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  1. Some just set keybinds for T,B,L,R 12345 etc.. also btw the whole KU is already usable with your Keyboard while press and holding Lctrl+Lalt by default. Actually very convenient.
  2. Always good to see the most accurate documentation on the Apache and Army Aviation in general ever made.
  3. Yep, you are now the first cause I just wanted to report that too So yes I can confirm, noticed the same since the last update. Most of the abbreviation inputs (yes of course those form the list) don't work anymore. Not only enemy one's, also things like SP, US etc. do not get accepted anymore. Quite a bummer tbh.
  4. Rotor downwash really needs to be a bigger thing. Especially now with the Apache. Landing at a FARP in the middle of a meadow and not having any downwash on the grass at all is very .. well.. weird, unsatisfying, disappointing.. Rotor downwash in general is way too understated with dust, sand and there like.
  5. No experience with VR here. But just a question in between. Are you guys really have this fat HMD in your view? Especially this huge black ring? Or is it just a screenshot thing and different when actually looking through both eyes? Man that ugly distracting thing would drive me crazy..
  6. Exceptionally in this particular case it doesn't matter if there is a video of this or that, or if it was used against this or that IRL. Fact is that currently George cannot lock or even see anything else than units. But we should be able to shoot at everything we like to, with utilising George while sitting in the back seat. Just something like a "my line of sight" command, but not a whole rough direction to an area as it is now. Instead a secondary alternative mode (while keeping the current mode) with the exact point we look at. As a first step or something. Just a thought. Of course all WIP now and I hope that it will be possible in the future.
  7. Something tells me that this is the actual problem here. Sounds like it is OP's first helo and he actually has no clue how to fly helo's. He say's: I understand that like there is no pedal work at all.
  8. Yeah since we found out that DCS ground "AI" always aims for the pilots head (which is just painfully simple), yes they are definitely aimbots. I always set them to the lowest skill level "average" to just make it at least a bit "more realistic". So that they miss a lot. But I still get hit every now and then, from small arms and also the new NSTV's from the last update. Never got shot down yet. That is why either the Apache is actually a tank (at least against small arms) or relays on the yet not fully implemented damage model. Hard to judge though. Probably the latter, cause small arms hits don't even leave bullet holes in the fuselage. Also for the whole COIN mission set I too do not fly that low. At least 300-500ft AGL and always keep moving. From 600-700ft upwards small arms also don't even attempt to shoot at you anymore.
  9. Honestly for mission building I would just be happy to have the model to begin with. Waiting for it since I saw it in the vid.
  10. Yes indeed, it is really annoying like it is now. If you want to read it, then zoom in. This scaling with zoom and not map is just wrong.
  11. But not with the livery that fits the actual client Apache's. Also it is an A model. I know most people don't care about detail, but I do. Anyways I just ask for an option here within the Wishlist section.
  12. Kinda. Statics are just the plain model without detection and engagement ranges, no disperse function, no running motors etc. so yes without AI. But exactly this makes them much more (with AI) or less (just static) demanding in the mission. I noticed a huge difference. Sitting ducks on ramps or ground, blocked by a trigger or just zero fuel but still by purpose like to act are just more stuff to compute. So when you have a mission with about 1500 units and several fully fleshed out Airfields, Bases, FOB's and FARP's, 150 flags and an endless amount of trigger zones you look for everything to make a heavy mission at least a bit lighter. And for the cosmetics, just to make things look alive and not plain empty like vanilla DCS is, statics are needed. And options are always good, you never can have enough.
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