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  1. According to many dogfight and training videos on youtube it seems that real slave mode works differently IRL. When on slave mode, the missile seeker should slave on the radar lock without having to press the uncage button. The seeker will of course be caged with the small rhombus showing. The pilot can still uncage the missile with the HUD showing the bigger rhombus. In other words it should work like this: Another video showing how slave mode works, this time on an older F-16C block 30. It should work the same:
  2. Cyprus is only green 2-4 months in a year during winter. The rest of the year is like that. Brown everywhere. I'm pretty sure that the photos @Xilon_x put were taken during late autumn/winter/ early spring. Video near Nicosia in November: Photo i took in October, last year.
  3. Title pretty self explanatory. Nicosia airport should be functional in DCS in order to allow users to design missions with more scenarios (real or fictional). For example: -Turkish attack / Cypriot defense of the airport. -British missions from the airport (includes Interceptions of Italian airplanes during ww2 and missions against Cypriot guerilla fighters during 1955-1959 struggle). -UN peacekeeping and patrol missions plus a lot more fictional scenarios.
  4. Nah, i dont think so, Kings avenue mall was built not so long ago, 5-6 years. Also larnaca has the new terminal in the airport. And the foundations for the "skyscraper" in Nicosia were laid down 3-4 years ago.
  5. the s300 sites are at those locations. Sorry for not providing Coordinates, but you can easily find them No, Tor's are mobile units and it wouldn't be wise to have the situated at those locations. Also those are bases the were only gonna be used in peace time. There is nothing in the turkish side that i'm aware of. As far as i know they don't have Sam systems in their equipment apart from manpads and mobile radar guided AAA.
  6. There are only two sam sites that Ugra added in DCS (both are for S300), one is on Troodos mountaintop, near the RAF radars, and the other is north of Paphos city on the top of the hill. Those bases are not in services since Cyprus never received the s300 sam system.
  7. To complete the list above i'm adding these: -Stavrovouni is also missing (important landmark for anyone who flies VFR in Cyprus) -Paphos and Larnaca castles are missing -A lot of villages that are VERY important for Navigation are missing. -Apostolos Andreas monastery is missing in the north-east tip. -Kykkos monastery is also missing iirc -Cyprus expo is missing - not important but it will make Nicosia seem less empty. -Hala sultan mosque in Larnaca is also missing. -Nicosia mall near Nicosia airport is missing Some inaccuracies i spotted: -Trees at the left side of rwy 22 in Larnaca should be removed since there are no trees there. -Lakatameia AB doesn't have rwy lights in real life - there are no UN checkpoint in Larnaca-Nicosia highway irl. - Various roads have issues that can make mission creation a pain for someone who wants to make a realistic mission using real army camps. These are the things i found that make the map somewhat inaccurate. Still doesn't make the map any less enjoyable. If ugra adds those things and fix those inaccuracies it will transform the map from very good, to perfect.
  8. Hello guys, there aren't any bombing ranges in Cyprus, that i'm aware of. Sorry to break it for you, but yeah. To small of a country to have bombing ranges.
  9. I didnt say that as a reason ugra should add Cyprus. That was an answer to your question of why some of us want Cyprus to be added. The reason i personally want Cyprus is what i stated above.
  10. Well, in Cyprus Air Force we flew MI-35P's, gazelles, bell 206's Hellenic air force: F-16s, A-7s and F-4s visited and stayed during various exercises Israeli F-16s, F-15s, F-35 also conducted exercises with Cypriot air Defenses. Hellenic Army used to bring UH-1s in Cyprus. RAF flew F-4s, Tornados, Eurofighter's and sometimes F-35s iirc, Also they used to bring the Red arrows to train here. French Navy also brought Rafales and trained with Cypriot air Defenses. So yeah we don't have many modules that actually flew over Cyprus, but why does this even matter? Also i want Cyprus because i'm actually Cypriot. I find it strange that they made Syria map and they didn't add Cyprus in the first place. Moreover they will probably fix the bugs at the same time that Cyprus gets released.
  11. Thanks @MAESTR0! Can't wait.
  12. Understandable man. But yeah, they've working on this update for a long time so maybe they will also fix the bugs you mentioned.
  13. They don't have to postpone Cyprus in order to fix the bugs, what are you saying? There are some of us that have been waiting for Cyprus since they announced it. Personally, Cyprus is the only reason i bought this map. They will probably (hopefully) release both Cyprus and the bug fixes together in the next big update.
  14. Once again... Thanks @MAESTR0 for the pictures. The buildings look exactly like the real ones. Nice job Ugra.
  15. Thanks @MAESTR0 for all these pictures. Awesome job.
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