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  1. I've lately had several occurrences of total loss of control when my Hind suffered significant damage. I assumed that this was due to some vital control line being severed, however upon investigation I think it may be a pilot kill scenario that isnt giving the "Black screen" as expected, and as has been established in all other aircraft. I have in fact received no black screen death scenarios in the Hind, which seemed odd despite its very well protected cockpit. During the "H-4 Takedown" scenario, I was struck by a Gepard's 35mm HE rounds as shown. I had a loss of any control inputs, and my helo flew into the ground along the path it had been taking before struck. I was unable to change to my ATGM operator position as well in this event, which is odd as the log showed no history of him being killed.
  2. This community could do without this kind of toxic sniping and drive-by shit posting............. .......scum!
  3. Well now that you started a thread, I guess we'll HAVE to make it
  4. Wags is the closest thing to a hero I know of and I thank him for his service!!!!
  5. Same!!! I'm sixty freaking years old!!!! Every day I make the choice between plugging in my HOTAS or emptying my colostomy bag and Im proud to say I'm filled to the brim and ready to burst, baby!!!!
  6. Did you register my tangible cringe of pain reading his post?
  7. I'm going to vector incoming fighters directly into your rectal cavity.
  8. I'd be interested in a full price module that stops you from posting.
  9. I am a single player player, and being unaffected by the potential discrepancies and disruptions in gameplay that the MP community may face, it falls to me to defend the devs honor. Come! Face me, you multiplayer apes!!!! I'll strike you all down to a man!!! Long live ED!!!!
  10. Sweet :) Is the gun mount rigid, or is there some degree of sway left/right to help hit targets?
  11. Hello :) How is the Gazelle faring versus BMP2 and 3's, namely their ATGM's? I imagine they're going to be one of the biggest threats in most missions I fly with friends in MP. Since I am waiting for the 1.53 release, I was wondering if anyone has gathered any experience yet against them. Is their situational-awareness enough to get the first shot on your Gazelle routinely? Or does firing and displacing until their AI "resets" work? I imagine the Tunguska etc will be above our pay-grade so to speak, so what other threats do you folks find are going to be a concern? Seems we can outrange the 14.5mm handily, and I imagine the 23mm Shilka if we play smart.
  12. Thats perfect then :) Its fascinating to see how pilot assistance and autopilot evolved from the Huey onward. The Gazelle sounds like it'll be very easy to fly!
  13. What kind of flight-assistance/autopilot does the Gazelle field? Does it have a heading-hold function etc, or is it more "seat of your pants" flying like the UH-1H?
  14. On this one now. Very cool mission! Almost got it last night, but the pursuers did their thing and welp... :(
  15. Yeah I'm not getting the ability to contact my JTAC at all :( Frequency to 30 but not seeing any option to contact the guys down there. Flown to all points marked (Scan for target, ingress, target, egress) but nothing pops to allow me to establish contact. That means no wedding cake, so no attack from above the clouds :( Checked the OP and that method was not succesful I fear.
  16. The JTAC didnt trigger for me on arrival, so I ended up accidently wedding caking HIM, and smacking the Humvee with a JDAM by mistake! :P
  17. On Mission 5 I think (C-130 goes airborne, I have to check in with Echo 3 times) and after the third check-in, I get the report that Echo 2 is under fire 13 miles out. I fly out there, but none of the TGP settings or waypoints point to where Echo 2 is, and since Im not using labels I'm unable to locate any targets. When I try again with labels enabled, none of the waypoints or TGP slew points are anywhere near the proper location and after a short while I get the message Echo 2 was wiped out. This is bizarre, because Echo 2 is very much alive still, albeit with some casualties. If the TGP slewing to waypoints is due to elevation differences, what is the correct procedure to correct the discrepency? In reality, how would a pilot go about getting an accurate altitude and changing the waypoint appropriately via cdu? Or is it proper to use the TAD to just hook the wedding cake after decluttering the TAD to show cake only?
  18. Hello there :) is the amount of pressure that initiates the deactivation of autopilot and the restoration of the aircraft's normal controls at all changeable ingame via the pilot's interface? Not meaning some weird file tweak or anything, but I've a pretty sensitive stick so I accidentally override autopilot quite alot with my T-16000M. Is there any way to change the amount of pressure that would cause the autopilot to disengage, or is this a hard-set setting in the real aircraft as well?
  19. I'd buy a Predator sim first day. Even if its a sort of sim-lite, with mainly the different sensor stuff etc actually modeled.
  20. Same issue on my end. I'll wait a bit and retry.
  21. Or until we get the Hornet! :P Cant wait to fly SEAD versus that kind of network.
  22. The trees being collidable is good news. I just hope that means they'll stop munitions and LoS for AI as well :(
  23. Slewing the TGP with a helmet-mounted sight is pretty amazing.
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