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  1. Alt+F1 removes everything but the hud in most aircrafts. Iirc it doesn't work on all, not sure which ones tho.
  2. Looking forward too see more prints, I'm printing most of my panels on a Wanhao i3+. Saves alot of work and money, prototyping costs next to nothing, really great tool for simpits if you don't have a workshop!
  3. Still impressive as always! Really clean print too, what 3d printer did you buy?
  4. I can't show you mine, but as a DK1-CV1 user I can relay my experience atleast. The resolution isn't gamechanging with the CV1, but everything else is better. Better ergonomics, tracking, less fiddling with setup and stuff since it's supported. If you play in VR alot then it's worth it every day of the week, it's better in every way IMHO. Even though the resolution isn't that much better, it's still better. I've been playing online with other VR user without any major issues, you can't compete with monitor users in A/A, but A/G missions work just fine if you rely on planing and preperation. I've flown the F5 and L39 mostly online.
  5. Recieved my collective base a couple of days ago, mounted it earlier today. Great quality and feel, very nice size also, I 3d printed a mount for mine so it very discrete. Might have missed it, but I have a couple of questions as I've not found a "manual". How do I adjust the angles? Is it just with the bar that's below the axis? How do I calibrate the sensor? Calibrating in windows did nothing and mine is off quite a bit, starts at 20-30% and goes up to 100% but then down again to 85%. Regards Robin
  6. Looking really good, thanks for the hard work!
  7. I ordered the collective base a couple of weeks ago, est. delivery at the end of june. No problems with communication here, last mail was less than two weeks ago.
  8. Fantastic work! Looking forward to more, there is a LOT of potential in this!
  9. Borderline pornographic content, NICE!
  10. Leo Bodnar BBI for the buttons, and a Arduino nano for the display. A couple more panels just to show the thickness, they feel pretty sturdy when screwed together.
  11. Here's one of the panels I've made with my 3d printer. I usually use DYMO lables, but I will remake the rest with 3d printed text, the panel with the 6 digit display was a test. I'd like a dual extruder so that I can make backlit panels, but for now they are solid. I use 3mm base plates with a 6mm panel ontop. It's really easy to make your own panels, especially if you have .dxf or similar files. You'll probably find files here that's made for a CNC, but it's not a lot of work to make into a .stl. I mostly use onshape, browser based CAD that can export .stl.
  12. I'm not really experienced, but I'm doing the campaign now also. I believe you have to manually track moving targets, I am atleast and it's working pretty good. No need for lasing other than range. I flew low close to the coast, I saw the Hinds but they were further inlands so I never got in any real danger. Hope it helps a little!
  13. Well, that made me buy the Spitfire... Now for some practice until Normandy is released :D
  14. That's right, Andres shop has better pictures though, https://andres.shop/jetseat/24-jetseat-sim-edition.html
  15. Hi! We're trying to export the CK37 display to a 7 segment display, but we can't find the CK37 information to export. Is it already there, but we're missing it? Or will it be supported later on, if at all? Thanks for the great module!
  16. Received it today, great job Andre! Feels very solid and it fits my chair perfectly when I line everything up. Extremely satisfied, always solid customer service, both on this and my old KW-908, and ofcourse Simshaker! Thanks mate!
  17. Check http://hornetpits.org/ I'm sure you can find screen size help there, there are alot of great simpits, some user are here also. Cheers
  18. Thanks Ian! I've seen that they sell the same display with a MAX7219 chip, easier is the way to go for me and I've seen more tutorials on those also. As always, thanks for the info and great help!
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