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  1. hello kiss4luna, China is also a country I'd like to visit (and try some real Chinese food). It's the land that gave the world the Tao Te Ching, among other great things. I happen to keep a copy close by. Though I do not claim to thoroughly understand "the way and it's power", I still embrace "the mother of ten thousand things". ;) 169th_Maverick, small towns have their appeal to me, and the northwest is a place I'm told will suit my nature. I have friends in Bellingham, Wa who tell me so. Well, one never knows. So many places to see. Thank goodness for the internet! Flyby out
  2. Also, some of us are looking forward to Oleg's Sow_BoB. Even he won't upgrade his pc until he's certain what specs will be. We do know he plans support for duo and quad cores. There may be other flight sims lurking in the background that will require a robust system. I plan to build a moderate system that can be upgraded, once i figure out which path I want to follow.
  3. xlr8... you don't happen to drive a WRX, do you? ;) Flyby out
  4. we'll be looking forward to your return, Ramstein. Meanwhile, keep the remote close by, ;) Flyby out
  5. when it drains it pours Awww Viper, It's not nice to make fun of a man's affliction!:helpsmilie:Gotta run! Flyby out
  6. buddy can you spare a Euro? I plan to fly BS, but also Oleg's SoW_BoB. I just read that it will support dual and quad cores. So I plan to go either an E8400 or possibly a q6600. As for a video card, I think I'll shy way from either SLi or Crossfire atm, but rather select a gpu with good badwidth and fill rates (like the 8800GTS) as prices will be falling by the time I'm ready to buy. Whoops! Oh yeah. The dollar is down, so I may be waiting for quite a while. :( Flyby out
  7. Hey Maverick, any major city in Siskiyou county? I've only been to California a few times, but never really knew what county I was in (been to Frisco, and San Diego). It's a beautiful state. Flyby out ps to anyone; am I dislexic if I think "few", and type "fwe". or think "out" and type "uot"? The reason I ask is because I'm ambidextrous, but only in my right hand! :D
  8. Helloooooooooooooo Texas! Ah Sunny Texas! I did my basic USAF training at Amarillo, Texas in '68. It was said at the time to be the rattlesnake-bite capitol of the U.S. :) In '02 I drove to Rockwall Texas to have some mods done to my car. On my way out of that glorious state I was pulled over for doing 72mph in a 70mph zone. I still have the warning. In truth I believe the trooper was looking for out-of-state drug dealers. The wife and I were not happy people.:mad: But on a brighter side, we happy few seem to be growing in number! :D Flyby out
  9. As I recall... I passed through Windsor back in '75. The wife and I were on our honeymoon, passing through the falls, Windsor, Toronto, and Montreal. I also recall seeing the glow of the northern lights as I drove towards Montreal. Haven't been back to Wright-Patt since about '99. But now it has a Raptor on display, so I'll have to make that short trip again. (Usually, these days, I go to Dayton to visit it's art museum.) But I really liked looking into the cockpit of an A10, so many gauges, but definitely a beautiful Hog. Flyby (aka Darryl)
  10. It's good to be among you all. I'm liking our international community more and more all the time. :) If I'm lucky enough I'll visit all your lands one day. First beer's on me! (except for a round of Windor Canadian) :D Flyby out
  11. so true... yes, a global village (thanks to the internet). One day, no borders. Then maybe one bright day before the Sun belches us out of existence, no more politicians to muck it up!:D Flyby out
  12. for those interested, there are two threads asking where you are from. One is a poll. The other is just a general interest type. Might be nice to know where your DCS brethren are located on this blue planet. Flyby out
  13. my take I am reminded of a Star Trek/Next Generation(?) episode where Romulans show up and announce "We are back!". With it's oil and mineral wealth, it was difficult to imagine why Russia had ceased to project it's military power since the change from Communism. Perhaps like the USA, a revitalized Russian defense industry will create a lot of jobs, their military exports will grow, and writers of the fictional military genre will have new scenarios to write about (especially with the rise of defense spending by the Red Dragon too). By the way, why don't I see (translated) Russian fictional military books in the US-of-A? What I'd like to see, in reality, is an international effort to fund a manned trip to Mars, maybe with a similar effort to colonize the moon. OH! Maybe now the KA-50 will go into higher production? Nah! Better to fund the Ka-52 with night-targeting capability. Does ED do war-gaming at all? Flyby out
  14. Flyby

    Candid Camera

    Great Stuff!!!! :megalol::megalol::megalol::megalol: Very funny stuff. I don't know which one I liked more!:D Flyby
  15. I'd also like to know where we happy few come from. I'll start. I am from the state of Ohio, USA.:) Flyby out
  16. as an alternative Maybe it would be politically correct to have separate poll by which the selection could be what continent do you come from? Maybe it would be better to just ask the question " where do you come from", but not ask it as a poll question. hmmmmmm.... Flyby out
  17. Well I'm glad I asked. We just fleshed out the sim a bit more. Good stuff to know. Flyby out
  18. Just an idle curiosity concerning the cockpit windows, and damage from bullets, and shrapnel: will such damage be modeled? thanks! Flyby
  19. I hope there are such forest areas as seen in the video, 461. That was great flying! :D I think we'd all like to give that a go. Flyby out
  20. Cougar #4671 here Cougar fan here. Even have an unboxed spare (too good a deal to pass up). I wonder if any ED tester/Cougar owner has figured out a batch file to emmulate the Black Shark startup procedure? I'll try to create one when I get my new system. Not flying at the moment. Flyby out
  21. wish i could do that Nicely done! :thumbup: I espcially liked the editing. You will post more? Flyby out
  22. Well I'm sorry I (somehow) missed out on the posting about changing the format. Having said that, remember that most people can find acceptance in a lot of changes as long as they've had their say. I had mine, so I'm jiggy with it now.
  23. blazing dl speed for me! Considering what may have been a heavy server load, I was hitting speeds of 100kps. Admittedlt this is over five times slower than my average dsl speed, but I had someother stuff to do while waiting. I must say the video was WELL WORTH THE WAIT! I really enjoyed seeing the animated pilot, and the ever-present 6dof implementation. I also thought the auto-hover before landing was a great little sequence too.:thumbup: This video ought to shut me up for, oh...say ten minutes.:music_whistling: (j'k) Thank you ED for taking the time to give us a very nice treat. These little updates come so unexpectedly that they really do seem like treats to me. Can't hep but want more, and I like surprises too!:D Flyby out PS using 6dof, once you open the door can you lean out and see forwards and backwards? Not trying to start trouble. That's what Leafer is for!:smartass:
  24. change and calming It is said that change is the only constant. I accept and agree with that. But it's not always merely good. I also agree that blue has been seen as a calming color. I've painted my bedroom blue just for the "calming effect" of the color. But here in the body of the text box it's just not working FOR me. I feel my (old) eyes working due to the decreased contrast of the text and the background. Perhaps the powers that be might consider changing the text box to a white background. That's really my only gripe about the new color scheme. Other than that I like the changes. So how about a trial to see what people think of a white text box? Flyby out
  25. nice color, but poor reading contrast This new format lacks the contrast of the older one, making the text a bit more difficult to read. It's like reading in dim light Oh, I can see it OK, but it's not really conducive to easy reading at all. Find a scheme that offers more contrast to the print, please. Flyby out
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