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  1. Does anyone have some basic specs for dropping the Durandal anti-runway bomb? Sight depression? Minimum drop height? Maximum release speed?... Something like that?
  2. Nooooooo!!!!!!.... Please don't take that away. One of the fun things to do in the -15 is strafe the map assets with the gun and rip everything apart. Who needs rockets and bombs when you have that gun? But yeah, probably completely unrealistic.
  3. Well, I did, and I think it pretty likely we all did. I didn't ask for it but thank you ED
  4. I got the same message. The reason is that you probably purchaced immediately on release before the discount was applied in the store. ED refunded everyone (well me at least) that purchased at full price which is why your module is not authorized anymore. There wasn't any direct notification but you can check your order status to confirm. I spent a few hours troubleshooting and running the repair app myself but I really can't complain when ED gives me back some of my money
  5. I was surprised to see the full price on launch too but knowing the Aerges team and what they can do I just went ahead and paid it. I am probably not the only one that got caught in that little mixup. In any case, I think the module is worth the price even without the discount. "not even the L39 has the two cockpits fully synchronized yet (not sure about the C-101)" - Eduardo Yeah, the C101 synchronized controls is pretty nice. I have done some dual flying with it and it works well.
  6. Actually, that is completely false. Nav lights cannot be seen outside of their intended angles. The OP is entirely correct.
  7. You might think you are joking but I worked alongside a Russian Kamov crew in the 90's. We were working in a "dry" work camp so they were ordering large quantities of de-icing fluid (basically alcohol) which became the base ingredient in some mixed concoction there were drinking. The Russians had an open invitation to their parties but at some point I received a company memo from my headquarters forbidding me and my coworkers from participating after one of my co-workers went blind for a few hours due to alcohol poisoning.
  8. Therein lies the "but" for me. I love the stick. It is mostly working after a year and a half although my eight way switch gets a bit wonky and the software needs to be reset before every flight. The software however is ... less than intuitive... and the documentation isn't very good. At least for me. Maybe if I had a degree in software engineering and Russian language it would make more sense. If you ask questions you will be directed to the VKB forums (with all the sketchy info that lives on forums) and ancient amateurish tutorial videos using older versions of the software. Despite my frustrations with the support however, it is a great stick. As Streakeagle said, if you can figure out the software there is nothing you can't do with it. At least I think that is the case. I am a long way from figuring out the software.
  9. While I knew that full throttle for 5 minutes can result in an engine fire, I guess I had forgotten the 30 minute limitation. I have flown around for well over an hour at 830 degrees. I assume that means while it will not result in a fire, the crew chief is not going to be happy with me. Thanks for the reminder
  10. Actually, the C101EB was introduced as a jet trainer. There was some limited interest in a low budget recon/attack aircraft which resulted in the CC. Yes, I am skipping some history here but that's the basic back story. The C101 was never designed or sold as a serious contender in a hot war. As for anti-shipping, I believe the role was tested on the CC but no C101 was ever actually deployed with anti shipping capability. The C101 is an excellent training platform and it can do light border patrol/ recon/ smuggler interdiction but you are correct that taking it into a combat zone where missles fly would be a suicide mission.
  11. The Huey has an AI co-pilot also referred to as an "autopilot". Feel free to let him fly while you flip switches turn the dials in the cockpit and look over the map. That's why there are two crew in a Huey. One flies while the other handles the other stuff.
  12. Honestly, I wasn't aware of that option but I did just check it and there are no options to select under that menu
  13. I just had a weird and sad issue with the Mission Editor (Open Beta I opened a mission I made a week ago to replace a briefing screen image. After replacing the image I tried to start the mission to test my changes. The mission started to load and then DCS did a hard crash to desktop. When I went back into DCS and opened up my mission in the editor, the mission was wiped and it was only a blank map. I am 100% sure I did not save a blank map mission over my mission file. I edited a briefing image, saved and tried to start the mission to check my changes. Luckily, I was nearly ready to release the mission and I had a backup under another name so I was able to recover with only an hour or so of extra work. My backup was made before I had used the new draw tool which makes me suspicious of the draw tool for now. I hadn't been backing up old versions of my missions before but now I am.
  14. I wonder if the "problem" is really hitting a G limit because I was doing some bombing on the range and during a smooth pullup at 541.9 knots pulling 3.5 G's (according to Tacview) my wings came off. I had half fuel, One Mk82 and three BDU-33's so I don't think overweight was an issue. On the plus side, the aircaft was still controllable minus some aileron limits and having my stall speed a bit higher but I managed to bring it home and land safely. About a year ago I was experiencing the same issues with the C101 which was later patched to correct the issue. Sadly, I forgot to save my trackfile. I was too busy with Fraps filming my superior pilot skills...
