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  1. Especially for VR users it is a bit of a hassle right now, to create flightroutes or waypoints through the F10 map. (for example when flying on a multiplayerserver where no flightplans are present) So it would be great if we would get the possibillity to (right)klick on the F10 Map and transfer the coordinates from that point directly into a newly added section of the kneeboard. Thatway we could create the plan by clicking on the map and then, inside the cockpit, we just punch everything in the nav systems using the kneeboard. Would make many lifes easier in my eyes
  2. However i always turn it off, as it causes intense flickering if you look through the gunsight in IL2 BoX for example. And i noticed it in DCS too. During loadingscreens and in the menues.
  3. I got him while i was fooling around with the combat flaps for the first time :D That way i could outturn him, he crossed my nose and got snapshotted :D Less than 2 mins :)
  4. Would like to see a video of it too. Feeling like a complete newcomer :P
  5. It's obvious i can't make my self clear, but thats ok i guess. I never wanted to sell it as the better way to do things, but as an alternative to those who struggle with the procedures, taught by the tutorials. I expected to receive some kind of shitstorm yet i didn't knew better :P
  6. Read my last statement, it was directly aimed at your point of view as i saw it coming. And what i was referring to is the way how ppl flew before all those golden rules were invented. When you were told certain limits of your aircraft but how you approach things was completely up to you. Remembering the days when the MiG21 came out? There were lots of ppl crashing her during landing because they tried to get their approaches right but spent too much time on focussing on the right angles and speedsets but forgot to take some good eyemeasuring too.
  7. If sticking to set procedures and checklists is not your style, then i can offer you my system to land on carriers: My suggestion is, you practice until you just look at the deck and bring her down without using the HUD or instruments at all (besides watching your speed). I know that most of the guys here prefere sticking to checklists and patterns like real pilots do, but for me that does not work. Out of about 20 landings not even a single one had me even roughly alligned with the AoA Indexer, or the velocitythingy in the HUD. It wobbles all over the place, in fact i don't even pay attention to it at all. Thing is, i take a good look at the deck and try to get my airspeed to about 140/150 (if i have not much ordnance and fuel left) Then i estimate what could be a good touchdown/impactpoint on the ship and as soon as i am over the stern i cut the throttle to get down to about 120. As soon as i touch down, i go to full AB and wait, if the wire catches or not. The whole process is a lot of anticipating and feeling where the aircraft will be and match it with the point where it should be :D I know that the majority of ppl. will laugh about such approaches as they seem to be nooblike. But let me tell you something. Instead of forcing yourself to strict patterns which requires you to use legs and turns where speed and angles have to be just right, with my method i can approach the carrier just from every direction, aim for his stern, decellerate and land. It's a really quick progress and the plane does not break, so i guess it's within the structural limits :D The second nice thing about it is, that you only need your speedgauge for it. (if visibility is good at least) So if your HUD fails, it's no problem at all. I probably should blame IL2 for it. I started my Sim Career with their pacific Addon and flew countless carriermissions. Mostly Zeros, but also Corsairs or Wildcats. Without even digging for information about approaches i taught my self to land on the ships and the same procedure worked in DCS with the Su33 too. (and in FSX with Tomcats or the Superbug, but ... meh. FSX -.-) What i want to say is, that you should aim to really understand what the plane does and not just limp behind your HUD and AoA indications, trying to get them alligned. To operate by checklists and procedures is the american way to fly. I understand why they did it (in fact there was no other way for them to invent it) and i also understand the benefits of it and why almost every other airforce (or civillian airline) adopted to it. But it's not the only truth of flying.
  8. Same way: Set Master Arm to on, then you select the Centerline Station (the upper circle ind the pic). Rotate the selector Knob to "Rack/Launcher" (lower Circle) and finally push down the Selective Jettisonbutton "Jett" (Arrow). If you want to get rid of the Wingtanks too, you would use "LI" and "RI" for the Left/Right inboard Stations.
  9. Does anybody know if the torrentupdater can be paused? Even with files from the alpha i need to download 50+ Gig and given my lame connection it would result in an 20+ hours download, which is impossible without pausing for me. Or has anybody uploaded splitted files yet?
  10. Das Problem mit dem Ausbildungsstand wär also lösbar. Aber bei uns haben auch nicht alle die aktuellen Alpha/Betabuilds, da die einfach viel HDD Platz fressen. Und ich für meinen Teil werd auch nicht so schnell Nevada (25Gig!) ziehen. Hab 'ne langsame Leitung, welche auf Stunden/Tage blockiert wäre.
  11. If i want to fly multicrew as a WSO, the pilot can not hover. Even if he is in hoverstate, as soon as i enter, the hovering stops wthout him doing anything. I also have not mapped a single move or collective axis, so there is no way i could steer the chopper at all. So is this a common fact due to beta, or do we miss something?
  12. Great to see the amount of effort, which all involved put into this :)
  13. WIP Missioneditor: It was a quickly built 16 vs 16 (12 D9, 4 K4), lacking time of day, weathersettings and the clientslots. After roughly 10 mins the Mustangs had the upperhand, downing 10 germans, losing only 8 P-51. Skillsets were totally random but i'll change the FW with the special Heinz Marquardt Skin to Ace.
  14. No R77 for the Su33. But you can arm more Missiles than on the Su27, as you have more pylons. Same goes for air to ground + you get air to air refuelling for free ;) Until the day the Su27 became her PFM, i flew the Su33. But since then, i never was in her cockpit again, looking forward to fly her again. Su27 was never more than just a stopgap :D
  15. Thank you :) Keep up the good work and communications :D
  16. Oh, this adds another hour :)
  17. Hahaha, that one tiny frame with your Logo made me laugh :D
  18. Your french sounds pretty much like german :D Mid December would be great, as we could use the vacations for flying :)
  19. New Aircraft are great but without having working dynamic campaigns first, there is now way to fully enjoy the singleplayeraspect of DCS.
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