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  1. The difference between real world and dcs is that some of these as baked in and do not change at all. So you are seeing some overly visible static textures that stand out too much.
  2. I think the point is that the wake is dramatic on the same size and type of aircraft. Like yes a small aircraft would get thrown around by a slow and clean F14 but a f18 would be effected less. I haven't tested it recently, does the turbulence dissapate as it should over the ground or not? This was a bit issue for some online servers as aircraft would be damageed and flung into the ground due to the wake not going away.
  3. Yeah agreed. Really needs looking at, all the piston aircraft really.
  4. One of the common examples online of warbit flying is kermit weeks. In this video here you can see him starting up the p51c (from cold). Just like in other piston engined aircraft the oil pressure slowly rises and does not rocket up above the red line. The only thing is rotax engines are a bit different than the usual aero engines as standard so maybe that's an outlier. The only engines I have flown with are lycoming, continental and austro and they all start low and build up.
  5. On the p51 and all piston modules on startup the oil pressure shoots up to over the red line even at low power settings (1000-1200rpm). Usually in aircraft the oil pressure starts low and slowly rises to normal and if it doesn't rise in a about 30 seconds you shut down and abort the flight. Unsure if all the ww2 aircraft are different from usual aero engines but dcs does not exhibit this.
  6. OK that's a fine suggestion. But my wishlist suggestion means that there isn't actually a need for that. The crew member would be competent and able to prime the engine, so why restrict the operation of the mossie?
  7. Thanks for claifiying. Did wonder as the old carbed aircraft I have flown have had accelerator pumps on.
  8. Hi all, Not posting in the bug section as I'm not 100% on this one. So if I shutdown the mosquito in flight I can airstart it by getting the prop to windmill and it fires up. If I keep it feathered and try start it, I get no start. On the ground after a flight, I have tried restarting at an airfield which doesn't have ground crew, unable to start. I tried pumping the throttle, as the engine has carbs I assumed it would pump some fuel in. Again nothing. Just wondering if this should be expected, or if as I am suggesting we should be able to start up by forcing some fuel in with the throttle?
  9. Any idea why we only have 2 skins still?
  10. Understand the ground crew usually primes the aircraft. But in theory we should be able to prime the aircraft using the option at unmanned grass strips. There are two people in the aircraft so one of them can hop out and prime, could this be implemented?
  11. Well I have had the F14 since new and I have posted about multiple FFB issues since that very point. I hope they get looked into. The A/P and the bug in which the FFB messes up if I join the f14 after flying another aircraft or fly the f14 then another without restarting the whole sim is very frustrating.
  12. Brining this thread back. In 2021 and we still don't have this, that's insane! This and fixing the horridly inaccurate engine flames would me most appreciated.
  13. Very dissapointed to see so many ffb related issues posted on the forum (all about the same subject relating to trimming and the way the ffb interacts) with no intention from the devs to look at or fix the issue.
  14. Glad it isn't just me that was aware of this then! Absolutely needs fixing.
  15. Hi all, This is an issue that I have noticed with all the warbirds pretty much. The cut off cuts fuel to the engine, essentially an instant process. For some reason all the aircraft sputter and increase rpm etc as if they are still getting some fuel. This is incorrect as the engines should just die. It has been an issue (and still is) in the other aircraft, spitfire and p51.
  16. Same issue here. I have the same sick ffb2. However I think this is a "feature" and a rather poor one at thay. I am operating on no curves or anything. As the speed goes beyond 300mph the controls are obviously going to be heavier (however this isn't reflect with the ffb for some reason when It could be). Instead I suppose the effect is that you have to move the stick more to have any useful effect, however this isn't realistic as the roll/change in pitch will be far more sensitive with speed. Instead it feels like the controls are laggy and sluggish. I ask that these altered to match the way the p51 feels with higher speed, once you reach a it limits the max roll available, which is better than this system. Also it would be nice if the ffb strength increased with this.
  17. Oh bloody hell, I did search and found it odd that I couldn't see anything!
  18. Has anyone else got the requirement to set quite a lot of right aileron trim to fly straight and level? Wondering if it is by design as I'd have thought neutral trim would've been fine for a clean aircraft.
  19. Hi, I noticed there is a rather unnatural feeling effect in the mossie when at high speed. The control input is limited which is fine, but then if I make an input it holds that position instead of returning and following my controls. Making it even harder to fly smoothly in the mosquito.
  20. This hasn't worked correctly for as far as I can remember to be honest.
  21. Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about. You can see, on the ground the trim is neutral. the stick is in its neutral position as well (which is further forward as it should be). However this means the AP will not engage unless both the little diamond and big diamond (trim and control position are aligned). Which isn't possible.
  22. Hi there, Thanks for replying. I am meeting all the criteria, stick trimmed not applying any force. Ap ref button pressed and nothing. I have no curves or anything else set to be a contributing factor. My initial thought is that when I bring up the control input window (rctrl enter) I can see the trimming diamond, in all other aircraft it is aligned with the stick in its trimmed position and will move as you trim. In the F14 it is never aligned with the stick, I belive this is where it thinks the stick should be for the ap engage. However it will not as they won't align. In the past I had been able to get the autopilot to engage for a very short period however it always disconnected. I would appreciate you looking into the issue as currently it isn't possible to use the autopilot. I appreciate that I probably have explained this in the best way.
  23. Hi there, Thanks for letting me know about the a4. It's very frustrating that the F14 has had this issue since it was made. They went through the effort of making some ffb effects to only not be able to use them. I thought it might have been becuase I previously had some curves set. I am now using a stick extention so no need for the curves, but the issue still exists.
  24. Hi all, Just jumped in after the latest update. I can see the horrible baked in gauge textures are now gone (great). But now there are some really low quality (dynamic) reflections in the cockpit glass. I can see some things that look quite pixcelly and the gear indication lights. To be honest this doesn't look any better than baked in textures, I'd rather not see it at all. Maybe make it optional?
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