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  1. I did not know this was possible, appreciate the correction. Many thanks to you both.
  2. Integrity check was a brilliant idea implemented with utter incompetence. It doesn't prevent actual cheating (you can easily fool IC if you know how) and it classes any modified file as a 'fail'. It's so bad that most servers don't run it, it just causes problems. I feel your pain on this matter. When ED expanded IC to include everything and playerbase responded negatively, ED ignored all of it and preceded to do it anyway. Intelligence and basic awareness is not something commonly found in Russia it seems.
  3. The time displayed on the clock for each clients jet is not synced in online multiplayer. This is a critical issue and prevents any kind of co-ordination on missions. No tracks attached as there's no point. Issue is self evident.
  4. They are installed in the main directory. There are certain aircraft you cannot install liveries into Saved Games for. Mostly AI aircraft and anything added to the game before the F/A-18C. These are failing IC. They shouldn't be. It's a bug.
  5. For some reason liveries on aircraft placed in Bazar > Liveries fail the IC. Certain aircraft require liveries be inserted into this folder because they are not part of the coremods file structure i.e. Mi-8, E-2, MiG-29 etc. Obviously these aren't 'hacks' or cheats. In fact there's nothing you could place in the bazar > liveries folder that would enable cheating. For next update could the liveries folder please be removed from the IC. It serves no purpose.
  6. Feels like that when reporting bugs to ED doesn't it...
  7. Just to add to this topic. I thought the Tin Shield had been removed from the editor because I couldn't find it, only to discover (as a result of this thread) that it's incorrectly associated with the SA-5! It's definitely erroneously named. I have mapped a number of SAM systems all over the world onto my own .kmz file and I have never seen a Tin Shield operating in unison with an SA-5. I've seen Tin Shield's left behind when an S-300 site has moved and the TS is used as an EWR. Northstar98 is quite right to point out call this a bug. It's incorrect.
  8. Yeah, US Flag should always face forward. Stars first. Intended to signify flag being flown into battle.
  9. As you can see in the pics, this tower just vanishes into thin air at like 500m! Makes it useless as a landmark.
  10. I used to propose this myself some years ago however with time I have reformed my position. I don't think DCS has a finance issue. It's a priorities issue. More and more time is allocated to piling new content onto a broken base game. What DCS needs, and its been said for years now, is a period of dev time dedicated solely to fixing / upgrading the core game. The amount of bugs that have existed in game for almost 10 years is unbelievable. The amount of basic features that are missing from the game is comical. ED thinks that 'shiny new thing' makes up decades of old busted code layered on top of each other. With that in mind I'm quite happy for this to remain free. I'm not paying a subscription fee for ED to continue to ignore the core game. If I had the money I'd buy out ED and fix the game myself!
  11. If you press F6 and follow the HARM you'll notice once the emitter shuts down it flies at 1G. This indicates the HARM is not flying to a position, rather it is flying ballistically . There is no guidance being performed whatsoever upon the emitter shutting down. This is not correct behavior. As you mentioned the INS should still guide the missile towards the last known position of the emitter.
  12. This just happened to my whilst hosting my mission earlier on today. I was running two well known mods; 1) High Digit SAMs Mod 2) SAM Sites Asset Pack I've run plenty of missions with both of these mods in the mission file and never suffered any issues. Therefore I do not believe mods are the culprit. On Init the game decided to delete most of the vehicles at my FOB. You can see it quite clearly on the Tacview file. I have attached the Tacview to this post. Track is here - ApacheMis2-20220402-150846 Mission file is here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wU-wsJ7DdbhN0cNnrvh4dKo4hui5dvPK/view?usp=sharing Tacview-20220402-150846-DCS-ApacheMis2.zip.acmi
  13. Set your Y Saturation to 80 on the Pitch and Roll cyclic axis.
  14. TSD Page > Map button (on the bottom) > Type button (left side) > choose what you desire.
  15. Can we know why this change was made? Lack of documentation, lack of developers, lack of money or something else?
  16. It's an AESA, highly unlikely any of the RWR's we have in DCS can pick it up.
  17. The maximum number of lolipop threats should be 6, with the highest priority threats taking priority. As you can see in the attached image the aircraft can display god knows how many, probably around 15-20?. There are official documents backing this up however rule 1.16 is in effect.
  18. Assets should come with map packs. It's that simple. A WW2 map purchase should give you all the assets for that era. A Cold War / Vietnam map purchase should come with the assets for that era. This way money comes in and there's no community divide. Money is not the issue with asset packs, it's the divide. ED will eventually change how the WW2 asset pack works, it's merely a waiting game until the realization hits home.
  19. More than a single thread, hundreds of posts. Numerous threads. A good start would be reading all 800+ of @Beamscanner's posts. The guy is dedicated to correct RWR simulation.
  20. I would much rather the ability to mod. ED doesn't always get things right. Modding is an essential capability in any milsim sandbox.
  21. We're about 10 years into that request, still waiting!
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