MI_00\6&61CFCED&0&0000) selected
USB HID device with hardware id "VID_044F&PID_B10A" cannot be found
Virtual HID devices managed by script!
Connecting virtual joystick...Done
Device name set to Thrustmaster Combined
Connecting virtual keyboard...Done
Connecting virtual mouse...Done

DCS_Init (Profile v1.10):
  Map HOTAS Cougar:
     Axis mapping Cougar Stick...Done!
     Axis Mapping TQS......Done!

Axis and MFD Init Complete!
     Init Trim with Padlock for TrackIR Users.
        Hat1 (Trim)...Done!
Flaming Cliffs 3/Su-25T Config (Profile v1.10):
  Enabling Aircraft Modules...Done
  Map Cougar Left  MFD (DX31)...Done!
  Map Cougar Right MFD (DX32)...Done!
  Map HOTAS Cougar for FC3 Config:
        Initializing Throttle Engine Start/Shutdown Routines...Done!
     Button Mapping:
        Shift Commands: S3+T7/T8 all momentary...Done!
        Cougar Stick Buttons......Done!
        Hat2 (TMS)......Done!
        Hat3 (DMS)......Done!
        Hat4 (CMS)......Done!
        TQS Buttons......Done!
  HOTAS Cougar Mapping Complete.

Setting Landing Gear Indication...Set!

Flaming Cliffs 3/Su-25T Init Complete!

DCS Init Complete!
Setting Landing Gear Indication...Set!

main returned 0


In the first line I see an error message: "

*** Allocated ProcInstances found from the previous run: use FreeProcInstance() *** "


I guess you have to program in this line in your script to free up earlier programmed Thrustmaster devices? When I restart my rig the MFD's are still in the same mode as programmed by your script before. I can imagine programming twice the same device can give errors?


Then I see an other kind of error message:


USB HID device with hardware id "VID_044F&PID_0404" cannot be found

USB HID device with hardware id "VID_044F&PID_0402" cannot be found


What is your script looking for kind of HID device?


I still have no "Thrusmaster Virtual Game Controller (root)" as showed on page 17 but according to the outcome of the script as shown here:


[color=DarkOrange]Virtual HID devices managed by script!

Connecting virtual joystick...Done

Device name set to Thrustmaster Combined

Connecting virtual keyboard...Done

Connecting virtual mouse...Done[/color]


I should have a virtual joystick...


Can you please tell me where I have to store the folders in the zip file. Maybe I made a mistake with that?


Thanks again for your help.



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Home Fries,


Just for your information:


I only installed DCS world, FC3 and, of course by default, SU-25T


In the game controllers settings I have only Thrustmaster Combined during runnning the Target script



Edited by ArtMan_NL
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Everything you posted looks normal. The *** Allocated ProcInstances found from the previous run: use FreeProcInstance() *** line happens often, and I don't know of a way to clear it at the start of a profile (running FreeProcInstance() causes its own error). Also, TARGET not finding certain HID devices is also normal; it found your Cougar HOTAS and MFDs so that's all you need to worry about.


The initialization ran properly, so the files are in the correct folders. The big question I have now is when you go into the options menu in DCS World, do you see separate controllers for the Thrustmaster Cougar, F-16 MFD1 and F-16 MFD2? Or is there a single controller with something like "Thrustmaster Combined" or similiar?

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