  15. If by waypoints you mean the ones set up in the mission editor then there is no direct method to track to them in the stock C101. Navigation options are radio navigation instruments and visually. If you set the "waypoints" in the mission editor yourself, putting them over easily identifiable locations on the map could help spot them. Now, if you happen to purchase the Garmin 430 add on module for the C101 (and I do recommend it just be aware that it has limited functionality compared to the real one) then the waypoints from the mission editor will be loaded into the flight plan on the Garmin.
  16. The track files in general ... vary.. from user to user and they don't work for everyone. The AV8-B seems particularly prone to corrupted track files. I know at least one Youtuber that doesn't make Harrier videos because he can't get the tracks to work. Its a known issue and it is on ED's list of items that need rework.
  17. I love my gunfighter III stick but that config software is incomprehensible to mere mortals and no, VKB does not provide any real detail beyond how to flash and get the basics up and running. So much potential but so hard to figure out. A basic config software tutorial would be extremely useful.
  18. I assumed you were on Open Beta and if so maybe you can switch to the Stable version until they sort it out? No FFB on the VKB stick. Sounds nice but I have never had it so I don't know what I am missing.
  19. "You're saying you went into the software for your Gunfighter and set to defaults? " Exactly. The software gets a bit flaky every few months so I always leave it in default anyway. Something is going on with a recent update because now it appears every time I start DCS I need to set defaults again for the VKB. The Virpil throttle and Crosswind pedals are fine but the VKB seems to be having the issues. Overall, I love the VKB. With the long extention I can be very precise with control inputs. The button selection is good. Yes, the handbrake axis works perfectly for the MiGs pneumatic brakes and no doubt the Spitfire's braking would be the same. At first I was a little concerned by the light weight "plastic" feel in the grip but after a year it is still solid. The light weight grip does make it easier for the centering springs to do their job so I get why they did that. Coupled with my Virpil throttle I never need all the buttons I have which is a nice luxury. Quibbles I have are: The software is a long way from intuitive and while you can do a lot, it would help if I were a software engineer to figure out how to use it. I had the thumb button x-y setup as a four way hat switch for awhile which I liked but the software would get flaky after a bit and I had to keep relearning how to reset it every few months and eventually just gave up and don't use it now. The stick works much better if I leave everything in default so this new issue is weird. Even leaving everything in defaults I have to reset defaults all the time. My guess is ED will figure it out soon enough. I can't imagine how complicated and convoluted the coding must have become over the lifespan of DCS. Even though you never use your software you might try a "reset" and see if that works for you. Its keeping me going at the moment.
  20. The trim and autopilot on my tomcat has quit working since I last flew it a few weeks ago. Controllers are tested and working fine. Remapped / recalibrated controls had no effect. Even the keyboard controls don't work. I have been flying mostly the Harrier for the past few weeks and that appears unaffected. My (same) controls and keybinds work fine on that module. [Edit] I have to eat my words because this afternoon on the Harrier I had the same problem. ditto on the F-5. I was able to fix the problem by going into my controller configuration software (VKB Gunfighter 3) and setting everything to defaults.
  21. Just a quick note. While I love the C101 module and consider it to be one of my favorite modules in DCS, I had not tried it in multiplayer because, well, there isn't 'much for the second crewmember to do back there most of the time. Today, however, a friend was asking me about instrument approaches so the natural choice was to demonstrate in the C101. What a fantastic multiplayer experience. Big kudos to the devs for a superior multi-crew simulation. The shared controls feature was totally unexpected and worked extremely well. No need to press a button and wait for the other player to respond to a pop up window to hand over the controls. We just called out, "your plane" or "my plane" and smoothly transitioned. I can't say enough good things about it. Really well done so thank you again AvioDev. -Andu
  22. [original answer deleted The ME is fussy about the order the commands are given in. Make sure the default action is changed to "nothing" otherwise the default action might override whatever instructions you give in the advance waypoint actions.
  23. Does the real Mi-24P have a trim system for the yaw pedals? The "D" variant POH states that force trim exists for the cyclic controls only.
  24. Well, regardless of how it looks to you, that is how they work. You may be over thinking this.
  25. A little late here but as an aircraft mechanic I would answer, "it depends". Some of those pop out breakers have a little lip on the end that you can grab with your fingernails and pull it out. I can't tell from the image if the breakers in the P47 are designed to be pulled out though.
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